WoD: Provisional Fish Tiers

WoD: Provisional Fish Tiers

Initial data mining suggests WoD fish will be tiered by both areas (zone/water) and angler experience (skill/bait). Like previous expansions, caught fish will be cooked. These patterns have not yet been confirmed in-game, so read on with caution.

Areas (Zone/Water)

The pattern of fish catches appears to be similar to previous expansions: A trash fish that is "caught throughout Draenor", a single prize (main) catch fish per zone inland waters, and a single prize catch fish from all coastal waters around the continent:

No fish have been data-mined specifically from inland Tanaan Jungle. There are no references to Draenor pools yet.

Experience (Skill/Bait)

For each fish type, there are at least 4 sizes of fish:

  1. Flesh (Segment, Tentacle) - presumably the main usable contents.
  2. Small - "requires little skill to catch."
  3. Large - presumably the default catch.
  4. Enormous - "only caught by experienced anglers."

All sizes except Flesh are reported as having contents - "Click to Open" - although "gutting" may be a more accurate term: It is likely that the Small, Large and Enormous sizes will contain different volumes of Flesh, and that Flesh will be used in cooking recipes. ALT-ernative offers further speculation.

Each fish type (except Crescent Saberfish) has a specific named bait, which can apparently only be used in the appropriate zone. The purpose of this bait is currently unclear: Will bait be required to catch certain fish? Does it increase the chance of catching larger fish? Or might it only be of use to lower-skilled anglers? The descriptions for Flesh-sized fish (except Crescent Saberfish) note they are, "most often caught when using the appropriate bait."

Catching Enormous-type fish may require more than just skill - the criteria for being an "experienced angler" is less clear.

In addition to the fish-specific baits mentioned above, Fragrant Pheromone Fish can be used to grant Fish Pheromones to "a friend": A bonus of +100 fishing skill for 5 minutes. Each unused Fragrant Pheromone Fish item is reported to have a 1 minute duration, so is intended to be used on an angler one is already fishing with. Currently the only social fishing bonus is the Sharpened Tuskarr Spear, which requires all anglers to remain in the same place, not merely together.


There is no reliable information on cooking recipes yet. However, based on the names alone, there appear to be cooking recipes associated with each fish:

Feast of the Waters sounds like a fish-based group meal - Feast of Blood presumably being the equivalent (non-angling) meat-based feast.

Alchemists will use an ingredient called Crescent Oil. This "can be made by Alchemists or purchased from vendors." The (manufactured) oil will use Crescent Saberfish Flesh. Crescent Saberfish is Draenor's trash fish, so will be plentiful.

For the latest information, see the Warlords of Draenor chapter.

  • 05 April 2014
  • Warlords of Draenor, Fish, Skill, Cooking

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