5.2: El Catching Sea Monsters

5.2: El Catching Sea Monsters

Patch 5.2 adds a Lurker Below-style elite Sea Monster, summoned by fishing a rare pool. It also promotes a certain gnome to the ranks of the Anglers. Read on for details.

Krakkanon - Summoned by fishing a Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus at Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest.

A pool called Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus may appear at Sri-La Village in The Jade Forest. What causes the pool to appear is not known. On the test realm, it appears in coastal waters around the village, alongside vast numbers of regular Reef Octopus Swarms - effectively every pool spawning location was active.

The Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus can be fished normally. The pool's contents seem to be the same as Reef Octopus Swarm, but [updated] with far more catches - typically almost a hundred. Once the pool is emptied, a Krakkanon (formerly called an Engorged Sea Monster) appears in the water (illustrated left).

The Krakkanon is a level 90 elite with 20 million health. Several hostile (but non-elite) level 90 Reef Octopus also spawn around the Krakkanon.

Just the Two of Us
Just the Two of Us - El and, er, El, at Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest.

The Krakkanon's main attack is Gurrggggle, which shoots a spout of water. The Krakkanon should be possible for most classes to solo: The Krakkanon's attack is quite weak (apparently never more than 30K damage at once), but you will probably need to be able to heal yourself during the fight, since the Krakkanon's health is so high the fight will last about 5 minutes.

Dead Krakkanon have (so far) dropped:

When the Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus can be found, Sri-La Village gains an extra Angler: "Salty El". My other me can be found fishing on the pier at the southern end of the village, directly in front of one of (at least) two possible spawning locations for the Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus. Salty El is a level 90 member of The Anglers. As you can see from the mirror image (right), the resemblance is uncanny... Although perhaps I'm blushing slightly more.

Several other special named Anglers may be found fishing nearby, including Anglers Dry, In Bo Den, Johnny Rotten, Lin Snowclaw (with pet Lulu) and Scottie; Fisherman Crow, and Old Salty Sullivan (with pet Shelby).

While this has only just been discovered in patch 5.2, it is possible this was intended at the time of Mists of Pandaria's release. Go Go, the Angler clinging to a nearby fishing net, originally taunted us with "one... more... catch...", while residents of the village often refer to unusual things in the water.

Sri-La Village isn't the only place you might be able to summon a Krakkanon. For more up-to-date information, read Fish of the Day.

  • 24 January 2013
  • Patch 5.2, El, Krakkanon

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Salty El

  • el, January 2013

    I got an overwhelming reaction to this on Twitter, so I'll post it here too.

    Image: El at Sri-La Village / Image: Just the Two of Us

    Level 90 Angler, "Salty El", is found in Sri-La Village during appearance of Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus, as described in 5.2: El Catching Sea Monsters.

    Killing all hostile octopi nearby disconnects the client, making a logic-defying picture of self stood next to self reassuring improbable, at least for now.

    I'm, still blushing, but can you tell which one?

  • Yoco, January 2013

    Congratulations, well deserved!

  • Astragal, January 2013

    Ah! A wonderful touch by Blizzard and so very much deserved.

    A just reward for your dedication and generosity in providing the ultimate WoW angling resource over these years.

    Congratulations El. It could't of happened to a nicer gnome :)

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    from "Salty El".
  • Marlburo, January 2013

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!!! we need horde representation!!! But in all seriousness despite all my fishing accomplishments NO ONE has done more to promote fishing than you El, congrats! You deserve it!

  • Enarka, January 2013

    Nooo way :D

  • Vincent, January 2013

    Congratulations! You are my favorite Gnome!

  • Cailleach, January 2013

    I'm proud of you El! Just like Breanni getting a home in Dalaran, you deserved to be an Angler! Now, if only El would offer dailies and you could earn rep like Nat Pagle, what kind of items would you want to dole out from your NPC likeness? El's fishing net? Toss a net onto a fishing school and catch all of the fish at once? Just something fun to think about, it's totally cool you got a permanent spot in the game!

    Congrats El!!

  • el, January 2013

    El would be handing out guides to fishing, obviously!

    Actually, El's inactivity complements the location well:

    • Pandaria suits El's increasingly contemplative nature. Not to mention the chance to be a member of the Anglers, WoW's first fishing faction.
    • Sri-La Village is one of those places in WoW with no core game purpose, but is there anyway, filling a gap in the landscape.
    • El can't always be found in the village. Sometimes she goes somewhere else.
  • anglinbrewmeister, January 2013

    Too awesome! Well-deserved for sure. Thanks for all the hard work on elsanglin!

  • Basill, January 2013

    been long due imho...

    I have only 1 question

    Can the "fake" El be killed? ;)

  • el, January 2013

    "Fake" El is an Angler, so it would depend on whether that can faction can be set to hostile. I suspect not, because it would block too many quests.

    Sri-La Village isn't the only location Salty El may be found. Here's a teaser: Image: Els Fishing in Fields of Niuzao

    It appears that "pool invasions" can occur in many specific locations in Pandaria. First one just sees more pools form. But eventually (overnight so far, so hard to be sure) a larger monster pool spawns. These invasions are tracked by a group of Anglers, including Salty El (although the precise NPCs involved changes slightly from location to location), who move from place to place.

    More details in due course - this will take a while to fully research.

  • Cailleach, January 2013

    Fishing guide! Of course! And it should grant anyone who has caught over 15k fish a better chance of catching a Sea Turtle and other rare fish/items/pets! XD

    I'd like to see anyone who tries to kill El's NPC get smacked to death by fish clubs (perhaps Rockhide Strongfish)! Then receive the debuff "Smackereled" where you can only speak in some weird fish language and your breath meter is active while out of water, on dry land. That's what you get for messing with El.

  • Al, February 2013

    Fantastic! ... and well deserved!

  • Trokair, March 2013

    I've been doing my other WoW hobby (exploration) since 5.2 hit. I was completely oblivious to the 5.2 fishing changes until a couple of days ago.

    El, a huge congratulations on Angler status with the in-game representation. You have been the authority on our shared hobby since the beginning. It is grand that they honor you in this fashion. So glad to see it.

    The changes with 5.2 look good. I love new uber-rare pets to catch, that always gives you something to think about when you're angling. Ever since Pandaria hit I feel Blizzard has shown that it will continue to pay serious attention to the fishing community. I say hooray to that!

    ~ Wizard Trokair

  • Balazar, April 2013

    Hey El, long time no see - and congrats!

  • Noor, May 2014

    I've been away too long...

    congrats, El!

  • el, May 2014

    You have indeed! Welcome back.

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    to "Salty El".

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