New Movies

New Movies

2 new movies have been added: Your First Catch and Equipment and Pools. Worth watching if you are just Getting Started.

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Neither of these movies is truly in High Definition, because the original images were not captured in high enough resolution. Still, bigger, clearer pictures are a lot easier to watch than [original 340 pixel-wide] YouTube-sized videos.

It has only recently become viable to make High Definition films using "home" computers, and distribute on the internet. I can see a lot of potential, but I'm still learning. Learning technically how to make machinima. But also what topics can be explained, and how to keep video content up to date (which is important in Azeroth).

If you have ever watched a random raid boss kill movie, you'll understand there is a big difference between seeing something, and being able to understand what you are seeing. There are only a few people trying to bridge that gap (Tamzin being a good example).

Please let me know if these movies are useful (or not). And what else you would like to see.

  • 15 June 2008
  • pools, equipment, training, movies, first catch, lures, poles, gear, school

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