MoP: Chairs and Crates

MoP: Chairs and Crates

Nat Pagle mails Nat's Fishing Chair to you once you become his Best Friend. The chair looks and behaves the same as that earned by playing cards.

The contents of Sealed Crate (Pandaria) have changed, to a curious mix of Mists of Pandaria-level crafting materials, and Darkmoon Faire food and drink. The later are probably not intended, since Pandaren food is much tastier. But the change hints at an upgrade for Sealed Crate (Darkmoon). We will not know until the Darkmoon Faire returns in September, by which time patch 5.0.4 will already be live.

Update: No changes to Darkmoon Island in September on live realms, however on beta realm crates caught from pools around Darkmoon Island are indeed Sealed Crate (Pandaria). These use a different Item ID from the old Darkmoon crates, so unopened "live" crates cannot be stashed and opened to reveal Pandarian materials later.

  • 17 August 2012
  • Mists of Pandaria, Fishing Gear, Fishing Chair, Sealed Crate, Darkmoon Faire

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