Nat Pagle's Friendship

Guide to gaining Nat Pagle's friendship. On this page:

"We ran into this place by accident and the locals were friendly with both their supplies and booze so we decided to stick around!" - Nat Pagle

This page describes the Nat Pagle found in Pandaria. For Nat Pagle at your Garrison in Draenor, see Catching Lunkers with Nat Pagle. For Nat Pagle's quest in Kalimdor, see Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme.


Nat Pagle's Friendship Bar
Nat Pagle's Friendship Bar

Nat Pagle can be found in many locations, but only in Pandaria can you befriend him. Nat can be found fishing at the Anglers Wharf, on the south coast of Krasarang Wilds. In addition to being an Angler, Nat Pagle has a friendship bar. Friendship is similiar to reputation, except it is with one person only.

Your current friendship is shown by a progress bar next to a heart, which is displayed at the top of the dialogue box when you talk to him (illustrated). Friendship progresses from 0 to 42,999, through a series of five 8400-point ranks, with the 6th rank gained at 42,000. These ranks are called Stranger, Pal, Buddy, Friend, Good Friend, and Best Friend.

Friendship with Nat Pagle is separate from reputation with the Anglers. The same friendship is shared with Nat Pagle in Pandaria (described here) and Dreanor (see Catching Lunkers with Nat Pagle).

Friendship gains in Pandaria give a better ratio of catches to points of friendship than in Draenor, however Pandaria friendship gains are restricted by daily quests, which Draenor gains are not. The rewards Nat sells in Pandaria are purchased with gold, while those in Draenor use Nat's Lucky Coin. Since the main method of obtaining Nat's Lucky Coin in Draenor is the same method used to gain friendship in Draenor, anglers intending to purchase most of Nat's Draenor rewards can entirely become Best Friends in Draenor, while gathering all the Lucky Coins needed to make purchases.

Nat Pagle is no stranger to Pandaria: His original Guide to Extreme Anglin' featured a Pandaren on the front cover! Indeed, Nat Pagle appears in almost as many different times and places as Chromie. I expect eventually he'll also reveal himself to be a dragon... named Ashbringer! It's obvious, isn't it?


Nat Pagle is the Anglers Quartermaster, and will sell most of his goods based on your reputation with the Anglers, not your friendship with Nat. You do not need Nat Pagle' friendship to buy items that require only Anglers reputation. However, friendship with Nat Pagle grants access to the extra rewards listed below. Note that while Nat's friendship is the same in both Pandaria and Draenor, Nat sells completely different rewards on each each continent. The items shown below are sold only in Draenor.

El Wearing Nat's Hat
El Wearing Nat's Hat - Purchased from Nat Pagle once Best Friends.
Nat's Hat
  • Skill bonus: +5
  • Use: +150 skill reusable 10 minute lure
  • "This sun-baked hat is held together by bits of fishing line and old lures"
  • Sold at "Best Friend" with Nat Pagle for 250g
Nat's Fishing Journal
  • "Reading this book will permanently increase your skill in Fishing by 50, up to a maximum of 600"
  • Binds to account (can be used to teach your employees (alts) to fish)
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 1
  • Sold at "Good Friend" with Nat Pagle for 1000g
  • More details »
Nat's Fishing Chair
Nat's Fishing Chair - El fishes the challenging waters of Vale of Eternal Blossoms from the comfort of Nat's Fishing Chair.

Once Best Friends ("Exalted") with Nat Pagle, he will send you his fishing chair in the mail: He can't believe how many rare fish you've caught either!

Nat's Fishing Chair
  • Use: Set up a comfy fishing chair (5 minute cooldown)
  • "It even has a beverage holder!"
  • Gift from Nat Pagle once "Best Friends"

Anglers that (somehow) loose Nat's Fishing Chair can purchase another for 80c from Nat Pagle (at the Anglers Wharf or at your Garrison in Draenor). That purchase is only visible to those who do not have Nat's Fishing Chair (but are eligible to have it).

Becoming "Best Friends" with Nat Pagle also awards the achievement "Learning from the Best".

Since Nat Pagle is part of the Anglers factions, your reputation with the Anglers determines the reputation discount of the price of everything Nat Pagle sells, even items he only sells to his friends.

Gaining Friendship

Nat's default text reads, "Nat considers you a friend. Nat likes to drink. Maybe if you find him some more rare fish, he'll share!" There are 3 rare fish that start quests with Nat Pagle:

Flying Tiger Gourami
Mimic Octopus
  • "Even in death, this strange creature continues changing color to blend in with its environment." Binds when caught. Unique.
  • Where to catch »
Spinefish Alpha
  • "Careful of the spines, they look like they could do some damage." Binds when caught. Unique.
  • Where to catch »

These fish should be delivered to Nat Pagle at the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds (illustrated), in return for his friendship. Quests require at least level 85. Each fish starts a daily quest that rewards 600 reputation with Nat Pagle (plus 350 with The Anglers), plus 5 Valor Points and a Lesser Charm of Good Fortune (90 of which can be turned in at your faction's city in Vale of Eternal Blossoms for 3 Elder Charm of Good Fortune, which are used in dungeons to improve the loot gained from a dead boss). Valor and Fortune rewards continue to be awarded after reaching maximum friendship. The fish are classed as unique (you may only have one in your inventory at a time) and bind when caught (so are not possible to trade).

The first catch of the day can be delivered to Nat Pagle. A second fish of the same name can then be caught and stored for a future day. However it is not possible to store more than one fish with the same name, so anglers that want to gain Nat's friendship quickly will need to fish at least every other day. Quest "days" reset at 03:00 (PST for US realms, CET for EU realms, and Australian EST for Oceanic realms).

Nat Pagle's Boat
Nat Pagle's Boat - At the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.

The fish can be caught from open water and (since patch 5.1) pools:

Pagle fish can also sometimes be recovered from the corpses of dead Krakkanon, which are summoned by fishing the "Large" type of pool found at Fish of the Day migrations. However, summoning the creature typically requires almost a hundred casts from the pool, all of which have a chance to catch a Pagle fish. Killing a Krakkanon then takes another 10 minutes (solo at level 90), during which time you probably could have caught another Pagle fish by fishing.

Event-based reputation buffs improve gains with Nat: For example, the Hallow's End Wickerman bonfire buff, Unburdened, improves reputation gains with Nat Pagle by 10%. The Darkmoon Faire buff, WHEE!, gained by riding the Faire's Carousel, also adds 10%. Alternatively, the Darkmoon Top Hat improves reputation gains with Nat Pagle by 10%. This consumable hat is sold by Gelvas Grimegate, and sometimes found in Darkmoon Game Prizes (rewards for completing Darkmoon Faire daily quests).

However, not all reputation bonuses apply to Nat: The Grand Commendation of the Anglers does not grant reputation bonuses with Nat Pagle. The Hozen Peace Pipe, which grants reputation with most factions in Pandaria, is reported not to improve friendship with Nat Pagle.

As noted in the introduction, Nat's friendship can also gained in Draenor - see Catching Lunkers with Nat Pagle.


On average, Best Friends with Nat Pagle will take over a thousand catches. Unlike catching a single rare fish, Nat Pagle requires many catches over many days. This makes gaining Nat's friendship a less variable process than catching a single rare fish.

Catch Rates

There are 6 different groups of waters Pagle fish may be caught from: Each of the 3 fish may be caught from pools or open water. One specific type of water was tested to represent each of these 6 different groups. The results are shown in the table below.

Proportion of "Pagle Fish" by Water
Pagle FishSample WaterPagle Fish CatchTotal Regular CatchPercentage of Regular Catch with Pagle Fish
Flying Tiger GouramiPool (Swarm of Panicked Paddlefish)4510184.4%
Open Inland Water (Townlong Steppes)4610174.5%
Mimic OctopusPool (Reef Octopus Swarm)4310354.2%
Open Coastal Water (Krasarang Wilds)5311034.8%
Spinefish AlphaPool (Sha-Touched Spinefish)4510504.3%
Open Sha-Touched Water (Kun-Lai Summit)4310124.2%

All the catch percentages shown above are between 4 and 5%. This suggests that all sources of Pagle fish have identical catch rates, just above 4%. For further discussion of catch rates, read 5.2: Pagle Reputation and Catch Changes.

Once you have caught a Pagle fish you should stop fishing its water until you have delivered it to Nat Pagle. Each Pagle fish is unique, so you cannot catch another while you have the first in your inventory.

Prior to Patch 5.2, the catch rate of Mimic Octopus and Flying Tiger Gourami had been around 1%. Spinefish Alpha "drops twice as often as the Mimic Octopus and Flying Tiger Gourami", implying about 2%. Patch 5.2's changes at least doubled the catch rate of Pagle fish, up to 4%. More importantly, the change made catching these fish less variable: In the past, some days all 3 fish would be caught within 30 minutes, other days all 3 would take hours. That is far less likely to happen since Patch 5.2.

Open Water vs Pools

The catch rate from open water is the same as pools. Open water fishing will be the absolute fastest method, since no time is wasted moving between pools. However:

Both open water and pools are viable sources for most anglers. Ultimately the decision to fish open water or pools may come down to personal preference - do you feel like sitting down or moving around?

Zone Choice

Fishing With Friends
Fishing With Friends - A curious party upon a lake in The Jade Forest.

Catch rates are equal for all Pagle fish from all sources. The easiest locations tend to be closest to Nat Pagle, since each catch will need to be delivered to him. For example, Mimic Octopus can be caught in the waters right next to Nat.

Exactly where you fish for Flying Tiger Gourami primarily depends on what other fish you wish to catch. Inland fish catches vary between zones. Do you need a certain fish to cook food? Or is a certain fish more valuable at auction?

Some Pandarian zones have a slightly lower "no-junk" skill than others, so anglers without lots of Fishing Gear may wish to avoid the highest-skill open waters: If you catch excess Golden Carp due to having insufficient skill, a proportion of your casts cannot possibly catch a Pagle fish, so your overall chance of catching a Pagle fish is lower. No-junk skills are found in the Fish Finder, with a full Pandarian list here. If your skill is low the best strategy is simple to fish pools, not open water.

Only level 85 is required to complete the quests associated with these fish. Level 85 anglers can easily travel to the Anglers Wharf via roads through Krasarang Wilds, or by swimming along the coast from The Jade Forest. The only limitation prior to level 86 is a lack of nearby flight-points for fast travel. At level 85 you should also be able to reach Inkgill Mere in Kun-Lai Summit to catch Spinefish Alpha: Just run through the tunnel in The Veiled Stair, hugging the west wall to avoid the hostile (level 90) creatures in the tunnel.

I recommend switching location from day-to-day for a change of scenery. Pandaria has some great fishing spots: From settlements in the south and east, where you can join Pandaren anglers. Through secluded fishing huts on the north coast, where you can contemplate Tuskarr lore. To fishing rafts in The Jade Forest, where you can dine with birds, soft toys, and anglers that didn't survive long enough to become best friends with Nat Pagle.

Nat Pagle's Old Azeroth quest is no longer required to train the highest ranks of fishing. But he does reward a fishing pole.

Appendix: Nat's Stories

Nat Pagle offers some information about each rare fish when it is handed to him:

Flying Tiger Gourami

"This little fish is a rare mutation of the tiger gourami that can fly, and are consequently caught in any freshwater here in Pandaria.

"Local legend states that good luck comes to the person who eats it, and local tradition states that only royalty can eat them. To be caught breaking this 'tradition' is a death sentence.

"With that in mind, I'll make sure it gets to the right person."

Mimic Octopus

"A buddy of mine caught one of these off the coast of Zandalar a few years back. He barely made [it] back alive, actually. Pesky trolls, but great fishing!

"Anyhow, they aren't as rare as you might think because they use camouflage to hide amongst the rocks and plants; only a very skilled fisherman has any hope of catching this elusive, and delicious, morsel."

Spinefish Alpha

"Oh wow, a Spinefish Alpha, one of Pandaria's deadliest predators.

"Spinefish are malformed abominations created by the sha presence, and these big ones are simply terrifying. An alpha will often eat other Spinefish, even though there isn't a single part of them that's edible.

"Luckily for both [of] us, they are very interesting to alchemists."

Once Best Friends

"Hey there angler!

"I have really enjoyed building our friendship these past few weeks out at Angler's [sic] Wharf. I still can't believe how many rare catches you found and bought back for me to check out!

"I know you have been eyeing my fishing chair this whole time, so I decided to make you one of your own for all your hard work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

"Your Pal, Nat Pagle."

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Completing achievements? These guides will help complete individual Achievements:

Comments about Nat Pagle's Friendship

Below are readers' comments about "Nat Pagle's Friendship":

Nat Pagle's Friendship: The Fish ARE in Pools!

  • Clawmarks, October 2012

    On the page about Nat Pagle's Friendship, under Strategy, El wrote:

    "These Pagle fish cannot (at the time of writing) be caught from pools, only open water"

    I'm happy to report that today, I caught a Flying Tiger Gourami in a Redbelly Mandarin pool in the Jade Forest. What a relief it was to see I could stick to fishing in pools of fish that I needed for my cooking and I would not miss out on these dailies with each cast! <3

  • el, October 2012

    I'll keep on testing this, but I'm sceptical because I have a couple of thousand pool catches since release (and thousands more on test), and have never caught a Pagle fish from a pool.

    At the risk of sounding prematurely dismissive, one possible explanation for what you saw is phasing: Several parts of the Jade Forest (especially in the center) are phased. In Pandaria, pools exist simultaneously in all phases at once. Consequently a pool can be emptied by an angler in a different phase, who cannot themselves be seen. Unfortunately the visual update process lags, while the catch is instantly determined by what the server expects you to be seeing. So one can have a situation where the catch appears to come from a pool, but the pool was actually emptied a few seconds earlier by an angler in a different phase - and the server gives you an open water fish, while you're still looking at a pool. It is a rare occurrence, and combined with a Pagle fish is even rarer, but I'll mention it as a possibility.

    Edit: See update below - as of patch 5.1 these fish are caught in pools.

  • Dajo, October 2012

    10/08/12 5PM

    Caught a Tiger Gourami from the Dojani River while I was on the Angler quest 'Shocking!'.

    So these can in fact be caught from quest locations!

  • Expand 14 more comments

    from "Nat Pagle's Friendship: The Fish ARE in Pools!".
  • Clawmarks, October 2012

    El, I concede your point. The possibility that cross-phasing pools can be visually deceiving is frustrating to say the least. If you and others have fished thousands, then statistical anomalies like my catch are bound to occur but cannot be said to be significant enough to make such a claim. I recently finished off a Reef Octopus pool, and let my last bobber stay for a catch after the pool had been spent. The immediate catch after the pool's disappearance was a Mimic Octopus, and, had the visual lagged, I would have jumped to the same conclusion as before.

    I remember I once (and only once) got a skill up from a gray level profession production. In the seven years I have played, including maxing all the professions available, and some of those multiple times, it has never happened again. Perform enough tests, and odd blips in the data will occur.

    Thanks for being professional, El. :)

  • Scornn, October 2012

    Just caught a Flying Tiger Gourami from a Tiger Gourami pool on the Spring road (4th cast), right where you take the quest to travel through the tunnel to K-L Summit.

  • el, November 2012

    So as of patch 5.1, these fish are now in pools. From Jonathan LeCraft:

    "The special fish that Nat Pagle craves can now be caught from fishing pools as well."

    I assume this means catches from pools found in appropriate areas of water. For example, Spinefish Alpha from Spinefish School, not from all pools in Pandaria. Confirmations would be great - this is a time-consuming change to test!

  • Madruga, November 2012

    Came rushing here because I got a Flying Tiger Gourami from a pool today! Only to see that this was a change in patch 5.1 *blushes*

    But anyway, I got not 1, but 2 Flying Tiger Gouramis from Krasarang Paddlefish pools in Valley of Four Winds today. The first was from a pool right next to the spotwhere Galleon spawns. I went to deliver the quest, and 15 minutes later, another one popped up from another Krasarang Paddlefish pool, this time to the left of Stormstout Brewery.

    For the record, it was 6:00 PM my server time, my fishing is maxed out, I was not using any fishing gear, but was using the Pandaren Fisherman buff.

  • Noodleguitar, December 2012

    At level 87, I was fishing in Tiger Gourami pools and I caught a Flying Tiger Gourami. Still this level, I was able to go to Nat Pagle and turn in the fish and I got the full rewards (reputation and Valor points).

  • Truffula, December 2012

    Has anyone caught anything but the Flying Tiger Gourami in pools? It's all I've seen mentioned and all I've caught in pools from the Vale.

  • el, December 2012

    Catches from pools broadly mimic open water: Flying Tiger Gourami in all the inland pools except Spinefish School, which contain Spinefish Alpha, with Mimic Octopus in Giant Mantis Shrimp Swarm and Reef Octopus Swarm. Quests require level 85 or above.

  • Tikicarol, December 2012

    Caught a "Flying Tiger Gourami" from a pool inside that cave on the far west coast of Townlong Steeps while on the guest that takes you there. It was only my 3 or 4th cast hence my surprise. I screamed "Oh My GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" In real life :D, then came right here to see that in fact it's kind of common.
    Oh well......

  • Noodleguitar, December 2012

    It seems that using the Ancient Pandaren Charm does not increase your chances to catch one of the rare fish from pools. This screenshot shows I caught 2 Reef Octopus along with the Mimic Octopus, so therefore even if the Charm procs, the loot still has an equal chance for a rare to be included.

  • salty stratt, December 2012

    not sure about this... the first rare fish i ever caught was a flying tiger out of an emperor salmon pool near halfhill right after MoP went live. i didn't even know there were rare fish up until then... that said, that was the only rare i've ever caught from a pool.

  • Harbin, December 2012

    I catch all 3 each day from pools, I do however get bored with the Spinefish Alpha so just open fish him sometimes, seems to be the best way to make money along the way, however can be very time consuming

  • Harbin, December 2012

    I catch all 3 each day from pools, I do however get bored with the Spinefish Alpha so just open fish him sometimes, seems to be the best way to make money along the way, however can be very time consuming

  • belgal, December 2012

    I was happily surprised when I caught 2 Flying Tiger Gourami from the pools in Dojani River in Karasang Wilds today. Leveling alt fishing AND rep = WIN!

  • Druegar, January 2013

    You can have two Unique items? I didn't think that was possible.

  • Reply

    to "Nat Pagle's Friendship: The Fish ARE in Pools!".

Mimic Octopus caught in Krasarang Wilds within sight of Nate

  • Seranthor, July 2012

    caught the Mimic 2x within an hour standing on the rocks just SE of Nat.

  • el, July 2012

    Indeed. At the moment it can be caught from any coastal open water that contains coastal fish - The Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds and the tiny slither of coast on the east side of Valley of the Four Winds. That list will likely expand as more zones have inland and coastal waters split. I wrote a bit more about these fish under Nat Pagle's Friendship.

  • Astragal, July 2012

    Location: Coastal Open Water - Krasarang Wilds
    Total: 317

    Golden Carp - 114
    Giant Mantis Shrimp - 102
    Reef Octopus - 86
    Sealed Crate - 6
    Junk - 8
    Mimic Octopus - 1

    Always hard to say from small samples but 2% catch rate may be a little optimistic? Maybe closer to 1%. Either way, could take a while to catch one of each quest fish per day with the RNG like this. I don't really mind though as it makes it one for the more determined, especially if they do add in drops from pools.

  • Expand 12 more comments

    from "Mimic Octopus caught in Krasarang Wilds within sight of Nate".
  • el, July 2012

    So far I have 9 Pagle fish catches (Flying Tiger Gourami or Mimic Octopus) out of 571 catches in relevant open water since the patch. That's 1.6% average. That number will become more accurate as the days pass, but I'm fairly confident that you've just been unlucky with your first catch.

    Now, Flying Tiger Gourami was reported as being possible to catch from inland open water in Krasarang Wilds on the US forums. That also fits Nat's story about the fish, that suggests it can be caught from any inland water in Pandaria. I have 580 catches there, but no Flying Tiger Gourami, which either makes me very very unlucky, or suggests the catch rate there is much lower. Since catches (and skills) are still a work in active progress, this may be resolved in the near future.

  • el, July 2012

    Spinefish Alpha, the last of the 3 Pagle rare fish can be caught from (at least) open water in Firebough Nook, Kun-Lai Summit. I'll update information on Kun-Lai tomorrow - it has changed quite a bit in the latest patch.

  • Astragal, July 2012

    Location: Coastal Open Water - Krasarang Wilds
    Total: 237

    Golden Carp - 100
    Giant Mantis Shrimp - 67
    Reef Octopus - 60
    Sealed Crate - 5
    Junk - 4
    Mimic Octopus - 1

    Stats from the second Mimic Octopus quest fish caught in Krasarang Wilds.

    I think I need to borrow your pair of lucky gloves ;)

  • el, July 2012

    Sounds like you're going to need to borrow Nat's Hat. I did have one unlucky Flying Tiger Gourami, which took about 250 catches, but currently I'm averaging 1.4%: 19 Pagle fish from 1359 catches in relevant open water.

  • Yoco, August 2012

    el wrote:

    Now, Flying Tiger Gourami was reported as being possible to catch from inland open water in Krasarang Wilds on the US forums. That also fits Nat's story about the fish, that suggests it can be caught from any inland water in Pandaria. I have 580 catches there, but no Flying Tiger Gourami, which either makes me very very unlucky, or suggests the catch rate there is much lower. Since catches (and skills) are still a work in active progress, this may be resolved in the near future.

    For your info: I just caught a Flying Tiger Gourami whle doing the "Shocking!" daily quest - so it is apparantly possible to catch these special fish while fishing for the daily quest fish. I was fishing in the lake just east of Thunder Cleft (part of the "Dojani River"), while still standing in an area labeled as Thunder Cleft

  • el, August 2012

    Interesting. Last time I checked, Dojani Eel could not be caught from waters categorised as Thunder Cleft, although an angler standing in that area has a good chance of their casts landing in the Dojani River - which, er, muddies the water for data.

    My current theory is that Krasarang Wilds' Flying Tiger Gourami can only be caught in inland waters that do not contain an (Anglers) quest fish: More conjecture here - perhaps there's a bug caused by more than one quest fish in the loot table? I'm looking for a catch that is irrefutably from the Dojani or Krasarang Rivers.

  • Marlburo, September 2012

    Here are stats for the Mimic Octopus on my first go around (note: I think I fished a pool or two in the area so stats might be a little off):

    Giant Mantis Shrimp: 49 (46%)
    Golden Carp: 45 (33.1%)
    Reef Octopus: 36 (25.5%)
    Sealed Crate 5 (3.7%
    MIMIC OCTOPUS: 1 (.7%)

    Total: 136

    Fished it up at the flight path in Soggy's Gamble (Dread Wastes) because I could get to 700 fishing, not 750 at the time.

  • Drayner, October 2012

    Came here to see if anyone has seen what I have today.

    Since the 2nd day of MOP, I have fished up 1 of each of these rares and turned in. I am not 1/4 through "Pal" with Nat.

    You can do the quest 3 times per day (once for each type).

    TODAY I TURNED IN ALL 3 and while doing the regular dailies, I caught another Mimic. I clicked it for giggles and it let me take the quest for a 2nd time today. I went out and caught the other two again, but they won't let me do 2x. I will try to catch another Mimic today to see if I can turn in a 3rd time for that one fish. Might be a bug. Not sure.

    UPDATE: Went and caught a 3rd Mimic and it wouldn't let me do again today. Must have just been a bug.

    oh... and here's a tip for the Flying Tiger Gourami and Spinefish Alpha.

    1. Go to Rinan Village. In the village, just cast for the Flying Tiger Gourami by the flight dude or behind the buildings.
    2. Once you caught the Flying Tiger Gourami (inland open water rare), move northwest until you see that you are in Inkgill Mere area. Fish it up.

    Thanks Blizz for funner Fishing stuff.

  • Marlburo, October 2012

    Well just caught the last mimic octopus I'm gonna catch. Here are the stats for 27 (caught one outside of zone) of them in Anglers Wharf:

    Golden Carp: 872 (36%)
    Giant Mantis Shrimp: 707 (29%)
    Reef Octopus: 706 (29%)
    Sealed Crate: 47 (1%)
    MIMIC OCTOPUS: 27 (1%)

    TOTAL 2359 (stats might be VERY slightly skewed due to a very small number of pool fish)

  • Enarka, October 2012

    Caught a Flying Tiger Gourami in 300~ catches in Valley of the Four Winds

  • Corgi, December 2012

    El, you might find this interesting -- I found by serendipity that if one fishes the Gilded Stream but while STILL IN Halfhill, you can get all 5 basic food-fish at the same time (it sort of goes in little binges, first some octopus, then some paddlefish, then salmon, then a run of carp... that sort of thing). I have caught a Mimic Octopus twice in this same spot, but curiously, no Gourami yet.

    If you want to check it out, I've been fishing from the western bank of the Gilded Stream, between the goatherd's hut and the southern bridge, opposite the lesser of the two angled zig-zags in the eastern bank - around 58:51. If you stand at the edge of the water, it changes to Gilded Stream, so you have to be a little uphill.

  • el, December 2012

    Interesting. The catch is determined by where the bobber lands. So my guess is that at that location the bobber is sometimes landing in "Halfhill" and sometimes in the "Gilded Stream", and Halfhill is (unintentionally) not zoned with inland water. Paoquan Hollow (in north west of the zone) has the same coastal quirk. I suspect that any water in that zone that hasn't explicitly been set as inland is yielding coastal fish.

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    to "Mimic Octopus caught in Krasarang Wilds within sight of Nate".

Have the drop rate for the rares for Nat been nerfed?

  • Tjalfe, October 2012

    Maybe I'm just having the worst kind of luck right now or something has changed.

    Normally it takes me around 30 minutes to catch one of the rares for Nat Pagle questing.

    Yesterday and today, it's been 1½ - 2 hours each...

    I've been fishing in the same 3 spots for 8 consecutive days.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • esmea, October 2012

    This is exactly what I'm experiencing. =(
    On top of that, has anyone been able to catch a Flying Tiger Gourami at Cattail lake? I'm 500+ catches in and not a sign. Nobody else that's been fishing around me while waiting for the ghost has caught one there, either.

  • Barbro, October 2012

    I caught 1 Flying Tiger Gourami at Cattail Lake today after ~100 casts (just across the water from the Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman, whom I also had the pleasure to meet today) - so it's definitely catchable there.
    Today I've caught all 3 fishes for Nat, plus another Gourami and Octopus for tomorrow. All at ~100 catches. Did not get another Spinefish in 2-300 casts though, but random is random.

    I do sympathise with your misfortune though :(

  • Expand 11 more comments

    from "Have the drop rate for the rares for Nat been nerfed?".
  • Bloodkite, October 2012

    1100 casts over 3 days near Angler's Wharf, and I've managed to catch 3 Mimic Octopus, which is about a 0.27% catch rate. Seems to be just bad luck, however, as I am still averaging about 1% for both Flying Tiger Gourami and Spinefish Alpha.

  • Marlburo, October 2012

    I caught 4 in that exact spot. Put in 2100 casts however, a lot of those casts (maybe 200ish) went into pools. I haven't seen a lot of difference in the drop rates since day 1, although it does seem some fish come faster than others consistently. I catch all of them everyday, but still don't have a good idea on drop rates. Some days its 50 some days its 300+ (500 is excessive, make sure you're no missing casts).

  • Marlburo, October 2012

    Not sure if I just had a lucky day today, but all three fish came REALLY quick. Nothing in the patch notes, so obviously I err on the side of luck for a few more days...

  • Kiingy, October 2012

    Also experiencing this.

    Drop rate seems to be nerfed or RNG has started to hate me more than usual.

  • Marlburo, October 2012

    yeah...the last few days have been some of the worst ever....nothing has changed...unless the drop rates got worse

  • Averiy, October 2012

    People love to throw around the word nerfed. I do not believe the rates have changed. RNG is RNG. My overall rates on Gourami and Octopus remain around 1.5%. My Spinefish rate is around 0.6%, but that's because I had a string of crappy luck with 695 casts between fish #4 and #5, but then I turned around and caught #5 and #6 within 40 casts.

    I repeat, RANDOM ROLLS ARE RANDOM. You could get 3 in a row, or you could go 600+ casts.

    Edit to add: I just ran up to my spot to pick up my daily Alpha. #7 came on total cast #1036, my 5th cast after landing on the lake, raising my overall catch rate to 0.7%.

  • Tjalfe, October 2012

    Just turned in my last fish to get to exalted today.

    Here are my stats:

    Dread Wastes: Rikkitun Village - Totals 1805
    Spinefish Alpha 26 (1.4%)

    Th Jade Forest: Fox Grove - Totals 802
    Flying Tiger Gourami 8 (1.0%)
    Reef Octopus 7 (0.9%) <----- Isn't that supposed to be coastal??

    Valley of the Four Winds: Cattail Lake (next to Fish Fellreed) - Totals 2371
    Flying Tiger Gourami 17 (0.7%)

    Krasarang Wilds: Anglers Wharf - Totals 2572
    Mimic Octopus 24 (0.9%)

    Did catch one more Mimic Octopus, but can't find the location.

    Also did the Volatile Greenstone Brew

    Which gave 385 faction pts iirc

    As others have stated, it's probably just down to luck. Mine just took a nosedive..
    Started out with a droprate of about 1.6 - 1.9% and a couple of days after writing the above, it went to .4 - .6 for all 3 fish.

  • Rosini, October 2012

    I'm actually quite happy with the way Pagle fish have been implemented. I have days when I'll have all three caught within an hour (these days are becoming increasingly rare!) and other days where I'll need to spend 2 hours per fish. This is a great example of art imitating life, since any fisherman will tell you that fishing is completely variable. Sometimes they'll be chomping at the bit to get into your landing net, sometimes you won't catch a thing, regardless of how good your tackle is.

    Since the rewards from Nat are only beneficial to people who appreciate fishing in WoW, it's something extra for the 'hardcore' element. Casual fishers will be able to reach exalted with The Anglers through dailies and may want to stop there, people wanting to be amongst the fishing elite will farm Nat's friendship... we know what we're letting ourselves in for.

    One happy fisherman right here :)

  • shaostormstout, November 2012

    I caught Mimic Octopus twice in a row. Talk about extreme luck.

  • PubDartGuy, November 2012

    I too caught the Mimic Octopus twice in a row, about 2 or 3 days ago. I caught the first one within about 15 minutes of fishing near Nat, turned that in, cast my line in again and *bam* caught another one! Best fishing day ever! Ridin' an RNG high! :)

  • Woims, November 2012

    I just spent... who knows how long it took... and cast over 400 times for the Mimic Octopus. I didn't get it and gave up... that's just BS

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    to "Have the drop rate for the rares for Nat been nerfed?".

Spinefish Alpha and perhaps the other Nat Pagle fish droprate at Fish of the Day

  • Moustachy, March 2013

    Hello there.

    At the start of MoP, I gave up early on the Nat Pagle rep. I simply did not have the time to fish every day for hundreds of fish for the reputation fish. Although it was the last Fishing achievement I needed, it was not worth it for me.

    I havent really looked into fishing for a while, but when I saw the 5.2 patch notes, it gave me another boost to start going for it again. Chance on pets while fishing for those quests, and a droprate I can live with. So for the last 7 days, I started fishing up the quests. Every day between 40-80 fish until I had all the 3 quests.

    But today it was a whole other story. The Mimic Octupus already took longer then normal, something around 30 catches, ok, maybe bad RNG, dont worry (the last few days I always had it within 10-15 casts). Then Flying Tyger Gourami, again about 30 casts until I got it, a little above average, but not to bad. But then, Spinefish Alpha. I always fish at the same spot on Inkgill Mere. I took me over 240 casts to finally get one. It has never cost me more then 30 casts to get it. Does anyone else have the same problem? It was going so well, but I dont wanna fish for an hour again to get one fish a day.

    Could it be because of the "daily fish"? Today it was Spinefish, in the same lake. I went for open water though, because I was sure that spot dropped the fish rather fast normally. I also had a lot more percentage of the poor quality fishbones.

    I have the feeling that if you are fishing in water that contains the fish of the day, has the droprate reduced to 5.0 standards (for the Spinefish Alpha). I'm not sure if that counts for every Sha touched pool when fish of the day is Spinefish. But I doubt that with a 5% droprate you can have a bad RNG like I had.

    Anyways, now I am finished typing this, and while typing came to the conclusion above, I'm not sure if I want to warn people or ask a question :p.

    I'll keep it with a warning. Fellow anglers, do NOT fish for the Nat Pagle friendship fish quests in water that has "Fish of the Day" pools. 1% is not fun, not fun at all!

  • Moustachy, March 2013

    Ok, today's numbers are in, and I am now 99,99% sure it is fish of the day that reduces the chance on a catch to 5.0 percentages.

    Mimic Octopus, same spot as yesterday (At the Anglers Warf), 34 casts
    Flying Tiger Gourami, a Jewel Danio fishing pool near shrine, 3 casts
    Alpha Spinefish, today Spinefish was again Fish of the Day, so I went for another spot, Firebough Nook Open Water, West in Kun-Lai. It took me 4 casts.

    I continued fishing here to see the rate of normal fish. after 20 fish, I had 4 poor quality fish.

    Then I went to Inkgill mere, also 20 fish, I had 13 poor quality bones.

    Its either very poor RNG or Fish of the Day that is causing it. My money is on the last one.

  • el, March 2013

    One bad day does not a theory prove...

    I'm sceptical, because a proportion of my (45/1,050) open water Spinefish Alpha sample was taken from Inkgill Mere with a Fish of the Day pool migration active there, and I did not see the same pattern. I did have "bad" streaks of luck during testing, although not merely as bad as 240 without a catch - that's certainly exceptional, unless you were fishing at low skill. But anything is possible when each cast is an independent roll of the dice.

    (Blizzard have been talking about implementing their progressive quest drop programming for other items, which would make this outcome a lot less likely.)

    While some quirk of the programming is always possible, there is generally no inter-relationship between pool spawning/catches and open water catches. And as far as I understand it, both Sha-touched waters in Kun-Lai Summit are "the same" - akin to looting the same type of creature - and so a different pattern occurring in Inkgill Mere and Firebough Nook would be similarly unexpected.

    The acid test is, after a 240-cast catch, to throw the fish back in, and repeat the test, then repeat it again, and again... and if each Pagle fish continues to take hundreds of casts, then we're onto something. Otherwise I'm inclined to put it down to bad luck.

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    from "Spinefish Alpha and perhaps the other Nat Pagle fish droprate at Fish of the Day".
  • e2thex, March 2013

    I haven't paid enough attention since I'm already Best Friends with Nat, but I've caught 3 alphas fishing at the Fish of the Day Inkgill Mere. With my Ancient Pandaran Fishing Charm, I'm at 47 catches, three alphas.

  • Jaghine, March 2013

    Well... all I know is that 'Fish of the Day' zones now guarantee one 'Pagle Fish' a day so the grind is less tedious - still gonna take 50-some days to get to 42999 rep., but now that I know I can definitely get one a day 'the grind is on'

  • Moustachy, March 2013

    So, I did a little more fishing the last days.

    Yesterday, Jewel Danio was Fish of the Day. I decided to get my Flying Tiger Gourami in those pools. This time, it only took me 29 catches to get it.
    The Alpha Spinefish I got in 1 cast, and the Mimic Octupus in 9.

    Today, Reef Octopus is Fish of the Day. I decided not to go to the pools in Jade Forest, but just as normal, fish at Nat Pagle's warf. With 785 fishing skill, it cost me 124 casts to catch it. In all fairness, this seems odd.

    It seems (and again, its hard to proof ofcourse) that since a recent small patch, that if you fish in the same water as the Fish of the Day pools of Reef Octopus and Spinefish, there is a significant droprate of the Nat Pagle fish. Flying Tiger Gourami seemed fine in Jewel Danio fish of the day pools, although I only tested it once.

  • pinktoque, April 2013

    I know this may sound completely crazy, like I need a tinfoil hat or something, but after fishing for over an hour for the Spinefish Alpha today, (and I'd caught the other two within 20 casts) I took a moment to click on the Flying Tiger Gourami and Mimic Octopus quest items in my inventory to activate them in my quest log, and I swear I caught a Spinefish Alpha on the VERY NEXT CAST. I know, totally crazy, but in my experience, I've caught the Spinefish Alpha on the next immediate catch after doing something like attaching a lure, equipping a better pole with +fishing, or accepting the other two rare fish as quests to add them to my quest log. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, (seems like it's happened to me several times now) but if you're feeling like being a conspiracy-theorist, give it a try and see if it helps on days when you're about to give up fishing for this one. Who knows?

  • bcimhe, May 2013

    The little pond in Paoquan Hollow, 19, 32, yields both the Flying Tiger Gourami and Mimic Octopus. Alas, I discovered this long after I became best friends with Nat.

  • el, May 2013

    Interesting, bcimhe. Originally Paoquan Hollow yielded entirely coastal fish, thus only Mimic Octopus. Both Pagle fish would be a bug in my opinion, but probably not one anyone will be hurrying to fix.

  • el, May 2013

    Tested this, and I'm only seeing Mimic Octopus from open water at Paoquan Hollow. There are inland pools at Paoquan Hollow, which of course contain Flying Tiger Gourami... I don't know if that's what you meant. There are only a couple of pool spawning points in Paoquan Hollow, so you'd need to be lucky to gain both Pagle fish without fishing somewhere else.

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