5.2: Tiny Carp Battle Pets

Patch 5.2 (currently being tested) adds 4 new battle pets - Tiny Blue, Green, Red and White Carp. Precise catch locations to be confirmed, but Lead Content Designer, Mumper, writes:

"These new battle pets are from fishing. Each one from a unique area in Pandaria."

update: For Tiny Carp locations, analysis, and catching strategies, read Catching Tiny Carp.

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5.2 Fishing Junk

  1. el, January 2013:

    In addition to the headline 4 new Tiny Carp battle pets (see 5.2: Tiny Carp Battle Pets), Wowhead shows a range of new junk items which sound rather fishy:

    All fit in the Tackle Box. Hard to get excited about junk, I know, but sometimes this points to further additions, as yet unseen.

  2. Enarka, January 2013:

    This is fishy, especially since they actually have pretty telling names.

  3. el, January 2013:

    Very early days, with a lot of research to do, but it looks like junk catches (from insufficient skill) have been removed in 5.2. Instead catches that would have been junk yield the trash fish - i.e. extra Golden Carp.

    So a first test in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms at 600 skill gave around 75% Golden Carp. That's roughly the 47% Golden Carp expected with sufficient skill, plus 47% of the overall catch as junk. At 815 skill, I got 50% Golden Carp, against an expected junk catch of 2%.

    Clearly this needs mountains more data, especially outside Pandaria, so all might yet change. But that's my first gut feeling.

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