5.1: Contests

5.1: Contests

Updated: Patch 5.1, currently being tested, reintroduces the Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest. This competition was disabled due to Cross-Realm Zone issues. "Changes incoming!" says Jonathan LeCraft. Changes include "Master Angler of Azeroth" for 1st, 2nd or 3rd Booty Bay contest places (instead of 1st in either contest), and new Mixed Ocean Schools. The contest's scripting is broken on test realms - this thread describes what can be seen so far. The Kalu'ak Fishing Derby is not yet available.

  • 21 October 2012
  • Patch 5.1, Contests

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5.1 Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest

  • el, October 2012

    As of today, on the PTR:

    • At 12:00 Fishbot 5000 and Jang appear in Booty Bay. Fishbot has its old 3 quests for rares. Pools in the Cape and Northern Stranglethorn switch to a roughly equal mix of School of Tastyfish and "Mixed Ocean School". Pools appear 2 hours too early, allowing contest fish to be caught prior to the the contest starting.
    • Mixed Ocean School always contains a pair of catches. Their contents are broadly the same as 1 School of Tastyfish combined with 1 average pre-contest pool (broadly the average of a Firefin, Oily Blackmouth and Wreckage pool). Those double catches are quirky, although not explicitly broken.
    • There are a few rogue "Waterlogged Wreckage" pools in Northern Stranglethorn which contain double catches (similar to Mixed Ocean School), but are visibly still debris floating in the water.
    • Pools are sometimes spawning on top of one another - a bug that used to happen years ago during contests. It is possible to fish from both a School of Tastyfish and a Mixed Ocean School on the same spot at the same time.
    • Hard to be sure, but it appears that only School of Tastyfish respawn after 12:00. Mixed Ocean School may not respawn at all after they first appear at 12:00 in the Cape, although I have now seen one respawn in Northern Stranglethorn.
    • At 14:00 precisely nothing happens. Riggle Bassbait is still not visible. There is no start yell in Booty Bay. No NPC accepts a winning 40 Tastyfish. Jang continues to act as if there has been no winner (offering no quest).

    In summary, the scripting of this event is totally broken, rendering the contest largely dysfunctional.

    If someone with US forum access could post that on the US PTR bug forums, please do so.

    The change to the Master Angler of Azeroth achievement criteria (now 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the Booty Bay contest only) cannot be tested. Note that the Kal'uak contest is not currently available.

  • Averiy, October 2012

    Copypasta to PTR Bug Report Forum.


  • el, October 2012

    Thanks. 4 further updates:

    • Mixed Ocean School lack-of-respawns problem is specific to the Cape. Those pools do respawn in Northern Stranglethorn.
    • Initially two quirky "Waterlogged Wreckage" pools could be found in Northern Stranglethorn. Both contained double catches (similar to Mixed Ocean School), but were visibly still debris floating in the water.
    • Sagefish Schools in the North are producing double catches, typically a contest Tastyfish and a regular catch from the pool, but sometimes a double regular pool catch, such as 2 Raw Sagefish together.
    • Finally, at 16:00 there is no end announcement. After 16:00 all the contest pools remains around the coast in both zones. It would appear these have respawned at 16:00 - for example, there are suddenly large numbers of Mixed Ocean Schools.
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  • Averiy, November 2012

    I posted your updates that day as well, just neglected to say so here.

  • el, November 2012

    I've written up this weekend here. The NPCs now spawn (albeit an hour earlier than expected), but all (I think) of the other issues remain.

    In addition there are some very serious synchronisation issues between realms: Aside from ultimately making the 1st place winner's quest (apparently) infinitely repeatable on all except one realm, I'm fairly sure I managed to crash the chat sever - at about 12:14, for anyone that might have access to the server logs, although the sequence of events that started it begins with my first quest turn-in at 11:22. Times are realm times as displayed to the client, but at least part of the server infrastructure may be an hour adrift, so read with caution.

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