Dynamite Fishing

Dynamite Fishing

Latest: Officially, dynamite fishing no longer works. Originally: Dwarves (and others) can fish with dynamite! Almost. Use Ez-Thro Dynamite (or II) on a pool (school). The dynamite will cause the pool to explode and disappear. It will be replaced by one or more objects in the water: Dead Fish, Crate, Bottle. These objects remain for a few minutes. Most people will not be able to open these objects. Blizzard have now confirmed (to me) that dynamite is intended to be used on pools, but the looting is bugged. The plot thickens.

Enaka reports that if a level 18 blows up the pool themselves, anyone can loot the objects. If a higher-level throws the dynamite, looting is only possible by others between (about) level 13 and 19. Loot is reported to be similar to the Outland Daily Fishing Quests' Bag of Fishing Treasures, but there are also other items, including drinks and raw fish. The method seems to work with all pools. Only Ez-Thro Dynamites have been confirmed to work. The Goblin Fishing Pole does not work. Fishing skill is not required. Thanks to schmeg and mikaial20 for letting us know.

The looting process is a bug, but I'm told exploding pools were intended. Such a Goblin approach to fishing might hint at the Cataclysm. Time will tell! Further discussion.

1. Use Ez-Thro Dynamite over a pool

Dynamite Fishing 1
Dynamite Fishing 1 - Use Ez-Thro Dynamite II over a pool.

2. Pool explodes and new objects appear in the water

Dynamite Fishing 2
Dynamite Fishing 2 - Pool explodes and new objects appear in the water.

3. Objects may be opened, depending on your level

Dynamite Fishing 3
Dynamite Fishing 3 - Objects may be opened, depending on your level.

  • 17 June 2010
  • Bugs, Patch 3.3

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  3. Teni, June 2010:

    Nooooo!! Dyamite fishing is extremely bad for the ecology. It stuns fish and causes a lot of damage underwater. I can't believe they are implementing this in-game. Boo!

  4. tibbs2, June 2010:


    You have a problem with dynamite fishing but you have no problem with war and mass murder which is an everyday occurrence in this game? How amusing...

  5. WoWLevelingGuide, June 2010:

    Dammm shame I missed this. In my opinion this is the kind of fun stuff that the game needs more of, but every day they just make it more and more mundane, real shame tbh.

  6. Ximen, July 2010:

    Funny how this still works:3

  7. bees, August 2010:

    worked for me today - a level 80. wasn't able to loot though

  8. el, August 2010:

    Thanks. It's working today, but in a bugged state, without being able to loot at level 12 or 80. I'm trying to avoid publicizing this, because it wasn't supposed to work this way. But if Blizzard are going to add the feature in untested, then take it out, then put it in untested again... *sigh*

  9. el, August 2010:

    I'm told (once again) by a GM that dynamite fishing has been removed (again).

  10. Marlburo, August 2010:

    Still works as of 8/12/10. Worked during tournament on Sunday in SVT, worked on nettlefish pool just now. EZ-Throw dynamite, made by someone else (not an engineer), says "can't open that" when try and loot bottle that appear.

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