3.2 Fishing Changes

3.2 Fishing Changes

From the patch notes:

  • 18 June 2009
  • Cooking, patch 3.2

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  1. anakhahawk, June 2009:

    Hmm this could save you a weeks worth of dailies then. Or in my case one week closer to the Chefs Hat :)

  2. Lilitheen, July 2009:

    It wouldn't save you a weeks worth of dailies, it would save you 1 day's worth. The fishing daily is 250 KT rep. It might save you a couple days as far as the Dal Cooking Awards go though if that's what you were refering to.

  3. Altimeter, July 2009:

    I'm fairly excited about the undocumented Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat change. I hope that sticks around--I don't need to carry bait when I've got my hat, but I only put my hat on to fish. Waiting around before I can apply bait to my fishing pole is kind of annoying--means I run the risk of catching junk while I wait for the hat to cool down.

  4. Gizmovision, July 2009:

    put your hat on on the way to where ever your heading to fish, it can even be equipped on a Taxi....
    Rep is OK, I'm maxxed at the moment exalted....
    Hat well I haven't gone and complained enough about the cooking speed increase wop de do.... I want a proc more food, were talking 100 rewards!

  5. Ermrac, August 2009:

    Seems that the drop rate for the croc buckets from the fishing daily in Shatt has been increased. At least 7 people in my guild got a croc today

  6. McKay, August 2009:

    Ermrac, I'm 3/3 since 3.2

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