5.2: Darkmoon Fishing Cap

5.2: Darkmoon Fishing Cap

Wowhead have data-mined a new Darkmoon Fishing Cap for Patch 5.2. The Cap can be used hourly, while the Darkmoon Faire is open, to "summon a pool of Shipwrecked Debris." Let's hope those pools are somehow special. Equipping the Cap also grants +5 fishing skill, like other fishing hats. Further details will be confirmed once the PTRs open in January.

Update: Official patch notes reveal upcoming changes to Tillers Farming, summarised below:

  • 22 December 2012
  • Patch 5.2, Fishing Gear, Sunsong Ranch, Tillers

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Darkmoon Fishing Cap

  • el, March 2013

    There are now reports on both Wowhead and WowDB that this is caught "by fishing" on Darkmoon Island. Neither report is precise - water, pool or both? At this point I've fished hundreds of pools and have around a thousand open water catches, without gaining a Darkmoon Fishing Cap. This wouldn't be the first time I've been unlucky on something that transpires to be fairly easy to catch, but it is also very possible the Cap is rather rare - none of the other three +5 skill hats are especially easy to gain.

    Note that the skill/catch tiers found during testing (5.2: Darkmoon Catches Vary by Skill) are now live. There's a further variation in that the maximum tier is capped by your account's expansion (at least for Cataclysm/MoP, not sure about TBC and WotLK yet). Tiers shouldn't make a difference to a Darkmoon Fishing Cap catch - we know the Sea Pony can be caught outside of its traditional catch tier.

  • el, March 2013

    Around 2 thousand open water catches today with nothing rare caught. What's strange about that is I didn't see a Sea Pony either. I know those can still be caught, because a friend caught one while stood next to me. And I know an account with a Sea Pony can catch another, because I caught a Sea Pony while leveling fishing here on the PTR. The only difference in both cases was lower skill.

    At this point conspiracy theories abound - what if the catch was impossible *at* 600 skill? That would be buggy, because the Cap is BoP, and there is no way to reduce my fishing skill, but I also know this system wasn't tested properly, because there is still a looting bug when transitioning between skill tiers. Or it could just be a serious lack of luck.

  • Cyniel, March 2013

    I got the fishing cap by open water fishing, just at the end of the dock today

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  • el, March 2013

    Thanks Cyniel. It looks like it is just rather rare.

    What's the name of the pool the Cap creates? Shipwreck Debris or Shipwrecked Debris? Is the catch from that pool the same as Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon) or different?

  • Cupid, March 2013

    Got this on 5.2 patch day with 445 fishing and no rod or other fishing bonuses on my 4th cast while doing the Darkmoon fishing quest at Darkmoon Boardwalk, didn't realise it was so rare. The pool it creates is "Shipwreck Debris" i.e. the pools you normally find at Darkmoon Faire.

    Example Catch: [Sealed Crate] containing [Windwool Cloth]x3, [Rumsey Rum Black Label], 64 Silver 35 Copper

    Example Catch #2: [Darkmoon Firewater], [Windwool Cloth]x5, [Cheap Beer]x4, 33 Silver 33 Copper

  • ><((((*> Edibleautpsy <*))))><, December 2013

    I fish 830 fishing skill, 845 every five minutes with the spear up (minus 5 skill points for the +5 Glove Enchant and +5 Fishing Line stacking bug).

    I am approaching 5k open water casts this week alone (Thousands more since 5.2 and hundreds of debris pools).

    Took over 6k casts to get the Darkwood Fishing Pole, so this may take a while.

    Fish On!

    90 UD Cursed Angler

  • Ziatjie, November 2014

    Got it just now and it is, indeed, a stylish cap!

    Level 90
    Fishing skill:
    554 +Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (only "Equipped") & Kalu'ak pole
    Just down at the docks (the ramp on the right of the portals).

    This was my 4th cast of the day, all by doing the weekly fishing quest.

    Also sat in my Nat Pagle chair!

    Edit: No pool, just open water.

  • mulachi, November 2014

    5000 fish catches darkmoon fair open water + hundreds of sealed crates = no darkmoon fishing cap

    600 + 215 skill
    upgraded to warlords

    will try again once my brains re-solidify

  • Enarka, November 2014

    I firmly believe you can't get this at 600 skill. Right now, considering the amount of damn catches I made (50k+ since the damn thing's release), I think my sample size is good enough. This is inane.

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    I got a cap, level90 fishing at 600, even more I was using a 100 lure and a +30 fishing pole.

    I've fished for over 1000 catches along the coast, went to try my luck at the docks and got it after 2-3 bites.

    It's not 100% , but it's possible it only drops from the docks, I suggest trying there, open water aswell.


  • mulachi, November 2014

    what realm did you catch it on and what pole and bait were you using?

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    I'm on Kazzak EU, I was using a Bone Fishing Pole and a Sharp Fish hook.

  • Enarka, November 2014

    Gilenas wrote:

    I'm on Kazzak EU, I was using a Bone Fishing Pole and a Sharp Fish hook.

    Attempting to use the same configuration; will report with results once I'm done! =D

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    Just noticed a rather sucky thing.
    Noticed that my Darkmoon Fishing Cap which is a +5 and my Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots don't stack, With my +30 pole, I'm at +35 not +40.

    I don't know if this is known, maybe I'm being stupid, maybe the same equips don't stack ?
    Also, both work normally, if I have only one of them, I'm still at +35, so both work as intended, they just don't stack.
    I don't know if it works with other similar effects, don't have enough fishing gear to do tests.

  • el, November 2014

    Missing +5 bonuses are a known issue.

  • ketchupcereal, November 2014

    Hey I just got mine today! Skill at 600, from the docks during the rock concert, open-water, had no extras at all (bait, pole, etc.) Probably my 100-120th cast of the day. Realm was Aerie Peak probably around 2:30 or 3:00pm.

  • mulachi, November 2014

    ketchup were you on aerie peak US or EU realm? thanks

  • ketchupcereal, November 2014

    US realm

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5.2: Darkmoon Fishing Cap

  • Gloomspanner, January 2013

    If I buy the farm, I'd like to purchase an upgrade that deepens the pond so that I can fish in it!

  • Torbald, March 2013

    I was thinking the same thing. I's also like mu house to have a safe or something, maybe something you buy when you "buy the farm"

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