MoP: Anglers Preview

MoP: Anglers Preview

Mists of Pandaria adds a new fishing faction, The Anglers. They are based at an island wharf on the south coast of Krasarang Wilds. These Anglers can now be visited, although their quests are not available yet. Read on for a preview of their island.

Anglers Island
Anglers Island - On the south coast of Krasarang Wilds.

The Anglers Wharf is a fisherwoman's paradise. It's a complex of coastal piers and wharves, populated by many different anglers - and plenty of hungry gulls!

Anglers Gull
Anglers Gull - Hungry, expectant.

There is one new vendor, Master Baiter. Master Baiter only sells regular fishing supplies - Lures and a Fishing Pole.

Master Baiter
Master Baiter - Inside the Anglers Wharf.

Update: Faction rewards are sold by Nat Pagle, at the Anglers Wharf:

Like most of the Anglers, Fo Fook (illustrated below) is wielding a Pandaren Fishing Pole.

Fo Fook
Fo Fook - Near Anglers Wharf.

There are 7 quest-givers around the island. These Anglers come from many races, not just Pandaren:

Three quest-givers have specific titles that imply specializations. These specialisations probably won't be available to player anglers. Instead they are expected to reflect the type of quest offered. For example, the data-mined quest Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel uses the Goblin Fishing Bomb, so is logically offered by Fiznix - the "Explosive Fisherman".

Fiznix - At Anglers Wharf.

Wowhead has data-mined a list of Anglers daily quests. Their daily quests require level 90. All the Anglers' daily quests are grey and unavailable during this phase of testing, which is capped at level 87.

For current details read The Anglers Fishing Quests.

  • 25 April 2012
  • Mists of Pandaria, The Anglers

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MoP: Anglers Preview

  • Astragal, April 2012

    Nice info el. Managed to get to the area this morning not helped by multi crashes atm with the new beta release.

    I see you have already noted the fishable 'Shipwreck Debris' pools to the west of Angler's Outpost in Krasarang Wilds. The placement does seem a little weird as some are not fishable from land, though there are some floating wooden crates you can fish from. Not sure I have seen anything like that before.

    These pools are related to the daily quest 'Scavenger Hunt' (though they will drop 'Rusty Shipwreck Debris' for the quest, not the current loot)

    You can currently ride the 'Thresher Shark Ride' shark close to John "Big Hook" Marsock. It has vehicle controls and it quite fun. Presumably one of the daily quests ('Jumping the Shark')

    The 'Goblin Fishing Raft' can be seem next to 'Fiznix <Explosive Fisherman> in the water. It did not interact but I will be interested to see how it moves/ is steered etc. and used for fishing. It is also used in the daily quest 'Scavenger Hunt';

  • el, April 2012

    Scavenger Hunt makes perfect sense for those pools. Their placement is quirky, with many very difficult to fish from land.

    The Thresher Shark Ride felt like the ocean equivalent of that Storm Peaks daily quest where one flies around trying to kill the thing one is flying around on, while not getting knocked off.

    The crashes in the current build seem to be related to other players, so the further one gets away from busy questing areas, the more stable the client. And graphics quality set to low, which goes without saying...

  • el, April 2012

    For reference, there is a raft currently available in Krasarang Wilds via a few quests at Nayeli Lagoon (details). This raft is a 60 minute buff, but behaves like a sea mount (but as fast as an epic mount on land), and can be fished from without dismounting. Image: Rafting.

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  • Nathanyel, April 2012

    Grey question marks only appear if the NPC would offer a "yellow" quest, a non-daily at the appropriate level. I presume some pre-quests to unlock the dailies.

  • el, April 2012

    Good catch, Nathanyel. I guess we'll have to wait until whatever quests are there become available.

  • Marlburo, April 2012

    love all the new info...this is why this site is the best! Thanks el

  • el, April 2012

    Wowhead is now listing a set of incomplete level 89 non-daily quests for The Anglers. Possibly related are these 16 quest-related crabs, which have just appeared. These quests might indicate why I am seeing grey icons at level 87.

    Blizzard have been adding another level to the beta level cap every 2-3 weeks, so I doubt we'll get confirmation of any of these quests for at least a month.

  • Idoru, May 2012

    Hit level 89 today, and the quest markers are still grey.

  • el, May 2012

    Indeed, Idoru. I reached level 89 on Friday morning and everything was still grey. I think this is a case where data-mining needs to be treated with extreme caution. Since The Anglers' settlements were actively being populated over the last few beta builds (eg MoP: Sri-La Village), it is entirely likely The Anglers' quests are still a work in progress.

  • Znuff, September 2012

    Some stats fishing in open coastal waters

    6 hours 10 minutes -

    Giant Mantis Shrimp x444
    Reef Octopus x426
    Golden Carp x510
    Sealed Crate x21
    Mimic Octopus x1

  • marksteg, October 2012

    Not sure where, but I read somewhere here there is only one fishing trainer in MOP. There are at least two. Master Lo at the Kun-Lai summit (coords 51.2, 40.2) also offers Zen fishing skill. I'm not a regular poster here, but the site is an excellent resource and, well... if this helps I'd be pleased.

  • el, October 2012 the Training chapter, I think. Regardless you are correct: I completely forgot about the trainers in the monk area. Thanks.

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