MoP: Realm First Angler

MoP: Realm First Angler

Planning to become the first angler to reach 600 fishing skill on your realm? The guide below if for you:

How it Works

In Cataclysm, anglers were required to log back into the game after midnight. The best way to beat the login queue was to attempt to login a second after midnight, while everyone who was already logged in was busy reading the message and logging out. In Mists of Pandaria this may not be the case: Data-mining reveals that the Cataclysm message is unchanged - "Cataclysm content is now available. Please completely quit and restart World of Warcraft, then enjoy the game." Instead 3 new messages have been added, "Mists of Pandaria has launched!" and "Visit Orgrimmar [or Stormwind] to begin your adventure!" The implication is that Mists of Pandaria will simply unlock for everyone already in Azeroth. Unfortunately we cannot confirm this until 25th September!

Variation in the number of catches to skill-up means this is not a fair competition: On busy realms, expect the Realm First title to go to someone who got a lot of low-catch skillups... But don't give up until the Realm First has been announced - sometimes everyone is unlucky.

Preparation and Location

Fish Not War
Fish Not War - Horde vs Alliance? Let's just fish in peace!

The most obvious location to fish is next to a trainer in one of the capital cities with a daily quest: Train, turn-in the quest, and fish up to 600, all without moving. The disadvantage is that almost everything you catch will be vendor-trash.

A variation on this method is to train, turn-in, and then Hearth to a (pre-Pandaria) location where you can catch something useful from open water. The Giant Sewer Rat is a good example, since there is an innkeeper in Dalaran's Underbelly: Moving only slows your progress by one or two casts.

For veteran anglers, the only fish worth catching are in Pandaria. Travel to Pandaria will take a little longer, but may still be viable. The method is similar for both factions:

650 skill is required to avoid junk from inland waters, 700 skill for coastal waters, so you will need to lure if you want to avoid junk. I recommend using a Glow Worm, since almost no time will be wasted luring. If you have a lot of Fishing Gear and a decent pole, the +100 lure will avoid the majority of junk catches.

Every non-junk catch here is useful for cooking. You may also catch a Flying Tiger Gourami or Mimic Octopus, which can be delivered to Nat Pagle later. There are 2 disadvantages: First, moving to Pandaria delays your fishing by a few minutes. Second, the starting area may be laggy on the first night, which may increase the time taken to cast and catch fish. May, because some expansions are beautifully lag free in the first hour (when most sensible people are sleeping), and some are not. The worst possible case is that the Pandaria world server crashes, while other continents remain online, but this is unlikely.

The choice is yours! Good luck, and don't get too annoyed if you lose: Preparation and strategy helps, but sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

  • 20 August 2012
  • Mists of Pandaria, Realm First Zen Master Angler

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Realm first fishing.

  • Yaafm, July 2012

    Was wondering if anything had changed with the realm firsts. We can still pick up the new fishing skill from any trainer?

    does anyone know the current average of casts before the next point? Is there anything in Mists we should be aware of that could help?

    gonna try for this is why im asking. 3rd times the charm eh?

  • el, July 2012

    Zen Master Fishing is still trained by all fishing trainers. 525 to 600 averages 5.5 catches per skill-up, but is very variable, like 450-525 since patch 4.3. I don't think anything else has changed that is relevant. There's some more general information in Mists of Pandaria Fishing.

    After-thought: The Jade Forest, the first zone in Pandaria, is not yet available for testing. However all the indications are that there will be quests that deliver you to Pandaria, and these quest will take several minutes to complete. So the absolute fastest 600 fishing will not involve travelling to Pandaria. Hence there is a trade-off: Catch 400 (probably) worthless fish in an old zone, or delay slightly to gain access to Pandaria, where the fish you catch will be more valuable.

    In Cataclysm the Realm First Angler was a lottery for those on busier realms: One had to be lucky and not spend the first hour after midnight trying to log in. If that happens again, my inclination will be to fish in Pandaria unless I manage to log in immediately, since then at least then I'll get something useful out of the attempt. If there are no login issues in MoP, realm first angler will become a true lottery, because the skill-up formula is so variable: The first angler will be the one that got a lucky sequence of 2 and 3 point skill-ups. Either way, I expect some frustration.

  • Yaafm, July 2012

    Yeah issue I remember from previous years was you couldnt actually be online when it hit midnight you had to log out then back in :/ which then had a huge que. If I try to log in at like, 11:58 but sit in a 3 minute que, Will the game be in Mists mode when I log in?

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  • el, July 2012

    According to the client's ServerMessages.dbc (which should contain every piece of text the server can automatically announce), Mists of Pandaria may be different:

    The Cataclysm message is still there, unchanged. It still refers to Cataclysm: "Cataclysm content is now available. Please completely quit and restart World of Warcraft, then enjoy the game."

    In contrast there are 3 new Mists of Pandaria messages, which simply state:

    • "Mists of Pandaria has launched!"
    • "Mists of Pandaria has launched! Visit Orgrimmar to begin your adventure!"
    • "Mists of Pandaria has launched! Visit Stormwind to begin your adventure!"

    Gut feeling is that the first is for the benefit of those without an upgrade, and the other 2 are for Horde and Alliance who have upgraded. Critically the MoP message make no reference to restarting, as in Cataclysm.

    That makes sense, because Cataclysm was a fundamentally more complex expansion, with new zones in existing continents. In contrast access to Pandaria can be turned on by enabling a few quests, something that does not require a client restart.

  • Insurrection, September 2012

    hey all, first off El, thanks for the wonderful site and this wonderful guide, many of your others have helped me immensely, and thanks all for the informative posts previous mine. That aside i have but one question as i have never been around for a xpac launch when you guys are mentioning logging in at midnight would it be safe to assume they are gonna hold the mist launch to 12am PDT? which will kinda suck for me cause thats 3am EST and i gotta be up at 8 am the next day

  • el, September 2012

    As far as I'm aware, there has been no official confirmation of the launch time in the US. Traditionally it has been Pacific time, and the countdown timer on the community site suggests it will be for MoP, but there were some reports of suggesting midnight EST, hence confusion.

  • Yaafm, September 2012

    Just an aside. I would recommend Thunder Bluff or Undercity for your fishing over Org. (Probbly the same for Stormwind) Its gonna be crowded as heck that first night. Many people will be logging in there also.

    You want to avoid people if you can, less lag and morons trying to jump/float in front of your bobber.

  • Insurrection, September 2012

    thanks for the reply el, and regarding the saying EST thats why i was asking cause it had me a little confused to say the least as well. It did tell me EST when i pre-ordered, but ppl i have talked to say it's a bug was having, i don't know if it still is doing it or not though

  • Yaafm, September 2012

    How will CRZ affect it? If I go fish in a lower lvl zone which realm will I be on if I get realm first? I don't really understand Cross Realm zones that well.

  • el, September 2012

    The achievement should be specific to your realm, based on the home realm of the angler, so Cross-Realm Zones should not make any difference. Unfortunately given all the CRZ bugs and issues floating around, anything could happen... The only Realm First announcement I saw during testing was repeated multiple times, which normally indicates some sort of CRZ problem - but that should have been fixed.

  • Logical, September 2012

    I plan on just fishing in org to get realm first fisherman. Make sure you have a +2 fishing skill daily complete and ready to turn into the daily guy right there.

    MoP is launching at 12:00 PST for us realms, there was just a blue post about it today.

  • mr.pinchy, September 2012

    i also plan to get realm first, so my question is whether it is better to turn in the +2 daily at 525 or 598 skill. i will be fishing in howling fjord to avoid the crowds of players in orgrimmar.

  • el, September 2012

    It shouldn't matter when you turn in the +2 daily (525 or 598), since the chance of gaining a skill-point appears to be the same throughout the (450-600) leveling curve. But remember that the skill-up process is very variable now, so someone will get 526 after 2 catches but take a dozen to get from 599 to 600. And someone will do the opposite.

  • mr.pinchy, September 2012

    thank you, el.

  • Gmart, September 2012

    If I'm going to be fishing in org is it worth using skill-up buffs for my rod? Or would that only waste time.

  • Bluesea, September 2012

    hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me: I was thinking of how when you levelled fishing in previous times, you went to certain zones for skill up, for example, moving to azshara or feralas, depending on your skill and lvl. I'm 85 so of course it doesn't matter where I fish, depends what fish I want. But I wondered as all trainers will train you with zen master fishing to 600, if I stand in Ironforge and fish will I get the same skill up as I would if I went somewhere my lvl,
    does it not make a difference where you fish with regards to how quickly you will skill up? Just want to know before midnight tomorrow when the expansion goes live, as I'm trying for realm first. Thank you in advance

  • el, September 2012

    Traditionally location has made no difference to the rate of skill gains - everywhere is effectively the same, the only wildcard is lag, since it is possible for different areas to experience different amounts of lag.

  • Felstalker, September 2012

    Urgent help needed!
    What do you guys think will you be required to complete the pre-MoP quest (talk to Garrosh/Variann) in order to gain access to the MoP features for example to learn the Zen Master Fisherman skill?
    This would be a huge advantage because you shouldn't need to be in the capital cities at midnight if this theory is false.

  • el, September 2012

    Based on beta, the Orgrimmar/Stormwind quests are not required to unlock MoP features, such as Zen master training. The quests are only required to access Pandaria.

    (Here's the official version of how MoP unlocks.)

  • mr.pinchy, September 2012

    In Cataclysm the last 25 skill points were bugged, it only took one catch. Would it be smarter to turn the +2 daily in at 525 or should there be no bug this time?

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Fishing leveling 525-600

  • cristoforo1114, August 2012

    Hi Folks,

    I hope some of you had the chance in the PTR to level up fishing till 600. I have done server first when cata launched and I am planning to do the same. Last time I have there was no need to go out to the new areas to increase fishing lvl. Could you confirm if the same happens now? Can I lvl up fishing for ex. in Uldum?

    One more thing, do you know if all of the fishing trainers can teach you the Zen Master Fishing?

    Thanks for your help!

  • el, August 2012

    You can still fish anywhere to skill-up. And all trainers teach all ranks.

    (Some more discussion here...)

  • cristoforo1114, August 2012

    thanks El, I guess I am ready to fight for the server first again :)

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  • GustoGA, August 2012

    Are skill up cast equal in Stormwind as in Panda land? Meaning I thought 3-7 cast grants a level in new zone while 10-13 in old? Or have they completely reset fishing leveling so its average 5.5?

    Used to be 10+ cast for last levels before when Cata came out.. "wow I think," been too long and getting too old:)

    Thank you for the input.

  • el, August 2012

    There are no differences between locations. 525-600 takes the same (very variable) pattern as 450-525 has since patch 4.3 (see Developing Your Fishing Skill).

  • Yaafm, October 2012

    Got it! Thanks El.

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