Gone Fishin' Give-Away

Gone Fishin' Give-Away

Fishing Chair
Fishing Chair

Thanks to WoWTCGLoot, El has a "Gone Fishin'" TCG loot card to give away as a prize. This card can be redeemed in Booty Bay for a Fishing Chair. For a chance to win, simply tell us:

Your favourite place (in the world of Azeroth or Outland) to go fishin', and why.

Read the rules below, then post your entry as a comment before the end of 8 June 2009. Please only submit entries here. Use the forums to ask questions.


  1. You must be aged 18 or above, and living in United Kingdom or United States. (Sorry to the rest of the world, and younger readers, but I don't have the time/expertise/money to check everywhere this give-away is legal.) El's Anglin' forum moderators and employees of WoWTCGLoot.com may not enter.
  2. The give-away is open from now until the end of Monday 8 June 2009 (midnight, Pacific Standard Time).
  3. Only 1 entry per person. Only 1 entry per email address.
  4. Entries must be your own work. Write in English, text only. Submissions must not breach El's member expectations.
  5. Submit your entry as a comment to this page. Submissions will immediately become public, and become the property of El's Anglin'.
  6. Entry is free. Registration is optional, but a valid email address must be used: So either type the email, or post from an El's forum account.
  7. The winner will be selected randomly. They will be contacted by email within 10 days of the give-away closing. Within 10 days the winner must respond to confirm their age, country of residence, and full name and postal address. If the "winner" fails to confirm valid details, they will forfeit the prize and title. The prize will be offered to the 2nd randomly selected entry, and so on, until valid confirmation is received.
  8. The prize is one "Gone Fishin'" WoW TCG loot card, with an unused redemption code. Blizzard Entertainment/UDE allow that code to be redeemed for an (in-game) Fishing Chair. That redemption is subject to their terms and conditions.
  9. The prize will be dispatched by normal post within 1 month of the winner confirming their details. No alternative prizes will be offered. The winner is responsible for the payment of any local taxes or fees. The (eBay) value of the prize is approximately $100 (US).
  10. And finally: The give-away and its rules are void where prohibited by law. We reserve the right to terminate or alter the rules of the give-away at any time. By entering, you agree to these rules.

Please only post your favourite place (in the world of Azeroth or Outland) to go fishin', and why, below: Contest is now closed - thanks for the great response! An analysis of the responses can be read here.

  • 22 May 2009
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Archive Comments

  1. stephanie, May 2009:

    Azshara's bay of storms its always quite and your usually alone to fish in peace 8)

  2. gotkevin, May 2009:

    I love to fish in Orgrimmar. Being an Alliance toon, it gives me chills each time I cast as I wait for some Hordees to try and find me

  3. C Rage, May 2009:

    I love fishing in Sholazar Basin, the seer beauty of the area just blows me away.

  4. Ian, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is Wintergrasp, in between battles. Makes fish feasts super easy.

  5. Myrlin, May 2009:

    Currently my favorite spot to fish is Wintergrasp because I can catch all the fish I need for a fish feast in a few minutes. I think Tanaris would be a close second though. I have lots of memories of fishing for stonescale eels there during WoW classic.

  6. Jacob, May 2009:

    My favorite place is Sholazar Basin because i can farm herbs,eternals, AND cam fish a great place to make great money. Just a tip for ppl who are engineers and fishermen and herbalism you can run along the rivers and you can fish the pools, pick tiger lily's and steam clouds.

  7. Chris Woerz, May 2009:

    Fishing in Loch Modan is the best. I play a dwarf paladin and I imagine the Loch is the zone a dwarf would spend a summer day fishing with friends and good brew from Thelsamar.

    They even have a fishing trainer for the kids!

  8. Nahjera, May 2009:

    Steamwheedle Port has always been one of my favourite places to fish in the old world.
    It is peaceful haven from the everyday hurly burly of PvE combat, it is nice to have a little jetty all to my self to fish and contemplate what life has to offer, the peace and quiet is only spoiled by the occassional noise from passing turtles.
    As the sun sets in the distance and the night begins to draw in, it always bought a warm feeling to my characters , all I needed was a chair, a bite dectector and some hot cocoa and I was happy.

  9. Meadbh, May 2009:

    A few places...

    The Frozen Sea because I like hanging out with the penguins while I fish. They are just so fun to watch.

    I loved fishing around Coilfang Reservoir too, I could just circle that for hours.

    Now with the fishing dailies and turtle mount though, a lot of the places that I found serene and relaxing are overrun with everyone working on the quests/achievements -- though I do find some quiet time at the Kalu'ak village (Mo'aki) and fish there.

  10. David Sorg, May 2009:

    As simple as it sounds, the beaches of Stranglethorn Vale is my favorite place to waist away the afternoon. The scenery is ideal for kicking back, fishing wile drinking some cold brews.

  11. Nixii, May 2009:

    Grizzly Hills - i love watching the bears catch fish outa the water and the music makes it even better!
    Howling Fjord - music again is great! and the scenery is nice, i just zone out and think about stuff and listen to the music and the bobber in the water!

  12. Jessicur, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish just has to be Nagrand! You could fish your heart away getting lots 'o pure water while everyone else was slaving away at elementals! But, it still is always nice to pack the my bags while the hubby brings his [Romantic Picnic Basket] along so we could have a wonderful little break beside the river outside of Garadar. Of course, we have to bring our lovable pets, too! We are always there for awhile because a fight will bring break loose if not every one of them has an equal amount of time to running around. With Nagrand you are never too far if you needed a little rumble and tumble with horde since Garadar and Halaa are just seconds away on your epic flying mount! But, after a long hard days work you can sit on your picnic blanket and gaze up at the wonder of Nagrand's gorgeous infinite skies while drinking some [Halaani Whiskey] from the Halaa battle just won and fish to your heart's desire.

  13. Texasbelliott, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is The Frozen Sea. It used to be just me and the penguins, before the new fishing daily quests were introduced. Now, it's a little more crowded.

    I also like fishing the waters in the Violet Hold. You catch all kinds of interesting things, and if your lucky, a key that unlocks a chest for a free blue!

  14. Starfeather, May 2009:

    I love fishing on the river between Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills. Standing on the Grizzly Hills side, I can listen to the great music of that area. Plus it's quiet and not crowded.
    Thanks for doing this! Good luck everyone!!

  15. Rela Bella, May 2009:

    It has to be Grizzly Hills. Its pleasant music coupled with low competition make it an easy place to just zone out and fish. Not to mention, watching the bears catch their own fish always makes me giggle.

  16. Verace, May 2009:

    Strange as it seems, I still enjoy the Barrens and fishing up Deviate fish to make into Savory Deviate Delight. (I turn off Trade chat, though!)

  17. Desaad, May 2009:

    I like fishing in Ulduar in Freya's room. It's just fun to be fishing with all those mean plants and stuff around you!

  18. Tanuer, May 2009:

    Nagrand, on the Elemental Plateau or any of the other places nice and high up. Gives a nice view of Nagrand which is such a beautiful zone to look at.

  19. Shawn, May 2009:

    I'm a moody bastard when it comes to fishing. Some days I enjoy standing on a picturesque log in a lush jungle setting, such as Sholazar. Other days I prefer to mess about in the sewers and fountains of Dalaran. No shortage of strangeness comes out of that cities water. I often stop to fish in any zone if it's rainy and there's no other players around.

  20. Starsmore, May 2009:

    I like fishing in the Undercity. It's home, so my little Undead `lock doesn't have far to go. It's also relatively safe (as raiding parties just go for the Dark Lady and leave the rest of us alone). And I like the sickly green glow of the water. It's refreshing, after all that clear blue ick in the rest of the world.

  21. Alyssa Rizzo, May 2009:

    I enjoy fishing in the Grizzly Hills near the Amber Lodge (right down the hill, and at the stream); to me, it's a great place to relax after whatever was thrown at me during the day, even though it doesn't have the greatest of fish, and despite the fact that it's so close to a pvp quest area, it's one of the safer, and calmer places of the game for me.

  22. Markus Krichel, May 2009:

    Dalaran, in front of the Violet Hold. It's conveniently located and makes waiting for your group less boring.

  23. Eolly, May 2009:

    Just outside the Alliance flight point in Wintergrasp. Its the whole likely to die thing.

  24. Tierdal, May 2009:

    Ahh I love fishing in Sholazar Basin... such a nice lush place, filled with sights, sounds... wildlife... monsters-who-want-to-eat-you.... and of course fish! Lovely place!

  25. ganomex, May 2009:

    back in the day i loved stranglethorn vale's coast
    these days i like wintergrasp but i do most of my fishing in dragonblight for buff food

  26. Ryan, May 2009:

    My favorite place ever to fish is a small island in between the Isle of Dread and Feathermoon Stronghold.

    The reason I love to fish there is that it reminds me of simpler times in WoW, when the days before Stonescale Eels were caught in a pool and the frenzy to get them for the alchemists to make +armor pots for your warriors.

    it was nice to go there in sunrise/sunset time, to just kick back, and relax and get some fishing levels and just forget about all the "war" in warcraft :)

  27. As a Death Knight I would have to say that I love fishing in the middle of the Frozen Sea just outside of the Dragonblight. Something about standing on the water, looking into the unfathomable depths below, the occasional shark circling beneath your feet. However what makes it even better, is setting up your cook fire on the top of the water and cooking your catch.

  28. Khuric, May 2009:

    I love to fish in the frozen sea, the penguins keep me company!

  29. Appi, May 2009:

    I run a small cloth shop in by the peaceful clear Stormwind Canals. I love to sit outside my shop by the water when business is low with my trusty fishing pole and a lure. I fish for fish which many times I return to the water and sometimes I keep a few out for a friend or two.

    Lil Timmy comes by now and then and his little kitten loves to eat some of the smaller fish I keep out. A peaceful shop in a peaceful city bursting full of life with children fishing, children and their teacher, hearing the playing the orphans, and many more.

    Perfect place to fish.

  30. Pixish, May 2009:

    I love fishing in Grizzly Hills. The nature and theme music is beautiful. Other than that I just love fishing, everywhere.

  31. Maelvorn, May 2009:

    Stranglethorn Vale. I used to fish the pools for loot which financed my toon from level 35 to 60. I still love fishing there and try to fish the tourny every week.

  32. Jason, May 2009:

    My favorite place for fishing is Wintergrasp. Fishing the lakes there makes it nice and easy to stock up for fishy feasts. After that, I love running out on the water with water walking, and fishing just about anywhere.

  33. Caloran, May 2009:

    I would have to say Feralas has been a favorite. A lot of nice things to fish up. It's out of the way and isn't visited often anymore, so it's a nice, relaxing place to go to get away from it all and just relax.

  34. Shalura, May 2009:

    I always enjoy fishing the Lava in Shadowmoon Valley.

  35. Ian, May 2009:

    I enjoy fishing most in grizzly hills, the interaction of the bears catching their own fish in the game is a nice addition to the fishing atmosphere which adds a whole new dimension to the game where the mobs interact with eachother, there are the nice sounds of the waterfalls along with the great music which goes along with the peaceful fishing.

  36. John, May 2009:

    I like fishing with the Kalu'ak/Tuskarr in their villages. It's fun to be around all their big, burly fisherman casting away. Kind of reminds me of fishing with my grandpa when I was younger. All we need are some beat up old lawn chairs!

  37. Bonemachine, May 2009:

    I go where the dailies take me; usually the first item on the agenda after logging on.

  38. Searle, May 2009:

    Mine would have to be in Borean Tundra, just at that harbour where the boat from Stormwind passes by. There I enjoy fishing alongside one of the fishermen along the shore, even though they never share their alcoholics. ):

  39. jezdamayel, May 2009:

    In Org near the baby murloc ^^(Vally of honor) i enjoy hearing him now and then as i fish.

  40. Tlaloc, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is Azshara. I like to go out a ways past the shore, to the little cave in the middle of the bay there. There is this cool elite that pops up there, but the main reason I like it is because you can fish uninterrupted. Ir's where you get the darkclaw lobster. Nobody goes out there, and each time I've gone I've been by myself. It's a rare part of the game that's a calmer, simpler pleasure. It's relaxing to just listen for the splash, then click :p

  41. megahut, May 2009:

    My favorite spot is in wintergrasp, it's always exciting as you never know if you will be attacked or not.

  42. Varradde, May 2009:

    ive fished all over the world and would have to say that Grizzly Hills is the top spot with its forest and rolling hills but the best is when your fishing glacial salmon pools and bear are right there with you , doing better at it i must add

  43. Kurt, May 2009:

    My favorite spot is Blackwind Lake in Terrokar. So many memories of fishing for Mr. Pinchy!

  44. Sapphiria, May 2009:

    Till this Day StrangleThorn Vale is My Most Favorite Spot to fish and Booty Bay is my Home. There is a spot I enjoy to go to and relax as I look upon the horizon of the never ending ocean. Every evening at dusk I enjoy watching the Sun Setting. The Tranquility of that moment Helps me ease the stress's of the day away as I fish. Sometimes I chat with some of my guild family and freinds or on a real Hectic day i just savor the peace. The Fishing may not be as great as the pools elsewhere, but it is truly my home away from home, and Just being able to Fish in the beauty of StrangleThorn Vale is a Blessing enough.

  45. Diseases, May 2009:

    My favorite spot for fishing is by far a small island off the coast of Darkshore, southwest of Auberdine. It has a small broken house and a fire going, it's the most private and relaxing fishing spot I have ever had and would recommend it to all of my fellow anglers.

  46. Ymoen, May 2009:

    My favorite spot is Lake Kum'uya, there I got my sea turtle!

  47. Gizmotech, May 2009:

    My favorite spot used to be in the Frozen Sea by the penguins... Pengu and I had a ball! Until the new fishing dailies, now it's too crowded. <.< Searching out a new spot has not been an easy task!

  48. tim weckers, May 2009:

    my favorite place to fish would be serpet shrine cavern, cause nothing is as epic as fishing up a giant doom boss fish of hatred

  49. Sil, May 2009:

    I love fishing at any lake in Zangarmarsh. I really like the scenery and exotic fish.
    I'm only 17, but I just felt like sharing.

  50. alex khanimov, May 2009:

    Ever since i started fishing pre bc, i have always LOVED! <33 to fish in the dancing troll village aka Shatterspear Village. It is a village that it located in the mountains between Darkshore, Moonglade, Felwood, and Winterspring. This village is very hard to get into, it requires a running guide you can find on youtube, and requires a noggenfogger or some sort of slowfall or parachute just to get into it, but it's WORTH IT! ;D I Have always loved fishing there. I have been fishing there for about 3 years now, and i have always loved to get there, dance with the trolls, but most of all, hop in the lonely boat floating in the center of the river, and you guessed it, Fish! I some times bring my friends, and we just have fun throwing out lines, and enjoying the wonderfull eyefull you get from the view of the mountains, and the village itself.

    Well, thats my favorite fishing spot anyways, Takin it old school!

    thanks for reading :D

  51. KHSebastian, May 2009:

    In the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge. I play on a PvP server, Horde side, and it's fun fishing there, and seeing how many Allies will fish with me, before somebody comes and attacks me, and mob mentality kicks in, making everyone attack me, ignoring my "/beg"s, and "/no"s.

  52. Olof Johansson, May 2009:

    My favorite spot to fish needs to be in Dun Morogh, where my gnome came from.

    There aren't many places to fish, but its beautiful and it makes me so relaxed.

    Sorry for my bad english Im from Sweden!


  53. Bodewhin, May 2009:

    Stranglethorn Vale makes for great, calming fishing when the Fishing Extravaganza isn't in high gear. It's tropical and idyllic (you know, minus the raptors) with clear, blue water as far as the eye can see. Booty Bay itself is perfect for kickin' back and casting out the lure, watching the sunset as the ships roll in. When it is fishing tournament time, I love me some competition too!

  54. Yuri, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish will probably be Westfall Lighthouse.

    Since i was born in a port city it kinda reminds me of home. Since i moved from there i guess that place actually reminds me of home more than anything. All those good summer days going with friends to fish out to the beach with the view out to the lighthouse, We would catch some "Kambala" ( Im sorry i dont know the name of that fish in English, ).
    Anyways it's a pretty good spot to fish even if you dont actually get anything good out of it.
    The whole beach scenery is amazing in my opinion.The sunken ships around that area is kinda a reminder to us, that sea can be cruel sometimes.

    The Lighthouse is amazing. Especially when you come there at night, you can see it really bright and shiny. Really nice when you sit there for hours on end,fishing for fun.

    Overall the Westfall Lighthouse reminds me of home. So that is why it's my favorite spot to spend hours on end fishing.

    Anyways that is it..Thank you for reading.

  55. Rocklar, May 2009:

    My absolute favorite place to fish is the pool on top of one of the Twin Colossals in Ferelas. When I started the game, I played a troll hunter on a PvP server, and I loved fishing. However it was pretty hard to fish in the popular places, since Alliance dominated our server. I finally found my way to Ferelas, and discovered the Twin Colossals and the perfect pool. Managed to finish leveling my fishing there in peace, it was wonderful. I also liked that fishing in the pool gave you different fish based on the time of day/night you went fishing: Sunscale Salmons during the day and Nightfin Snappers at night.

  56. Emerald Rabien, May 2009:

    The best place to fish would be Dalaran Sewer. Because who doesnt like to eat fish that could randomly turn you into a cockroach at the most inappropriate time?

  57. Jason Campbell, May 2009:

    My favorite show in the world is Lost.. In the show in the second season they find a hatch with a set of numbers on it. In scholozar basin it has the hatch from Lost! So i love to kick back and fish there. Also its where i found my turtle mount! :)

    Server: Venture Co

  58. Sauce, May 2009:

    The best fishing place in WoW? That's an easy one: Pagle's Pointe, Zul'Gurub.

    The place itself reminds me of a cross between the lagoon in Giligan's Island and the setting for a Tarzan flick, which is actually pretty cool in a way. Unlike fishing in any other zone in the game, I get this eerie sense of solitude whenever I fish at this place, which is true because it's one of few places you can go where you can be guaranteed not to be disturbed. Perhaps the most characteristic aspect of this site is the collection of half-filled booze jugs littered around the area; indeed, I say it is the distinguishing characteristic of this location, for it is the mark of Pagle. In fact, I say it represents the ideals of Pagle quite nicely, in his own words: "If you ask me, the best part about fishing is its slow pace. It gives one time to think, to reflect on past events and to plan for future ones. Oh, and it's also a great excuse to drink. Heavily." Now, I'm not saying the man invented fishing... but I'm not saying he didn't.

    As a disciple of Pagle and a man who enjoys drinking heavily (I was not sober fishing up Old Crafty the first time), I have discovered why the fishing guru himself chose such a place to do his business: it's reflective. In fact, there have been many times during my ZG fishing excursions where my mind has wandered and left me pondering important questions. Why can't you catch the enemy fish NPC's? How can a fatty like Gahz'ranka live in a 20 ft. (6 m, for you European anglers) deep hole? How can Nat, a level 45 NPC, walk into a zone with level 60 elites and not die? As far as I'm concerned, the first two questions may never be answered; however, the answer to the last question is simple: Ashbringer. Nat discovered the Ashbringer during one of his regular fishing outings, then used the sword to tear apart the trolls and fauna of ZG. After a heavy day of binge drinking and fishing, Nat misplaced the Ashbringer as well as his tackle box, wallet, and keys to his Mekgineer's chopper, which forced him to stumble home drunk and forget everything. If this story seems far fetched, it's not: this is Warcraft, not Lorecraft.

  59. Mayetal, May 2009:

    Ah, fishing. It's made up of the worst of times and the best of times. Love to hate it, hate to love it. I have two personal favorites where I've spent countless hours, Feralas and Zul'Gurub.. Not just to gather fish for cooking and feeding my guild mates, but to just wind down from various trials and tribulations of real life. Be it just a hectic day, a rainy day or a point in time I couldn't *actually* go fishing in real life. Feralas, because it's beauty is just amazing to me, one of the *most* beautiful places in Azeroth, even with all the Ogres and giants; stone and water-based alike, there are countless areas that just take your breath away while you fish and it *never* gets old.

    Zul'Gurub; man there's some memories of long days past and guildies you never forget, even after real life has made us go our seperate ways. I like to go there to remember, I farmed that place with some of the greatest people I've met in game and spent hours fishing with just talking over vent. During our raid times it was great, trying to remember who had 300 skill and who had all the Mudskunks to fish up Gahz'ranka. Eventually it would result in the entire raid casting their lines in what seemed like hope of fishing up more than just one Gahz'ranka.

    Those were the best times of my WoW-experience. Among many others, fishing seems to have brought me a lot closer to strangers and make some awesome friends just fishing next to someone else in my personal favored spots. Fishyfriends.

  60. Al, May 2009:

    While I enjoy various fishing spots in Northrend, my all-time favorite fishing spot is on a tiny island in the Bay of Storms. I first started fishing there when my main toon was "young" enough to be in real danger getting there, and still enjoy an occasional trip. I took my death knight there as soon as his fishing was high enough to catch fish with an extra hook.

  61. Kajib, May 2009:

    My favorite spot to fish is definitely Grizzly Hills. I'm extremely relaxed there, and I can't complain about all the salmon.

  62. Chrais, May 2009:

    My favorite spot is bootybay i love it because It's all green and jungle. it make me happy and i love fish there.

  63. Mudeater, May 2009:

    My favorite is the Frozen Sea in Borean Tundra. I was trying to come up with some original place, but I don't wanna be phoney, once you hit the max lvl and max fishing, you're gonna be in northrend to fish...

    So yeah, the Frozen Sea is the best, love to fly around and look for schools of fish (STILL NO TURTLE!!!] and land on icebergs to fish :P Fishing on top of icebergs is just full of win.

  64. Tilyla, May 2009:

    I love to fish in Grizzly Hills, it's so beautiful and reminds me of fishing I did in the Mountians of Colorado when I was younger.

  65. Matriste, May 2009:

    I had alot of fun fishing in Eastern Plaugelands with my buddy after brewfest with our Kegs. Because everyone here knows that fishing is just an excuse to drink.

  66. Roninraver, May 2009:

    Many moons ago on my young Tauren Druid, I was questing in STV at the Ruins of Aboraz. It was a Sunday, early afternoon, and the Extravaganza was going on. Now, I was a fisherman on that first toon and every one since, but I'd not heard of the Extravaganza back then, I just hooked Blackmouth and Stonescale Eels to pay the bills, and for the simple joy of fishing. I remember sitting down to drink after a fight and seeing a school name I hadn't before, a pool of Tastyfish. I pulled a few in, looked them up on thottbot, and found out about the contest. Made a promise to myself I'd come back one day and actually compete, turned them in for a few gold and continued with my questing. Now, I told you that story to tell you this one.

    Today, many moons later, no longer a Druid but a Blood Elf mage, I'm not a fisherman. I consider myself an eXtreme Angler. Today, at the Ruins of Aboraz, in almost exactly the same spot I first saw the Tastyfish and learned about the Extravaganza, by the two palm trees growing on that little outcropping of a peninsula, I pulled up #40 and hearthed so fast it made the Trolls around me lag. Heart was beating so hard I could hear it, and my hands were shaking as I turned in a quest faster than I ever have before. Many times have I come close to winning, as close as having 40 fish in my hands as that horrible, horrible red text announcing the winner flashed across my screen mid-hearth, but never have I won.

    Today, that changed when that sweet, sweet Arcanite rod found its way into my bags and that beautiful Achievement flashed across my screen. My true angling career began at the Ruins of Aboraz, and today it reached its peak in the same location My favorite fishing spot is right there, beneath those two palm trees on that little peninsula.

  67. Korrina, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is definately Wailing caverns, yumm deviates :D

  68. moogleroyalty, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is in the Frozen Sea, hidden away in spaces between glaciers. I like to put out a favorite pet and fish away undisturbed.

  69. Tricia Coker, May 2009:

    I have always loved fishing in STV the best. I like the ambience and have whiled away many hours there wandering from pool to pool catching all manner of things.

  70. Lou Buitton, May 2009:

    my favorite is probably the east coat of Tanaris...up around where you turned in the Tartooga quest. Not sure why...just is.

  71. Aidie, May 2009:

    Though I've spent MANY hours (days?) fishing in Azshara for lobsters, and many on the rock in the pool inside wailing caves stocking up on deviates, I'd have to say my favourite fishing spot is in Hinterlands, in the pond above the Quel'danil lodge.

    My husband and I quested in that zone quite a bit leveling up. One evening, as I was whiling away the time, I cast a line into the pool there and caught my first Nightfin. I was woefully unaware of stat food and cooking for the most part but I got curious. I looked up the recipe, saw the potential, and (like in real life) became a cooking fiend.

    So many times in groups the perfect icebreaker for folks was a 5-stack of stat-appropriate food and a Deviate Delight to get things rolling. =)

    With the help of the info here (thank you, El!), and the many appreciative and fun folks we've met, I'm 450 fishing/cooking and I love to feed folks. Love doing the daily quests and finding fun spots to see what I can snag.

    I still go back to Hinterlands, though. Still go back to the lake. At night, while the moon is shining on the water and the quiet ambient sounds abound, it's the most peaceful, perfect fishing spot I know.

  72. infectiouszombie, May 2009:

    My favorite place is the cave at Ironforge. Kind of creepy always a strange mix of people there. Fun to wave at Horde that think they are being sneaky fishing there.

  73. Veneroso, May 2009:

    I've traveled all over the world fishing and I must say Nagrand is my favorite place to fish.

    The Skysong lake is the area I enjoy the most. Between the wispy clouds, the peaceful surroundings, and the calm waters, I find it the most relaxing. Its easy to get lost in the ambiance as my mind drifts away. It really is spectacular, particularly at night, wonderfully done.

  74. Rhamona, May 2009:

    While I'm not fishing it currently, I spent many many hours fishing Serpent Lake in Zangarmarsh. I appreciated the (mostly) peaceful atmosphere, as well as the occasional golden vendorfish or engineering part. Also, the fish were all well enjoyed by my guild, once cooked. :)

  75. Steve, May 2009:

    Dragonblight, Dragonfin Angelfish schools. First for my agility raid food. Second for a chance at the turtle :).

  76. Ranoda, May 2009:

    I like to fish South East of Unu'pe because of the Deepsea Monsterbelly! It's fun to fish and I enjoy making money and I ogt my Turtle mount from there so it has history. :D

    Not many people fish there on my server so I enjoy having a private glacier to relax and polymorph penguins! xD

    It's also good to place down party stuff and have a mini party with the penguins and my guild buddies :D

    South East of Unu'pe in The Frozen Sea on the Glaciers is where I fish and it has a lot of memories! True history and remembrance!

  77. Naneki, May 2009:

    My favorite place, for being alliance, has to be Orgimmar simply for the thrill of never knowing when I will get slaughtered for doing my favorite past time :)

  78. Daisyvondoom, May 2009:

    Under the docks at Menethil when it's raining, crazy relaxing! Second place goes to River's Heart in Sholazar, what with the rainbows and trees and flowers and such.

  79. Yams, May 2009:

    I've grown very fond of fishing in Dalaran, whether it be in the sewers or by the Violet Hold. This is mainly because I enjoy being able to do some fishing during my in-game "downtime" while chatting away in guild chat.

    I do, however, still have a soft spot for Stranglethorn Vale. That is where I first fell in love with fishing as a little level 35ish priest. I used to spend hours running up and down the coast fishing in all the pools. I even ended up maxing out my fishing entirely before hitting Outland level (during BC, thanks to a friend who picked up the book for me.)

  80. Viviacity, May 2009:

    With my water walking exlixir's in the middle of the north sea right before fatigue

  81. Loune, May 2009:

    I like fishing in the Frozen Sea (south Borean) cause of all the pools in close proximity. Still looking for the sea turtle!

  82. Kim Wedlock, May 2009:

    Stranglethorn Vale has its jungle;
    Teldrassil has its nature;
    Dalaran has its magic;
    Eversong has its music;
    But the place to be is the Lushwater Oasis.

    There is nothing quite like it. Whether you catch it rain or sun, day or night, the lushwater oasis is beautiful and calm. Despite being max fishing, I love to snatch up a spot where I can see the vast space and tangle of trees, and watch an occasional kodo amble past as I cast out my fishing line. I'll light up a campfire and cook as I fish, making something out of nothing, and perhaps turn into a pirate. I rarely see anyone out there fishing or questing for the local NPCs, so it's very quiet - and being Horde territory, there's no chance of getting stabbed in the back by a rogue who will steal all of my precious little fishies, so I can cast aside all my worries and all the concerns of the battling and dying lands of Outland, Northrend and the rest of Azeroth, and just watch my fishing bobber float around, hypnotizing me and sending me into a dozing state. And it's great for the ol' blood pressure. I just wish I had a fishing hat!

  83. Trevor Gillingham, May 2009:

    Some come here to sit and fish,
    Some come here to dream and wish
    Of turtle mounts, achievements done,
    Crystal Song Forest you are the one.

    Translation...I like to fish in Crystal Song Forest. Quick access back to Dalaran. Always quiet. rarely more than just myself fishing the minnow pools.

  84. Geo, May 2009:

    My favorite place to go fishing is the lake directly outside of Wailing Caverns. I've always had good luck fishing up deviate fish at that spot, and it's where most of my characters had fishing trained up at... and the occasional flagged low level horde that runs by and does some sort of taunt is always fun to quickly butcher.

  85. Jennifer Mailloux, May 2009:

    I love fishing in Grizzly Hills. Great scenery and there a some quickly respawning schools of Glacial Salmon!

  86. Moonkinmaniac, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is off the coast of the borean tundra because black jelly is yummy in the tummy.

  87. Khraden, May 2009:

    Personally, I enjoy fishing just about anywhere in Grizzly Hilld, especially near the Ashwood Lake. A good time fishing, and watching random folks come kiss some frogs.

    Very relaxing.

  88. Chris, May 2009:

    I prefer fishing in Grizzly Hills, around the lumberyards. Mostly because I use the heck out of spellpower food, and there seems to be a never-ending supply of pools there!

    My second favorite place to fish is probably Orgrimmar because I'm alliance, and I had the funniest experience ever while going after Ol Crafty (got him).. was fishing with a friend, and had an 80 horde walk up and instead of taking me out like everyone else had, she mind controlled me, then bopped my friend on the head with my fishing pole, and then dropped the mind control, waved, and went away. Was HILARIOUS!

  89. Syleth, May 2009:

    One place for me, atop the two giants in Feralas always fun to jump off.

  90. Bronwyn, May 2009:

    My favorite spot is most definitely a tie between Sholazar or Grizzly Hills. Both places are just really pretty to fish in- in fact, now that I think of it I think I prefer Grizzly Hills. I love watching the bears catch salmon.

  91. Kantha, May 2009:

    I enjoy fishing in Zangarmarsh, since I spent many peaceful hours increasing my fishing skill with the mixed pools out there, hunting for Spell Power buff food. It's an area that's not often frequented by higher-level characters, indeed it wasn't even in the BC days. It was a great place to while away the hours between raids.

  92. Lanca, May 2009:

    My favorite place is Ammen Ford on Azuremyst Isle. The ambience of the place is amazing and has great background music for fishing. A fishing trainer and vendor, Diktynna is conveniently nearby.

  93. Amos, May 2009:

    Any where on the outter edges of the known world. I have swam around all kalimdor, eastern kingdoms, and northrend... looking for hidden spots. So I guess my answer would be all of Azerothian oceans... and not so much Outlands.

  94. Meren, May 2009:

    The shores of Stranglethorn Vale. Especially in the evening, when the sky is colored orange with an undergoing sun together with a jungle landscape. Love it :-)

  95. Andrius, May 2009:

    Dalaran Fountain,because you can catch not only coins,but gnomes on mammoths too :)

  96. Heaven, May 2009:

    Gosh, I have so many fishing spots I am fond of, it's difficult to choose only one!

    My favorite "classic" area would have to be in Feralas. I love that zone in general--it's so green and refreshing and nice--and it also has some really great waterfalls that are perfect to fish in/around.

    In Outland, I really enjoy fishing in Zangarmarsh, north of the reservoir area. It's a fairly peaceful spot, with only the fireflies meandering around, and the music there has really neat aquatic tones to it that always put me in the fishing mood.

    Finally, in Northrend, I will have to concur with several other posters and say Grizzly Hills is my hands-down favorite area, especially the inland river area in the south. Every time I am in that spot, I always think how much I'd love to go camping there, for real! It's so scenic and relaxing, and again, the music is wonderful. It's a beautiful area!

    Of course, when all is said and done, any patch of water in WoW has the power to make my fingers twitch towards my pole. I'm an addict to the bobber. :)

  97. Tina Kinkennon, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is mmmmm.... oh my.... I have to pick only one.

    Grizzly Hills for salmon, I guess would be my first choice followed my Sholozar Basin.

  98. KMadness, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish now is Grizzly Hills, just because the bears "fish" with me! It makes me giggle every time, I'm easily amused I suppose :)

  99. Dalgul, May 2009:

    Ah since i began fishing i've always wanted this fishing chair.Anyway My favourite place to Fish In Azeroth besides Northernd is in Stv.There is a Big Island just North of Booty Bay at the summit there is a place called Nek'mani Wellspring very peacefull and cool you just sit yourself (on your chair if i had one:() on the bridge and fish off it.Plus you can get free spring water anytime you like from the well.

    For practicality it has to be Crystalsong Forest fishing the Minnow not only for a chance at the mount but if your friends with an alchemist you can mass produce water walking elixirs which we all know come in very handy for certain competitions:P

  100. Katharine, May 2009:

    My favourite old world is definitely Steamweedle Port. I remember forcing my way there on lower level characters when my fishing level was high enough to do well.

    In Northrend I like fishing in the fountain, or in Wintergrasp for fish feast reagents.

  101. Bill, May 2009:

    I love fishing right on the border of Dragonblight and Wintergrasp. That way I can fish my Fish Feast mats all day long without being flagged. Of course, now they will fix it so I can't do that anymore. Hate getting ganked while fishing.

  102. Poodiddle, May 2009:

    My favorite fishing spot is Ashwood lake in the grizzly hills. All the frogs add atmosphere and there generally aren't alot of people around unless they're kissing the wildlife, which is just downright funny. ;)

  103. tulsplat, May 2009:

    Stonebull Lake in Mulgore....my first character spent many hours fishing there, and it is still a nice relaxing place to go visit

  104. Pigeon, May 2009:

    Azshara - Bay of Storms - 79,58. It's very peaceful. I like to go at night. Very nice scenery (and no Horde try to gank me!)

  105. Indra, May 2009:

    I have two favorite spots to fish. The first is in Zangermarsh on top of the pipes of Coilfang Resivor. Its a nice place to get away from it all, crack open some soda and fish up a storm. Nice shrimp there, as well :)

    In Northrend, I like this little villiage in Dragonsblight. Sometimes you have to nudge a few of those walrus people away from your pool with an explosive shot or two, but it's pretty tame. It's a good thing I like it, because I prefer Blackened Dragonfin over Dragonfin Filet, so I have to catch twice the amount of fish as my warrior, dk, and pally brothers and sisters.

    I love fishing and I am very happy Blizzard has given us fisher folk some love. Good luck to everyone entering the contest!

  106. Carsten, May 2009:

    I think my favorite place must be Loch Modan, I remember back in the days where I did not have an WoW account I often snuck unto my brothers accout to fish on his chars..
    And always hearing the roar from his room... "What the Frag.. i am stuffed with fish again!!"

    Since then I have become an avid fisherman and am proud of it on my own account and my brother is happy not being stuffed with fish.

  107. rikumaru, May 2009:

    Love fishing the oasis in Barrens for deviate fish. Not only do I enjoy the scenery, but I usually have fun with the lowbie Horde that venture by (I'm Alliance). Usually they'll be scared of me at first, but, after a few waves and smiles -- I either have a new fishing partner, or a dance party erupts around me. Clothing optional. :-)

  108. Prop, May 2009:

    I've allways liked the Lushwater Oasis,

    The chance to catch those peculiar diviate fish has allways brought a smile to my face, at the same time I seem to get along quite fine with the centaurs there, as we mind our own buissiness, me with catching hugely overpriced fish, and them with owning young toons who think they are ready for the Wailing Caverns, I find their effort inspiring.

    At the same time none of the centaurs stands a chance should they get frisky or if a fish should get away, then they're in for a proper Arcanite Fishing Pole beating.

  109. Reodalius, May 2009:

    I've got quite a lot of favourite fishing spots, but one of the most memorable has to be in Zangarmarsh. I remember first going there as a young hordie and seeing the huge mushrooms that surrounded the countless pools of water. I remember putting on a lure and humming to myself as I caught fish after countless fish underneath the protective cover of the mushrooms.

  110. Fee, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish would HAVE to be in Azuremyst Isle. It always seems to bring back the memories of when us gnomes had the Draenei under our command. The small ripply waves in the water are just beautiful, and they even remind me of the tears the Draenei women and children had when we were forcing them build our fallen city. I have no idea how/when the Draenei got rights, but that was a day I absolutely hated!

    I still remember back when Skoloar (leader of the draenei) tried to plan an escape, and Fizzle (leader of the gnomes) stopped him dead in his tracks. That always seems to pop in my head while I'd cast my line! It was a valiant attempt, but there was no way his 400 man army could surpass our 10,000 man army. Not to mention our superior intelligence for that matter. After that attempt us gnomes didn't take the Draenei lightly. We increased the number of hours they worked by 1, and fed them less.

    The king of Stormwind grew after he had heard about us make them work harder than they already had been, he put out a petition and released it to all of the alliance. The dwarves did not sign the petition to release the draenei and make them equal with the rest of the alliance, and because of that, we live in Ironforge with them now. I'll say who did sign it though, those Night Elves and humans!

    The king of Stormwind threatened to go to war with us, and of course we couldnt afford a war at that time, while we were having snowfall built. So we had to release the draenei (our own creations) and now they live as equals in the alliance.

    Overall Azuremyst Isle is the best place to fish because it reflects on the lore of the game (as I explained above) and it just brings back good memories. Maybe one day the gnomes will have Snowfall back!

  111. Durth, May 2009:

    My favorite spot would have to be a little niche I found in wintergrasp at the top of the waterfall. If you sit down far enough under this thing people cant even see your name above your toon and generally will go right past you. It was more exciting when I started going back at 70 but I still enjoy watching frantic pvp's splash by. Honorable mention goes to any place with lots of wreckage.Back in the 30 and 40's I had a few 100g nights from the cloth and items in the trunks. I'd tell people I made that money fishing and they just acted like they didnt beleive me and now the whole world is fishing crazy.

  112. Surudoiryu, May 2009:

    Dalaran - Cause of the achivements there are in that town.

  113. Jim T., May 2009:

    My favorite place is the out of the way spots in Stormwind. I'm a level 80 troll rogue, so it' s fishing on enemy territory. But away from where the bank and AH is, Stormwind is relatively untravelled, except for low level characters. So you get to sit there, enjoying the quiet and the occasional Alliance character who almost always run by, come to a stop and then come for a closer look. They're almost always under level 10 or so, so I must appear to be very powerful indeed, perhaps even the first troll they've ever seen. Nonetheless, a quick wave or smile and the resumption of fishing makes it clear to them that I'm just there for the fishing and they carry on. I've never yet had such a meeting followed up by an attack. Some may say I'm an envoy of peace, but I say I'm a guy with a rod and a hankering for fish. :)

  114. William, May 2009:

    Since I recently got the mount I have found my favorite place is Wintergrasp. I can sit and relax without having to chase the nodes around. Also everything I catch there is useful to me one way or another.

  115. Quinntero, May 2009:

    I durid bear. Fish with bear brothers in Grizzel Hills. Fat fish jump in falls. Fat fish taste gud. Stand in water, katch fat fish. Stand on bank, listen hard, gud music.

    People come, drop feather things in water. People go. Bears stay always. Bears fish always.

    Bears fish gud.

  116. QuamDeTaco, May 2009:

    I like to fish in Rachet, because you never know who is going to come off the boat from Booty Bay and it's easy to find some schools south of there.

  117. Mamaluigi, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish has got to be The Sewers of Dalaran.
    Ever since I started up fishing, I level 1-350, and I love the NPC conversations, the funny things you can fish up, and if you mix a daily fishing with the want to get a rare fish, it makes the fishing seem less dull.

  118. Pinguino, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is in the Forlorn Cavern portion of Ironforge. As a Tauren, this makes for a potentially exciting adventure as i get the joy of fishing, with the occasional pvp experience. Thanks!

  119. Pomelo, May 2009:

    There are more than a few places that I love fishing. But, one that stands out for me, that I really enjoyed, both while leveling and even now, is Scalebeard's Cave in Azshara. I love just sitting out there and fishing while chitchatting with Mr. Scalebeard, himself. :3! He's so adorable and it's just such a cute little cave. It's very isloated and low level, so it's relaxing.

    And, back when you had to carry items to start fires and my bags were to full to do so, I would just swim back to the edge of the shore where the Naga were. Because, there's this little stick hut with a cooking fire in it. And, I would just sit there and cook my fish and then swim on back to Scalebeard's cave and fish some more. It's such a unique little spot. ^_^

  120. grreymage, May 2009:

    Hands down favorite spot to fish would have to be the lake directly above the allaince flight point in Wintergrasp. Sitting fishing in hostile territory wearing nothing but my fishing hat, fishing boots, fingerless gloves and blue overalls just adds something to the fishing.

  121. Gadrick, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish: Crystalsong Forest. I like the peace and quiet there when I just wanna spend my downtime fishing.

  122. Glom, May 2009:

    I like to fish for Manta Rays off the docks and ships in Venture Bay. The music is nice. And I can help capture the bay just by standing there.
    Plus occasionaly some alliance will come along that I can kill. If I can ever manage to remember to unequip my fishing pole before attacking them.

    My OTHER favorite place is inside the Wailing Caverns instance where Deviate Fish can be caught about 1/3 of the time. Nobody can come bother you. And all the guildies will see that you are inside an instance and think you're running a lowbie through, and so they won't ask for anything.

  123. Chlotharius of Dalaran, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish has to be.. well, everywhere! I really don't have a favorite, When i'm angry or frustrated, i just take ou my pole and fish, doesnt matter where. I just enjoy catching and seeing what all things i can fish up. Even if they arent useful, I have fun with it. Azeroth and Outlands are big places, and it seems that most fisherman/women have forgotten the reason behind fishing. it isnt because it makes money, or because you can get "Phat lewtz" from it. its the fun of sitting back with friends. and seeing what the tide rolls in. Whoops, I began ro ramble on. Anyway, I don't really have a favorite place to fish, as long as im fishing, im happy. <3 Your Guides El.

  124. KenMan0313, May 2009:

    Crystalsong Forest, not only is it neat looking, it's where I got my Sea Turtle! Though how I would catch a sea turtle in a place not connected to the ocean in any way is a mystery.

  125. Christine Devereux, May 2009:

    Were dost thou find beauty and tranquility in fishing ?
    One stumbles upon this divine pleasure in the Fjord.
    The Howling Fjord hold place to such scenery and neutral beauty,
    That one can't help ones self but to fish in its frosty, Glacial lakes.
    In hope that maybe one day, one fish, one instance, the fish will arise,
    The Dark Herring, to give one an achievement, that is the start of a great journey.
    The journey will take one through the game, and its deep mysteries.

    The Poem, Structured like the waves of the River north of Skörn.
    My Luck and Prosperity is with in you all.

  126. Joe Dunham, May 2009:

    There is a small lake up in the Timpanogo's Mts where I live in Utah. I love the beautiful quietness of the place.

    And in game.. The Rivers of Grizzly Hills...

  127. Potnia, May 2009:

    Sholozar Basin allows me to fish up a bunch of Nettlefish pools (for Fish Feasts and turtle-hunting), as well as track rare critters to tame . . .

  128. eric, May 2009:

    Meeh, don't like fishing too much anywhere.. Cause I haven't got a chair :P

  129. Matan, May 2009:

    There's a place in Feralas right south of Dire Maul with a very relaxing waterfall that I love fishing next to.

  130. Sterkvark, May 2009:

    I fish the frozen sea, because the air is clear, the schools are close, and the sea turtle awaits!

  131. K, May 2009:

    I love fishing in Nagrand, basking in the sun, the green grass, and surrounded by wildlife (I'm a druid).

  132. Skyfire, May 2009:

    As a hunter I live on Agility food. My favorite place to fish is up and down the river that marks the border of Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight. I am able to fly from school to school and farm the Angelfish to my hearts content.

  133. Gladlyn, May 2009:

    I love to fish everywhere. If an instance has water, I will fish it. Grizzle hills is a good second as is frozen sea with the cute penguins. But the favorite spot for me to fish would have to be steamwheedle port. I always felt like I alone was at a tropical local and the turtles never bothered anyone. The only other time someone was there was a "high level" 60 friend with nat's boots and a sprite darter pet that I had never seen before. I could not wait till I was 46 to do that quest and get my own pet! The Rare fishing boots- they were just amazing- I had just heard of them at that point I had never seen them. I have very fond memories of that of that beach. (yes, I am that old I remember when 60 was the highest level) I hit 300 in fishing (the top at the time) when I was 54 and won the tourney that same day. I have screen shots. It was the proudest day of my wow life.

    I think I would like a vacation hut there....


  134. Brian Mekdeci, May 2009:

    I like fishing in the Dalaran Sewers. You never know what you might find!

  135. Scott McNair, May 2009:

    I like fishing in Howling Fjord, mainly because of the memories I have.

    On Lich King release day, I logged in at midnight with my character and rode to Howling Fjord, where I fished all night until I hit 450 skill, becoming a realm first!

    It was where I first met the Tuskarr, so every now and then I'll fly down to the Tuskarr camp in the fjord and lay down a line next to one of my walrus buddies. I'll get out a couple of sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly for me - sardine and ambergris for him) and we'll talk about the weather, napping, and whether big tusks are attractive on females or not.

  136. Larry Padilla, May 2009:

    I personally enjoy fishing on the dock at Shadowprey Village in Desolace. It is just beautiful there. Its a quiet paradise. If you're gonna relax and level your fishing skill, this is the spot. I spent a few weeks in Itacare, Brazil and this is what it looked like. Good job Blizz.

  137. Gozno, May 2009:

    My favorite place is the Dalaran fountain because you never know if you'll get a Gold,Silver, or a Copper coin with a pretty funny comment on it.

  138. Lamia, May 2009:

    My favorite place is Wintergrasp, great for getting the fish needed for the feast. I usually take a water-walking potion and head out to the very center of a lake, that way if anyone decides they want to attack me they have to make a swim for it :)

  139. Leieia, May 2009:

    I've been fishing since I was a wee hunter in Teldrassil, so many of my favorite spots are in places where you don't have to worry too much about the baddies hanging around ready to attack. I love fishing in cities, of course, particularly Darnassus, but a few of my favorite "out in the field" spots were on the backside of Stormbeard's Cave in Azshara, in the Verdantis off the path in Feralas and right with the fishermen where the boat to the Borean Tundra docks.

    Someday soon, I'm hoping to be big enough to try to sneak into Org, though I think that may end up being less relaxing than most of my other fishing trips have been.

  140. Shimarenda, May 2009:

    While I enjoy fishing in a variety of places, I have two places in which I really love to fish.

    One of them is Lushwater Oasis, standing on the bridge of land between the two pools. It brings back good memories of fishing for Deviate Fish four years ago. It's pretty and relaxing.

    The other place is Shadowprey Village. Desolace is probably my least favorite zone, but that spot of green on the coast is refreshing. My wife and I go there occasionally to just relax and wet our hooks.

  141. Mike, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is off of one of the glaciers in the Frozen Sea. Makes me feel like I'm on that show, Deadliest Catch. :)

  142. stirfry, May 2009:

    I must say that I really love fishing in Azshara. Even though my cooking level far exceeds the drops there, it's really beautiful with its murky coast and colors that remind me of fall. Beautiful and serene - a perfect place to hear a fishing bobber splash in between avoiding the naga. :P

  143. Dorando, May 2009:

    I love fishing in Crystalsong Forest.The zone i so peaseful and to think that there was a great battle there just makes it more special.

  144. Elizabeth, May 2009:

    Grizzly hills,the scenery is beautiful and relaxing to fish in

  145. fizzlebow, May 2009:

    My current favorite locale fishing spot would be the highland lakes in Terokkar. It is very quiet up there with no one to bother me, if only Mr. Pinchy would pay a visit.

  146. Daniel Shefte, May 2009:

    I really like Grizzly Hills. It helps that I use the fish as a caster, but the woods are very northern and very peaceful, despite the occasional Worgen howl. It also helps that the music is amazing.

    Nagrand will always be special to me, especially at night. Grizzly Hills is still my favorite, but Nagrand is just so... different. The green was welcome respite to the blah and deadness of most of Outland, while it still carried a very spacey feel, with the wild geography and floating tree islands. Oh, Primal Water, how much money I made from thee...

    I enjoyed Zangarmash fishing just because I enjoyed the zone, really. I probably could have gotten my firefly a lot faster if I didn't stop at every pool along the main lake :)

  147. Tom, May 2009:

    I used to love fishing for deviate fish just outside the instance entrance to Wailing Caverns. The ghostly sounds used to lull me, then I'd see the occasional party make there way into the dungeon. Good times

  148. Devius, May 2009:

    I mostly like fishing alone and while listening to some music so I have two favorite places to fish in the old world.

    First being the little island south of Tanaris since it's easy to get to and I've almost never seen another soul there.
    Second one is the troll village buried deep in the mountains between Winterspring, Felwood, Darkshore and Moonglade. Being a troll my self and a troll fanatic I love standing on the boat in the middle of the lake and casting away with some relaxing music in the background and watching the happy trolls dancing around nearby .

  149. Pepperleaf, May 2009:

    I prefer Wintergrasp. The gettin' is good and I never worry about missing a Wintergrasp round. Plus, there's an element of danger, knowing I'm flagged for PvP and there might be cranky Hordies nearby (but not as cranky as when I try to fish in Orgrimmar).

  150. GormanGhaste, May 2009:

    My favorite secret fishing spot is the waterfall-fed pool near Beggar's Haunt in Duskwood. It was a wonderfully unexpected discovery.

  151. Upstate, May 2009:

    Azsura - fishing for stonescale eel and watching a giant Son of Arkkoroc emit green bubbles and pop them.

  152. franz, May 2009:

    I still like to fish the high lakes in Terokkar Forest, my magical crawdad comes with me, which he says makes him feel at home :)

  153. Crendel, May 2009:

    Azshara’s bay of storms, because back in the day it was usually really barren and trying to fish the elemental pools without dieing added such a layer of fun. I still go back to "experience" the fun, but now I just 1-2 shot the mobs out of vengeance:)

  154. Zapa, May 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is Tanaris. It is nice and secluded. It never rains. And I get to hang out with all the friendly turtles on the sandy beach! Sometimes I even run all the way down to the "hidden" south shore just to get away from it all.

  155. Gopalapriya, May 2009:

    From pre-BC to this day my all-time favorite fishing spot is Scalebeard's Cave in Azshara. It's odd because it's one of my least favorite zones. It all started when I was leveling fishing and making some money on the side and found Scalebeard's Cave which had no enemies in sight and plenty of open water to fish from. I assume it was a named cave after a character from the lore.

    But after twenty or so minutes of fishing in front of this cave... Scalebeard came pimp-walking out of the water and, to my surprise, he was not a giant. He was a giant turtle. So since then I've always hung out with Scalebeard when I feel like fishing for the sake of fishing and sometimes I even feed him a fish or two.

  156. Pyrephoenix, May 2009:

    Ironforge, in the Forlorn Cavern, for several reasons--first being that I have yet to catch Ironjaw. ;p But mostly because it's usually a pretty busy place to fish, and some of my best in-game friends have come from random conversations started over a rod and reel.

  157. Cosmus, May 2009:

    My favorite right now is the river on the eastern edge of Dragonblight. Dragonfin angelfish = good money atm.

  158. Kelemeth, May 2009:

    Umbrafen Lake in Zangermarsh.

    A couple of times after I had accepted Shrimpin' Ain't Easy from Old Man Barlow, I would fly over to the south-east corner of the lake. It being the closest body of fishable water and also with the lowest skill requirement most people would complete the quest here.

    Now, playing on stormreaver (a PVP server), most of the horde I see attempt to kill me and any alliance on sight and a similar attitude is taken by the alliance. So imagine my surprise when I see no less than 7 people. 4 Horde and 3 Alliance, all sitting on the side of the lake, fishing.
    I join them, and even get a friendly wave from one of the horde.

    I was really moved by how different the attitudes to each other were when fishing is the focus. Peace can prosper even in a World of Warcraft.

  159. FREEFOODFTW, May 2009:

    THE greatest fishing spot in the game is Iceflow Lake outside of Gnomergan where the dwarf fishing trainer is. The mountains all around you...the peaceful music...just sitting on the ice and watching the world slip on by...

  160. Druidor, May 2009:

    My fav place to fish is Blue water sky lake in Grizzly hills, because it has lots of fishing nodes that one day may give me that turtle, it is out of the way so you do not get the casual fishers there and I have been fishing there since my mid 30's as there are no nasty mobs to interfer with my relaxation.

  161. Joyce, May 2009:

    I love to sit and fish on the long Shore of Westfall by the lighthouse. The sunsets are amazing and then there are the stars and the lighthouse itself at night. Very peaceful and relaxing...if you can avoid the murlocs!

  162. TBS, May 2009:

    There is this island, waaay off the south eastern coast of Tanaris. I'm not sure if it shows on the map. If you go down to where you find Cuergo's gold and look out across the ocean you can see the silhouette on the horizon. I think at one time it was going to be part of a quest chain involving the then-missing king of Stormwind. As far as I know it was never implemented in game though. The island is only accessible by crossing a large expanse of fatigue-inducing deep water which may very well kill you trying to get there, but with the changes in 3.x to allow Water Walking abilities to work while mounted it should be easier to get to. I honestly haven't tried since Wrath came out.

    Anyway, this was my favorite fishing spot. Not because anything special spawns there; it doesn't. Just because it's secluded and has a very deserted island feel to it (there are in fact humanoid mobs there though). I fished there all through TBC when I wanted to just get away for a bit. I think I saw one other player there the entire time. This was fishing just for the sake of fishing. There really is nothing to gain from the place. I just find it cool.

  163. Ean, May 2009:

    it would be funny to use the chair in the dalaran sewers, not that you really need the shade of course

  164. Galtak, May 2009:

    Nagrand. Most beautiful place in the game. Can sit and fish for hours just watching the floating islands go by.

  165. Marnssj, May 2009:

    My favorite spot to fish is the small icebergs in south-eastern Howling Fjord, on the edge of the Frozen Sea. Sometimes Big Shirl will pop up and say hi.

  166. Tone, May 2009:

    I actually have 3 places where I love to go fishing. First place would be in Sholazar Basin where I can find Nettlefish. Second place would be in Grizzly Hills where I can find Glacial Salmon. Third place would be in Borean Tundra where I can find Musselback Sculpin. I pick these 3 places specifically because I can farm the turtle mount and fish feasts materials at the same time.

  167. Lynda, May 2009:

    The Bay of Storms(Azshara) is my favourite fishing place. Its sceneic, quiet, and there are lots of nice pools to fish from. I like to visit Scalebeard (the big turtle) and fish from outside his cave.

  168. kraak, May 2009:

    I love sholazar basin, all the detail in the environment makes it a very warm place to fish, also the highland lakes are very quiet to fish now

  169. John Santacroce, May 2009:

    I like fishing in SSC. I once caught a Lurker :o)

  170. e2thex, May 2009:

    I love fishing at Valgarde in the Grizzly Hills. It's fun to watch the burning buildings and drake riders flying around make for good scenery.

  171. Eula Glinting Deepwater, May 2009:

    There are a lot of places I like to fish, dependin' on what I'm in the mood for or what my goal is. If it's money, I'll tell ya, there's an old sea cave out on an island in Azshara that has some nice lobster just waiting for someone to come along and catch em.
    If you want a break from the crazy fighting in Wintergrasp, jump off the southern falls and relax a spell at the little cozy camp that's made just for fisherfolk like us. Plus the dragonfin are always bitin' at that river.
    For sheer beauty and the quiet company of pleasant ghosts, I have to say Mirror Lake in Crystalsong Forest. Plus, lots of ethereal oil so I can keep walking on water to get to tough fishing spots.
    *puts on her Weatherbeaten Fishing Hat* Well folks, there's a turtle out there with my name on it's shell ain't gonna get caught without me.
    Good Lures!

  172. Faela, May 2009:

    I enjoy the uncertainty and danger of fishing in Wintergrasp, as well as the plentiful and valuable fish stock.

  173. Sammy Smith, May 2009:

    gamewise it would have to be WG for the obvious reasons. you get all the mats you need for fish feast and then you can farm for eternals plus you never know when you're going to get ganked from behind. gives it that added excitement. but grizzly hills is best for the scenery and music plus who doesnt love to fish beside grizzly bears in a stream

  174. Beverly, May 2009:

    I have always loved fishing in the three oasis in the Barrens. The level is low and deviate fish paid for my epic flying ! And it always amuses me to help low-level Hordies doing their quests - they never seem to know how to take it.

    Although the magic eater fish in Dalaran are fun, I don't think anything can beat the nice long costume change in a deviate fish.

  175. Shawkette, June 2009:

    There is little better in the World of Warcraft than spending a relaxing afternoon fishing in the rivers of Grizzly Hills...

    The soothing, rustic music the, slow trickle of the river, and the jumping Glacial Salmon all come together to make the perfect atmosphere for fishing.

  176. Nicole, June 2009:

    I like to fish pretty much anyplace I can drop my line in the water. I've fished everywhere… even in lava! However, my favorite place to fish is in Grizzly Hills. I really like those meandering type streams to waste a day away catching Glacial Salmon, Pygmy Suckerfish and an occasional turtle to gallivant around on!

  177. Taural, June 2009:

    I just recently leveled my fishing, and I love to fish at the Dalaran fountain! I like the joy of throwing a gold coin into the fountain (makes me giggle every time) and occasionally hearing others nearby getting one of the coin achievements. I've almost got all of my coins now - just a few left!

  178. Joe, June 2009:

    I love to fish in nagrand. The beauty of that place is unmatched, there is no other place i would rather fish. Ever since WoTLK was released the population in outland has dwindled making it all the more appealing for a relaxful day of fishing.

  179. Aindreas, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish so far is also my least favorite place to fish. It happens to be the Forlorn Cavern pool of water. I like it because there is the element of danger involved. I really don't mind those few times I have been killed there in my 'menacing' Don Carlos costume. The main reason for not liking it? Over 2600 fish caught and not one of them is that sneaky Old Ironjaw. :P

  180. Lorin Peck, June 2009:

    Azshara, the great sea, bay of storms, best place to level fishing as ur growing up,,, and plenty of meaning full fish

  181. Kryna, June 2009:

    I love to fish. I’ve spent so much time in, on, and near the water that my hair has turned the bright green color of stranglekelp! I’ve fished every pond, puddle, and damp spot I’ve come across in Azeroth and beyond since the first time I stepped into that world.

    While I’ve come nowhere near my goal of attaining every fishing achievement the game has to offer, I relish the fact that I topped out the skill by level 43, fishing (and dying) in places where my lowly hunter should not have shown her pretty little face. I watched my friends level their warriors, mages, and paladins up and up, while my hunter patiently reeled in catch after catch after catch.

    The lure of darkclaw lobster and large raw mightfish first drew me to the Bay of Storms in Azshara. I spilled my blood and gave my life countless times as a level 30-something fishing fantatic driven to fish that zone. When I finally managed to keep the casualty count to less than four per trip, I stumbled upon an island that proved to be a safe haven.

    It’s a small and desolate little place with giants patrolling just off its shores. Broken temples and Azshara’s craggy coastline provide the backdrop. And apart from a rather noisy wyrm who occasionally shatters the silence, it’s quiet and oh-so-very secluded. I reckon I’ve seen perhaps two souls wander by in dozens and dozens of visits to the place.

    While it’s not the most picturesque of settings, the most accessible locale, or even the most rewarding spot, that little fishing niche holds a very special place in my heart. That tiny rock in the middle of nowhere that cost me so much in blood (and repairs) is truly my favorite place to go fishin’…and I love to fish.

  182. Ruana, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is the Hot Springs pools in Winterspring. Back before the AQ Gates opened, I spent a lot of time relaxing after bad wipes in ZG, getting Salmon for the Baked Salmon for the War Effort. People never understood how relaxing it was for me, but fishing totally chills me out.

    (well, it used to. Trying to get the Turtle Mount is frustrating, so I have given up on trying to get it, and am just fishing for fun again)

  183. Kurt, June 2009:

    Azshara's Bay of Storms. Specifically, I like to hang out in Scalebeard's Cave. I love the atmosphere and art direction of the zone, and when I first started to level my fishing this was my favorite place. When Achievements first came out, I also came here to fish due to the fact that two fish could be caught here. Ultimately, I ended up catching the Dark Herring, but I won't forget my hours I had of blissfully standing there with my crawdad while listening to the waves and watching over Scalebeard. I made it my duty to protect him from any players who came nearby, even if that resulted in their blood being spilled.

  184. Alatariel, June 2009:

    I love the streams of Grizzly Hills. Awesome fish, and the wildlife is fun to watch too.

  185. Kate, June 2009:

    In Northrend, my favorite spot is along the river in Grizzly Hills--just fishing to relax, though, I have a few spots I really enjoy. I love fishing off the docks in Ratchet and Booty Bay, it's always busy and interesting with all the people traveling through. On my Horde toons, I love the lake in Orgrimmar, it's so peaceful and quiet there, you almost don't notice the rest of the city. My favorite fishing spot in Azeroth would probably have to be that little rock down in the river in Feralas where I caught the fish for the fishing quest every time, and where I farmed up fish for my cooking. I could (and have) fish there for hours just because. :)

  186. Moonmystic, June 2009:

    My fishing spot would have to be the little pool next to the sleeper in wailing caverns, it was my very first instance fishing spot and holds alot of memories for me i guess.

  187. Rosivok, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish would have to be Zul' Gurub with my gf. Its relaxing, no one else can get in to bother you, and the spot just to the left of the entrance is a very nice spot to watch the sunset.

  188. Ori, June 2009:

    secret fishing spot is on the glaciers with the penguins its quiet and you have a great view and with all the penguins your n ever alone........shhhh its a secret spot dont tell anyone =)

  189. Avariis, June 2009:

    My favourite place to fish is at the River's Heart, I think it's called, in Sholazar basin. It's so beautiful, so peaceful, and when the fishing daily sends everyone down there, there's lots of company!

  190. PK, June 2009:

    My favorite fishing location is around Rachet on my hunter. I would sit and fish and occasionally use a /target humar macro to see if he was spawned. Many pleasant hours were whiled away listening to the sounds of the ocean surf and the splash of a bobber. I never did find humar though. Hmm...

  191. enix0r, June 2009:

    My favorite spot is Grizzly Hills, not sure why but I just enjoy the feel of it.

  192. Bex, June 2009:

    By Scalebeard's Cave, which is on an island off of Aszhara. What could beat gorgeous waters and a pretty cool turtle to keep you company?

  193. Bloobeard, June 2009:

    In Dalaran's Underbelly, under the docks of Cantrips & Crows.

  194. Ruystaz, June 2009:

    I have on the latest times started to like fishing in Ulduar really much at Freya the first lake to the left.
    So easy to fish there right after you have killed the first group and maybe have a small break and while loot and so is divided into diffrent people just sit down and fish.
    Also a very nice lookin place to fish in after raid is done.

  195. Ryder Frankle, June 2009:

    i like fishing at the kalu'ak camo in dragonblight. something about those fishing walrus people i can realy relate to.

  196. Max Lahiff, June 2009:

    My favourite fishing spot in Kalimdor is Shadowprey Village at Desolace. This is because:
    -Hardly anyone there. No ganking or alli because its horde.
    -Theres a jetty you can fish off and also a few troll boats you can fish off.
    -Really nice to relax after a day of pvp with the setting of the sun over the horizon :)
    -The village is all about fishing which is good because it has a vendor that sells the lot.
    -Good memories there! Got my first actually good pole there.
    I want this chair because it would look pro with my gear!:
    -Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
    -Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
    -High Test Eternium Fishing Line
    And also some other ones that dont do much:
    -•Blue Overalls
    -Cool looking gloves with Enchant Gloves - Fishing
    -Black Swashbuckler's Shirt
    Try it, it looks awsome

  197. Christoffer, June 2009:

    At the beach in Sholozar basin, im sitting and try to figure out how to open the hatch. With my lucky fishing hat and the pipe in my mouth. Hmm wonder what these numbers are for.... If i only can sit in a nice fishing chair, i just know i can figure out how to come inside.


  198. Jessica Curtis, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is in the hills of Terrokar Forest.

    A year and a half ago, a buddy of mine used to give me a hard time and jokingly try to discourage me from pursuing the same goals he's going for. One of those goals was to acquire Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box. This was an item he had tried for four months to get, but he'd never even caught Mr. Pinchy, let alone gotten the noncombat pet.

    This was about the time I started leveling Fishing, and he told me it was an item I could never hope to get unless I had maxed fishing, the pole from the STV fishing contest, and all the +fishing items in the game equipped. "Otherwise you'll just get "Fish got away" messages," he said. This didn't make sense to me at all, but I didn't dwell on it.

    At a skill level of 336 (+120), I was fishing in the hills of Terrokar Forest just casually leveling my fishing skill when I suddenly caught Mr. Pinchy! Boy, I had a fun time razzing my buddy about that, and even more fun pulling my Magical Crawdad out at every raid the two of us attended. To date, he still hasn't caught Mr. Pinchy, and Terrokar Forest has remained one of my favorite places to go because of these memories.

  199. Blackout, June 2009:

    My Wife & I love to fish in Coilfang resevoir, the fact that you have to swim through a pipe to get there means that very few people go there other than instance raiders, there may be no fishing node spawns but we both really enjoy it there, the steam coming off the water and the music really helps you relax and forget about all the pressures of leveling and raiding.

  200. Eimy, June 2009:

    Sholazar Basin, that's the spot
    There's sights and sounds
    and fish in abounds
    and a giant devilsaurs to be seen
    if your lucky (or not)

  201. NapoleonSolo, June 2009:

    The Lushwater Oasis in The Barrens is my favorite place to fish. Pulling up Deviate Fish from the pools and cooking them up into Savory Deviate Delight is always fun and profitable.

  202. Ivan Martin, June 2009:

    My favourite place to go fishing is Grizzly Hills. It is such a beautiful zone, with its snow and forests, icy streams and abundant wildlife that there is always time to just kick back and relax. Surely this is what fishing is all about :)

  203. Finks, June 2009:

    With out a doubt Sholazar Basin. The zone is beautiful, reminiscent of Nagrand but far more lush. The pond in the middle surrounded by waterfalls and little beaches is so relaxing, yet at times a 15 min PvP fest can break out that I really quite enjoy. (dems be my fish!!!) Finally, it doesn't hurt that Sholazar Basin is where I finally caught my turtle when I wasn't even farming it.

  204. Jindar, June 2009:

    My favorite old-world location has gotta be the Hinterland - since my fishing toon is a Troll, it just seems fitting that he do a lot of fishing around his brethren in Revantusk Village.

    In Outland, I gotta echo what others have said, and pick Nagrand... the scenery there is just breathtaking. And that's a big part of what fishing's all about - getting to stop, relax, and enjoy the world around you.

    My fisher-troll hasn't gotten his level high enough to be reaching Northrend yet, but from what I've seen of it on my other toons, it'd probably be a tossup between Sholazar Basin and Grizzly Hills - I've sometimes spent what seems like ages just walking around and taking in the view.

    All that relaxing, naturally, would come a lot easier if I had a chair to sit in...

  205. Sillaen, June 2009:

    My favorite spot has definitely got to be Wintergrasp. I think it is just the fact that I play on a PVE realm so wintergrasp is the only true PVP area so it makes it a little more exciting. It is fun to constantly have to watch my back for the allies!

  206. Leo, June 2009:

    My favorite spot to fish is in Stormwind. You can fish in the canals anywhere in the city, and a nice place to watch people as they go by.

  207. Samantha Reardon, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is the Bay of Storms in Azshara because there is never anybody there and the scenery is great. I can zone out for hours and fish like crazy. You also catch a lot of different fish that you can use for leveling cooking on alts.

  208. Tithegha, June 2009:

    Skysong Lake in Nagrand. Being just north of the ancestral home city makes it as close as fishing in the pond in the backyard as it can get for some of us. Flanked by the rolling hills of Nagrand, it's just the right mix of homey and wild for a relaxing day of fishing.

  209. Sakanaya, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is at Unu'pe in Borean Tundra. The Tuskarr are my favorite race in the game, and I love to fish with my Kalu'ak Fishing Pole as I watch the big turtle boat swim by!

  210. Selacia, June 2009:

    I personally love Wintergrasp fishing since the last patch. Getting everything I need for a Fish Feast all in once place is just too cool.

  211. Nick, June 2009:

    Your favourite place Freya's room in Ulduar to go fishin’, because I feel very priveleged to be there.

  212. Elissa, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is in the barrens , at Lushwater Oasis. The Wailings Caverns are just here , there is few people around ( limited to some alts ) and there , you can get deviants. Lots of deviants. The ultimate raid buff o/

  213. Lippy, June 2009:

    I love fishing in Grizzly Hills.. Its is so peaceful and tranquil. And the soundtrack is incredible!!

  214. firetrucks, June 2009:

    Dalaran fountain is the best place to fish, IMO. Coin achievement aside, I like getting the chance to use up my Underbelly Elixir and fish as a Tuskarr! :3

  215. El Che..., June 2009:

    Well luckily I waited til today to do this since today happens to be my 18th birthday. But my favorite place to fish has to be those little lakes around Nagrand. It is so peaceful their that sometimes I just sat there, even before I started fishing and just sat around there looking and just admiring the scenery. Now that fishing there is pretty useless there unless when I am leveling cooking, I still fish there for the memories and just to do what fishing is meant to be, relaxing.

  216. Ganzoarg, June 2009:

    My favorite place was the lost village in the southwest coast of Silithus. Now I enjoy the beautiful ambience of the Grizzly Hills

  217. Kitch, June 2009:

    Vengeance Landing, It has to be. The traquility of the cliffs and the 'northern lights' combined with the completely opposite Pirate boat and wrecks. Not to mention the company of Angelina ;)

  218. Sinnara, June 2009:

    As you head east along the road from Dire Maul, just before you get into the eastern half of Feralas, the road turns left and goes up a hill before resuming its eastward progress. This little 'intersection' has long been one of my favorite fishing spots in all of Azeroth. The peaceful pool, deep in the dark forest, has to be one of the most beautifully-designed spots on all of Kalimdor. What makes it so attractive to me is that I'd want to fish there for real, were that possible. There are many beautiful spots in Azeroth to fish, but not quite so many where I'd stop in real life to cast a line if I were passing. Finding little out-of-the-way spots to fish is something that I rather enjoy, and keeping a spinning rig in my travelling kit makes sure that possibility is always open to me. I have to admit to having stopped more frequently in Azeroth while levelling my first toon simply because at the time I had no idea of whether I'd ever be back that way again. As it turns out, however, some places are special enough that you'll go out of your way to go back there again...and again...and again. :)

  219. Joseph, June 2009:

    I like fishing in Ulduar. Very peaceful, Freya's room is serene.

  220. Thalen, June 2009:

    For the memories, I'd have said Azshara, countless hours dodging giants, looking for new elemental pool spawns. It really was a great time in my fishing career.

    But today, since I never head back there any more, I'd have to say my favorite spot is the river west of Cauldros Isle, or south of Skorn. I just love the scenery there, and it's not hard to fish there unbothered by anyone for hours. Plus, Dark Herrings :-)

  221. Phillip, June 2009:

    I would have to say that my favorite place to go fishing would be in Orgrimmar. Being a member of the alliance, I always find it somewhat exciting to have to worry about being killed by a member of the opposing faction while simultaneously trying to catch fish. It can provide a challenge that fishing in normal places simply can't provide anymore. On occasion, I'll even find people from the horde that fish along side me =D. My favorite place to fish specifically is in the Valley of Honor during peak hours. The reactions that some people have to a night elf riding on his turtle and catching fish in Orgrimmar are priceless.

  222. Jason, June 2009:

    I like fishing in the fountain at Dalaran simply because it's always handy when I'm waiting around for groups to make or battles to start. People stand around and chat and fish, and show off noncombat pets and fish, and so on. I have a feeling I may soon like Wintergrasp even more, when I spend more time fishing there, because I could use the money from the buff food I can create from what I catch. Speaking of, thanks for the cooking+fishing leveling guide, it's what inspired me to actually bother finishing both in the first place.

  223. Jeff Seneca, June 2009:

    Hands down, my favorite place to fish is in Ironforge with my Blood Elf Hunter. The thrill of sprinting through Ironforge wearing just a tabard and holding my Kalu'ak fishing pole trying to reach the folorn cabins. Once there sitting in the back of the pool sitting there and /sleep and fishing for hours. Lounging in the water with just my pole showing while all the alliance run around in circles. Great times.

  224. Kayley Hill, June 2009:

    Since the patch my favorite place to fish is deep within the depths of blackrock. Sipping on a Sulfuron Slammer, dredging the lava for the skulls of unlucky souls, and the Essence of Fire which rises forth from the depths of Ragnaros's domain.

  225. Rebecca Parsons, June 2009:

    Yesterday I found my favorite fishing hole, in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.
    After reading about the 'Old Crafty' Achievement on here, I decided to give it a try and told my guild my plans (So they wouldn't freak out and try to 'save' me when I got into Org, which they might have, my guild is awsome like that =D).
    My wonderful guildmaster offered to scout out a good place for me to hide my dwarf and then use his two horde to help hide me, that was rather funny having two level 80 horde standing on my flaged tush for an hour lol.
    I didn't catch that crafty ol' fish but I'm hopeful that next time, when I remember to get the Croc's quest (and when there are a few less non-fishing horde online), I'll get him!.

  226. Derek Gieni, June 2009:

    Ironforge. As a level 80 Tauren Prot Warrior still going for Ironjaw... its fun to watch newb-alliance run up and 1-shot themselves by trying to test their mettle on me...

  227. Brooks, June 2009:

    I love to fish in both Stormwind and in Ashenvale-Ashenvale because of the lush environment and music, Stormwind because of the adrenaline rush you get from knowing you are in the middle of enemy territory :P (I'm a blood elf paladin)

  228. Nick Gorka, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is Zangarmarsh, because I like to look at the Hydas while fishing

  229. Ski, June 2009:

    I prefer to fish in wintergrasp Naked! except for my weather beaten fishing cap. Am I mocked...yes maam. Am I murdered by classless hordies who spit upon my grotesque naked dead gnome body..yes indeed!!! Do I actually enjoy it..Hell yeah!! and some folks even disrobe and join me fishing nude : ) (if there alliance I even give them some of my captain rumsey's). I highly recommend it and I even resupply my raiding supplies too!!

  230. Brad, June 2009:

    I've always enjoyed fishing in Zul Gurub. Fishing there brings back a nostalgia of the good ole' days...

  231. Donelle, June 2009:

    For all its proximity to poisoned lands, Lordamere lake is a beautiful and peaceful place to fish. One can gaze at the orange evening sun gleaming through the murloc-infested trees on Fenrir Isle, or marvel at the magical, patchy purple dome that once housed Dalaran, while relaxing in little sagefish pools along the lake's edge. Said fish make a delightful and tasty accompaniment to the sunset, I find.

  232. DB, June 2009:

    My personal most favourite place to throw a lure:

    In Dalaran I started fishing in the Eventide Fountain to catch me all of the coins which are available there, firstly to just get the achievement, but that turned out to be very differently. I really enjoyed this fishing for coins as well as the 'Lucky' buff you get from throwing the gold coins back into the fountain. Another great thing is to get an elixir from the sewers and hope to get transformed to a Tuskarr, which not only looks very funny but also increases your fishing skill by 40. While fishing at the fountain, there is nearly always someone else next to you, fishing as well, and having a conversation while catching coins and goldfish is very pleasureful. It's interesting to chat about what coins you have got and just caught, but by far making new friends by doing what you like is definitely the best thing about fishing!

    So my vote goes to the Eventide Foutain in Dalaran!

  233. Travisrox from Shadowsong, June 2009:

    I don't plan on entering or winning the competition. Just want to make that clear.The place I love to fish is definitely Swamp of Sorrows, or the other swamps throughout Azeroth. They always remind of the swamps back in Louisiana. Plus there is always crocolisks perfect for makin' Gumbo!

  234. Lynn, June 2009:

    I like fishing in Booty Bay. Pirates and parrots... what more can you ask? :)

  235. peter critchell, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is bittertide lake in sholazar basin, because i can farm for the infamous sea turtle, and watch lost while multiboxing, occasionally also seeing the in-game reference to lost (the hatch with the numbers 5 9 16 17 24 43)

  236. Tzsmiche, June 2009:

    When I'm fishing for fun, I like to run up the coast to the ruins where the map says Quel'Danas, there's no worries of allies jumping me (Alter of Storms PvP) and no worries of having someone run in front of my bobber.

  237. CharlieScene, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish in azeroth would have to be.. Stranglethorn Vale, on the eastern coast more specifically. I enjoy fishing in this region because I always used to associate fishing with a tropical climate and the game art is good looking .

  238. Rhosyn, June 2009:

    As a shadow priest, I love popping levitation and fishing way out in the middle of the frozen sea, both for the stark scenery and for the protection that being so far out on the water affords from random ganking.

  239. Calvin, June 2009:

    Ah, I am reluctant to share this, as it is a well-vested secret of mine, but, in the interest of a nice chair and, I suppose, the fishing community, I'll share my favorite - and secret- spot.
    There is a little pond, incredibly well hidden and hard to access, in the far northeast corner of Hillsbrad Foothills - technically in Alterac Mountains. To the few who know the spot, it is familiar as the area in which one had to venture to to complete the holiday questline for "Love is in the air". As those who have done it recall, it is a tricky and arduous place to reach without beforehand knowledge of it, involving the navigation of several hills that look nigh un-hikeable from the backyard of the shadowy Ravenholdt Manor. It so happens there is a little pond behind where the quest NPC was, overlooking a cliff into Alterac Mountains proper. It is here, and only here, that I waste away my days behind the ever-so-sweet call of the reel. Never am I disturbed, for few know of the spot, and fewer still (possibly just me in the wide world of warcraft) ever venture here outside of one week a year whilst on mad journeys in the name of love. Though the fishing is nothing special, this humble troll does not complain, for the eating is always good, and, in the end - solace, not piscine glory, is the real prize of fishing.

  240. Genevieve, June 2009:

    I have been fishing for the Dark Herring. I go to Ft. Wildervar. It has several pools of the herring. So i go from pool to pool and fish . It is so fun as I have the turtle mount and i get off of it and fish . I also drink walking on water potiion. I then get back on turtle and ride to next pool . It is alot of fun fishing in this spot , I love it. It is also quiet. I have not yet caught the dark herring but it is still my favorite place to fish.

  241. Hilary, June 2009:

    Have a few favorite spots:

    -love fishing along the rivers in Grizzly Hills - you get to fish along side the bears (as long as you are careful!), scenery is nice, music is great - and if you need a break you can always go up the the Blue Sky Logging Grounds for a log ride down the the coast! (As a Shammy healer - the Firecracker Salmon is a great bonus to have plenty of!)

    - Borean Tundra - NW corner - in the little murloc village - just a relaxing place to fish, and not many people around still - nice place to just relax and level your fishing it you made it to Northrend and aren't able to go much further than its starting zones.

    - Lands End Beach in S. Tanaris - not the best spot to get to, so have plenty of bag space - quiet, not crowded, and if you ever need anything from turtles its also a great place to go.

  242. Zaea, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is on the coast of the wetlands. I used to fish for hours there just running up and down the coast getting oily blackmouths, firefins, and tons and tons of wreckage. That coast helped to make me love fishing, and gave me something to do while I waited for my husband to come home from work so that we could go out and level some more :)


  243. x87bliss, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is in Wintergrasp. Not only is it nice to catch all the fish needed for the fish feast; but it's also nice to fish among players of the opposing faction with an equal fisherman's respect, without killing each other.

  244. Havelock, June 2009:

    As a troll, I enjoy fishing in Ironforge, wearing nothing but my fishing hat and a smile. It's a lot of fun just to see all the lowbies screech to a halt when the spot me, and i can imagine the furious typing of 'HORDE IN IRONFORGE!!!!!' Yeah, it's a lot of fun.*

    *Except when they kill me, the jerks......

  245. Snafu, June 2009:

    My favorite place is Winter's Breath Lake, hands down. I've mentioned elsewhere in these pages that it reminds of home. Even better, there are no mobs or NPC"s and only an occasional human player. Being able to fish for the Dark Herring and the Sea Turtle mount at the same time was just icing on the cake for me.

  246. misakichi, June 2009:

    My favourite place to fish is a bit south of Skorn in Howling Fjord, nice little outcropping to relax on near a water fall. Though recently been flying around to hit pools to try and get that dark herring.

  247. Arahila1, June 2009:

    It's a close call for me either Stranglethorn Vale or Zangermarsh. I finally decided on STV.

    Fishing STV is for profit and fun, fishing the floating wreakage in a nice atmosphere, potting Bloodsail Pirates in hopes of landing a Hyacinth Macaw and the ocassional ore nodes to be mined. I can fish all day in either place without my devilsaur, Ike, getting bored and demanding food. And when you need to take a break you can open presents! All those nifty little boxes and you never know what will be in them!

    Zang is just plain weird, LOL! What were those Blizz Kids smoking when they came up with that place? The goodies are not as nice but the scenery is a gas!

  248. Alexander, June 2009:

    Tanaris is my favourite is like desert and sems cool the be there just relax at the same time u get a loads off fishes.

  249. Dyzon, June 2009:

    My favorite has to be simply in Stormwind waiting for the queue, of course now with queue from anywhere, I enjoy the mountains of Terrorkar while praying patiently for a Pinchy to peruse my plentiful ploy of pickled bait.

  250. Jon Rehagen, June 2009:

    Deådjon, a long time undead fisherman, loves to suit up and head out to Tidefury Cove and spend the afternoon learning from the master, Nat Pagle.

    I always make sure to bring a few stacks of Captian Rumsey's Lager for those slower time when the fish are not biting.

    I'll log out in my gear, so you can marvel in all its glory.


  251. araqiel_vek, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is on the mid-tier of the waterfall behind the westwind refugee camp.

  252. Fanskar, June 2009:

    It has changed with each expansion, but I do like to go back and visit the old places.

    Vanilla WoW = off the coast of Azshara.
    Burning Crusade = Skettis.
    Wrath of the Lich King = Grizzly Hills.

  253. Danny, June 2009:

    My favorite spot to catch a fish is Azshara east cost. It's very relaxing and soothing to fish here because of the fall scenery. Personally I enjoy it because I got my 500th catch here.

  254. Lycanthro, June 2009:

    I love spending a long day at the oases in The Barrens. Just bring along my Brewfest Pony Keg and fish up Deviate Fish in the tropical shade. Occasionally someone will come along and bother me, but usually if I share a drink with them they'll move along.

  255. Voltazek, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is the Bay of storms in Azshara. There are usually tough creatures there so many people do not seem to travel this route. I like this area because I can fish there with out much trouble and I there are a number of fish that can be fished up here depending on the season. So the fishing changes as the season changes. Not always the same fish to catch all of the time makes things better.

  256. Unterhammer, June 2009:

    Love to fish anywhere in Nagrand, especially on the Elemental Plateau

  257. Dreezila, June 2009:

    i loved fishing at rivers heart, until it became a daily, so now i prefer to fish Northeast of Drakil'jin ruins. i prefer to be alone when im fishing, and theres little reason to go out there, theres not many mobs and theres a nice view of Bloodmoon Isle. theres not any fish there i use, but its a relaxing time killer waiting for raid.

  258. Dafne, June 2009:

    I'd have to say all time favorite is amongst the ruins in the Bay of Storms in Aszhara. It has the remote serenity of the the icebergs of the Frozen Sea, but a much more pleasant climate.

  259. Sutorix, June 2009:

    I've had to think about this a lot -- there were so many fun places to fish as I leveled. The most exciting place (which isn't the same thing as *fun*) was Orgrimmar -- although it was fun to have a Hordie wander over to you and pole up!

    Stranglethorn is always fun, especially on Sundays -- but not relaxing at all.

    I would have to say that my favorite place to fish is the small pond outside of Shattrath --- you always meet plenty of other serious anglers going after Blackfin Darter.

  260. Corvall, June 2009:

    My favorite place to fish is in Howling Fjord, at the small lake just west of Utgarde Keep. I fished there a lot while I was trying to catch a Dark Herring for my Salty title. The Keep is not so intimidating from the west side, where it looks more like a cathedral than a castle. The rustic scenery that surrounds the rest of the lake is comforting in a way that belies all the poisoning and mayhem. Small groups of cute, goofy Shoveltusks complete the picture of tranquility. The mournfully serene pipes of the soundtrack complement the scenery perfectly. I still stop to fish this spot whenever I'm nearby.

  261. Shankington, June 2009:

    I have always loved fishing in Eversong Woods.
    It's simply because that is the very first place I started fishing, and I've always enjoyed the scenery.

  262. Jeff, June 2009:

    I love to fish in Winter Grasp, most often during battles. I ask in general chat for everyone to be quiet so they don't scare the fish away. This always gets me grief.

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