3.1 Fishing Finds

3.1 Fishing Finds

Post-patch discoveries, mostly via the Forums (thanks for all the contributions so far):

  • 15 April 2009
  • Cooking, patch 3.1

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  1. Kogitsune, April 2009:

    I'm 76 with a 404 cooking and can't do the daily cooking quests anymore. If it changes when I hit 77, I'll post again.

  2. corkie, April 2009:

    the cooking daily changed back to a level 70 requirement. o/

  3. Veyn, April 2009:

    My level 74 chef can pick up the daily cooking quest when it's Sewer Stew, but so far I am offered none of the others.

  4. Indy, April 2009:

    My level 75 has been able to do the Cheese for Glowergold cooking daily, but not the mushroom one.

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