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6.1 Fishing

Patch 6.1 is going live. Highlights include:

There have been many more additions and changes. Read Patch 6.1 for details.

  • 24 February 2015
  • Patch 6.1
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6.1: Sea Calf

Patch 6.1 finally adds the Sea Calf battle pet to Nat Pagle's inventory in Draenor. The pet costs 50 Nat's Lucky Coins. Lunker catch rates scale with skill in 6.1, so Coins should become easier for veteran anglers to obtain.

Sea Calf
Sea Calf - Sold by Nat Pagle at your Draenor Garrison.
  • 29 January 2015
  • Patch 6.1, Minipets, Battle Pets, Nat Pagle, Lunkers
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6.1: Fillet on Loot, Bait, Lunker and Pool Changes

The latest test version of Patch 6.1 makes many changes to fishing. The highlights:

Update: "In 6.1, rather than have fish auto-fillet as you catch them, we're adding a new consumable item called the Bladebone Hook which when used, will enable auto-filleting for one hour. This new item can be purchased from fishing vendors in Draenor." - Crithto
Update 2: "We're reverting the change where bait would spoil. Reverting the change where bait could not be caught in your garrison." - Crithto

Read on for lots more detail, plus minor changes:

This news article notes various changes made in the following week, so may be confusing to read. For a summary of what is expected to actually become live in patch 6.1, see Patch 6.1.

Fillet on Loot

Draenor fish still appear in the loot window when fishing, but as soon as you loot the fish, it is converted into Flesh and the Flesh placed in your inventory. Overall there has been no change to the volume of Flesh gained: Small fish yield 1 Flesh, regular sizes 2 Flesh, and Enormous 4. Bonus items (such as Fish Roe) are no longer found in Enormous sizes.

Un-filleted fish stored prior to patch 6.1 can be filleted, but only at a rate of one fish per click. Update: Fish which are not automatically filleted on catch require a stack of 5 identical fish to manually fillet.

The fillet-on-loot change will affect the way Eggs are obtained for the Garrison daily fishing quest: Fish stored prior to patch 6.1 can still be filleted to reveal Eggs. Otherwise fish must be freshly caught to obtain Eggs. Eggs become true quest items in patch 6.1, so cannot be stored or traded.


Patch 6.1 adds a Sea Scorpion Lunker, which can be caught from coastal waters. Each can be exchanged for one of Nat's Lucky Coins, like other Lunkers.

Every type of Lunker may be caught from pools of the same name - for example Blackwater Whiptail Lunker from Blackwater Whiptail School. Lunkers are the only fish in the loot window when caught from pools, unlike open water, where Lunkers are always bonus catches alongside another fish.

Update: Lunker catch rates vary greatly with effective fishing skill. Overall catch rates on the test realm are exceptionally high, and are likely to be scaled back before patch 6.1 goes live (they remain "Unique (5)" items, so clearly intended to be somewhat rare). However, the test realm should give an indication of how much more likely a Lunker catch is at higher skill. The sample below is from open inland water fishing in Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor). Each data point is calculated from at least 200 catches. That sample is too small to be accurate, but should indicate the broad patterns:

Lunker Catches by Skill, Shadowmoon Valley Inland Open Water, 6.1 Test Realm
Lunker Catches by Skill, Shadowmoon Valley Inland Open Water, 6.1 Test Realm
Lunker Catches by Skill, Shadowmoon Valley Inland Open Water, 6.1 Test Realm
Fishing SkillSample CatchesLunker CatchesPercentage Lunkers

Update: Lunker catch rates are now approximately a sixth (1/6) of those shown in the graph and table above. For the latest information, read Patch 6.1.

These results suggest that every 100 skill points above 600, adds about 7% to the chance of catching a Lunker. With 1100 skill you will catch about 5 times more Lunker than at 700 skill. It is likely that the trend is linear, but that cannot be confirmed: The R-squared of the trend line is only 88% (100% would mean the data fitted the line perfectly).

Update: A sample of Fat Sleeper School catches suggests a very similar (probably identical) pattern of skill and Lunker catch rates applies to pools. Based on 100 catches at each skill, 9% Fat Sleeper Lunker at 700 fishing skill, compared to 24% at 1050 skill.


Bait items are now Unique (you may only hold one at a time) with a 15 minute real time item duration (in the current test version the timer stalls at 0 seconds and the Bait does not disappear). When a Bait is used, it leaves behind a Spoiled Bait in your inventory (which do not yet automatically stack). Once applied, Bait lasts 10 minutes. Bait otherwise has the same effect as before - it increases the chance of catching the water's prize fish.

Bait can no longer be caught from Garrison waters. Anglers who have lured Nat Pagle to their Garrisons may ask Nat for a specific Bait. Nat applies the choosen Bait's buff directly to you. Like regular Bait, this buff lasts 10 minutes. Nat's Bait buffs are free, and there are no limits on how many times you can ask for a buff. Like normal Bait, only one can be applied at once.

Bait is still caught from other areas of open water in Draenor, as before.

Other Changes

This news article notes various changes made in the following week, so may be confusing to read. For a summary of what is expected to actually become live in patch 6.1, see Patch 6.1.

  • 24 January 2015
  • Patch 6.1, Fillet, Lunkers, Bait, Garrison, Nat Pagle, Ashran, Pools
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6.1: Cooking

Patch 6.1 (currently being tested) adds 6 new cooking recipes that use fish: Buttered Sturgeon, Jumbo Sea Dog, Pickled Eel, Salty Squid Roll, Sleeper Sushi and Whiptail Fillet. Each dish offers a +125 buff in one stat - the best possible food.

Recipes are sold by the Cook at your Garrison for 10g each. Each recipe uses 12 of a specific Draenor inland water catch Flesh plus 6 Crescent Saberfish Flesh. At maximum Cooking skill only 1 or 2 dishes are produced with each cook. In comparison, the original Draenor recipes use fewer ingredients to cook more dishes.

There should be greater demand for Draenor's inland fish in 6.1 than 6.0. There are no new recipes that use Sea Scorpion, but the catch should remain valuable because it is commonly used in First Aid.

  • 22 January 2015
  • Patch 6.1, Cooking, Buff Food
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WoD Fishing

El's Anglin' has been updated for Warlords of Draenor:

  • 11 November 2014
  • Warlords of Draenor
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