Northrend Daily Fishing Quests

Guide to daily fishing quests that start in Dalaran. On this page:


The 3 minute movie above illustrates the guide written below. Suggested locations are shown, but you may be able to complete the quests in other places (see below).

5 daily quests are available for anglers in Dalaran - one available each day. The Northrend daily can be completed in addition to fishing daily quests on other continents.

The personal level required to accept the quests is believed to be level 70 (discussion).

Quests are reported to be available at fishing skill 1. 2 of the quests (Blood is Thicker and The Ghostfish) can be completed with fishing skill 1 if you fish pools. Other quests (that can only be completed in open water) require much higher skill, otherwise almost everything you catch will be junk. The effective fishing skill required to fish without "junk" is shown with each quest, below.

Each daily quest starts from Marcia Chase (Fishing Trainer), by the Eventide Fountain in Dalaran.

These are quest fish, so cannot be caught while in a raid group. Once you have the required amount of quest fish in your inventory, you will not be able to catch extra quest fish (unless you throw fish back in). If your skill is high enough, you should catch the fish you need within about 20 casts.

The 5 quests are described below.

Blood is Thicker

Pool of Blood
Pool of Blood - From the quest, Blood is Thicker.
  • What to catch: 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy.
  • Where to catch it: Kill a beast in Borean Tundra. This will give a 3 minute debuff called "Animal Blood". Now jump into an open area of water. A Pool of Blood will appear, which you fish like any other pool. 1-3 Bloodtooth Frenzy will be caught from each cast.
  • Skill required: 1.

Kill any creature shown as a beast ((on the tooltip)) to become covered in "Animal Blood". You then have 3 minutes to find open water and jump in.

It is important to jump into an open area of water, close enough to land to cast. If the pool appears somewhere you cannot fish, simply kill another beast, and try again.

Each Pool of Blood will remain for 3 minutes - plenty of time to catch 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy.

Gummo notes, "You can fish Pool of Blood created by other anglers. Pools of Blood will track with Find Fish. Like Shrimpin' Ain't Easy, you can end up with more quest fish than you need which you can save next time the quest turns up."

Dangerously Delicious

  • What to catch: 10 Terrorfish.
  • Where to catch it: Wintergrasp. Half of all catches will have a Terrorfish attached.
  • Skill required: 525 to fish without junk.

Wintergrasp is a contested zone, even where the factions are normally at peace ((PvE realms)). Fishing in Wintergrasp is indeed dangerous! Fish in-between battles to avoid most enemies. Battles occur about every 3 hours and last up to 30 minutes. The timer can be seen on the map.

Your faction does not need to control Wintergrasp to complete this quest.


This quest replaced "Monsterbelly Appetite" in patch 3.3.3.

The Ghostfish

  • What to catch: Phantom Ghostfish. Once you catch the fish, eat it within 1 minute. You will turn invisible, and start seeing things...
  • Where to catch it: Sholazar Basin (open water or Nettlefish School). The quest states River's Heart, but any water in Sholazar Basin seems to complete the quest.
  • Skill required: 525 to fish open water without junk. 1 to fish from Nettlefish School.

Eating the fish causes you to see a white fog and the quest objective completes. A few seconds later, you return to the normal world.

Jewel of the Sewers

  • What to catch: Corroded Jewelry.
  • Where to catch it: Dalaran's Underbelly (sewers).
  • Skill required: 525 to fish without junk.

Ensure you are fishing in the Underbelly (the sewers), not other parts of Dalaran.


Strand Crawler
Strand Crawler - Minipet, gained from Northrend fishing daily quests.

Each daily rewards one Bag of Fishing Treasures and 250 Kirin Tor reputation. Bornakk confirms:

"There is no special treatment/loot from one of the Dalaran daily fishing quests to another."

The Bag of Fishing Treasures contains gold and some other random items:

There are also several worthless items, such as Piece of Orange Glass.

Oh, and fishing poles...

Fishing Poles

Jeweled Fishing Pole
Jeweled Fishing Pole - Pictures from/of Henshin.

2 fishing poles can be gained from the Bag of Fishing Treasures. These bind to the angler when found:

Bone Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +30
  • Shadow Resistance: +40
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 300
Jeweled Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +30
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 300
  • "A Tiffany Cartier original"

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Comments about Northrend Daily Fishing Quests

Below are readers' comments about "Northrend Daily Fishing Quests":

Wrath fishing dailies!

  • Thalen, March 2009

    Just read a post on worldofraids that they have several fishing dailies in Dalaran on the test server. Mostly they sound familiar, but it's certainly a nice addition!

  • el, March 2009

    Some are a bit unusual... I'm busy writing them up at the moment. Updated: Basic guide.

  • Oak, March 2009

    Wow I'm really looking forward to those!

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    from "Wrath fishing dailies!".
  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Who else thinks that these dailies will be the source of the new fishing rod and bobber models? It seems more than a co-incidence. So far the only rewards people have found are Pygmy Oil, and Glow Worm (the new +100 lure).

    Few hints: If you get the monsterbelly quest, which can technically be completed in ANY area that is classified as 'frozen sea', although the closet possible spot seems to be directly south of Dalaran, through crystal song down to dragon blight, or, directly NORTH up past icecrown.

    Obviously, the best time to do the winter grasp one is when a battle is NOT occurring, make sure u check Dalaran to see if your faction has the portal open.

  • Genfreak, March 2009

    Just got 9g and Pygmy Oil x3 from the daily, did the dalaran sewers one since it was closest. Took about 10 casts to get it.

  • Vesena, March 2009

    I completed The Ghostfish, and got 10g79s2c and a Northsea Pearl. Oddly enough, I also got minus 250 rep with the Kirin Tor. Silly Blizzard.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Genfreak wrote:

    Just got 9g and Pygmy Oil x3 from the daily, did the dalaran sewers one since it was closest. Took about 10 casts to get it.

    Am i to understand that you can take ALL of the dailies EVERY day? Or is it on a rotation like the cooking dailies?

  • Adys, March 2009

    TheTacoMan wrote:

    Genfreak wrote:

    Just got 9g and Pygmy Oil x3 from the daily, did the dalaran sewers one since it was closest. Took about 10 casts to get it.

    Am i to understand that you can take ALL of the dailies EVERY day? Or is it on a rotation like the cooking dailies?

    You can, but it's just that they want testing on all of the quests and haven't enabled the rotation yet.

  • FIskerdin, March 2009

    Doing the Sewer daily i got Pygmy oil and a "Unusual Compass" a BoE item with a use effect that makes you face a random direction.

    someone else i know got some deviate fish from it.

  • Robodin, March 2009

    Just completed the Sewer one for the lulz & the bag contained gold, some waterwalking potions, 2 deviate fish and a Porcelain Bell, a trash item that sells to vendors for 100g o_O

    .. oh hai Fusker

  • De, March 2009

    I just did the "Blood is Thicker" quest. I turned it in and it gave me 13g 52silver, 2 Pygmy Oil,3 Deviate Fish and an Item that says This item begins a quest. The item was called Sealed Vial of Poison. I turned it in and got 18g. I had to turn it into one of the guys in the Sewers in Dalaran in The Black Market. I am hoping we get a Non-Combat pet like we did in Outland. (Huge Pet Collector)

  • Demut, March 2009

    I got the Sealed Vial of Poison too, from the Dalaran quest. The reward was 13g 23s and reputation decrease with the Kirin Tor by 250. I filed it as a bug anyway.

  • Stevinn, March 2009

    Just did the Ghostfish one. Rewarded with 7 gold and a few vials of Pygmy Oil.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Robodin wrote:

    Just completed the Sewer one for the lulz & the bag contained gold, some waterwalking potions, 2 deviate fish and a Porcelain Bell, a trash item that sells to vendors for 100g o_O
    .. oh hai Fusker

    Wow! A nice little bit of gold, just for being a fisherman :P. Trash items vendoring for a lot is nothing new, old fishing dailies had items that vendored for up to 20g, as does the argent dawn timed daily IIRC, but this is a big step up!

    Also FIskerdin, can you please post a screenshot of this item? I'm int rested to see it.

  • HenshinAGoGo, March 2009

    I just did the Dangerously Delicious daily and got a new fishing rod out of it: the Jeweled Fishing Pole. It's ugly, but certainly unique!

    Closeup of the gem!
    Fishing with it!

    It vendors for 9 copper. The wings, unfortunately, don't do anything special and are stationary.

  • FIskerdin, March 2009

    The spell itself is just a castbar and then you just face in a random direction, nothing special about it.

  • el, March 2009

    There is a mini-pet lurking... the Strand Crawler came out of one of my bags. For reference, I was on the Blood is Thicker quest. Picture (it's very small).

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Wow el, either its fairly common or you have immense luck :P. I'm assuming its a crab mini-pet? Still no word on the new fishing rods/bobbers?

  • Natira, March 2009

    Obtained the following on the PvP ptr from the bag

    2xElixir of Water Walking
    1xTower Key (Grey item vendors for 16g66s66c)
    1xWeather Beaten Hat (Still don't even have this on live bleh)

    I assume from the hat that the line will probably also be available from this quest.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Since the hat is confirmed, you will probably be able to get the truesilver line, and the rumsey rum lager recipie aswell. I wounder about the crockalisks?

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Anyone else getting unlucky with Dala daily rewards?

  • mikado, June 2009

    I just want to see if I'm alone in having extremely bad luck with the rewards.

    I do the fishing daily in Dalaran every day, haven't missed a single day since they were introduced. Have yet to see Crawler, either of the fishing poles, gems, tiny lockbox or even porcelain bell. I did, however, get the new age painting 5 days in a row once.

    So anyone else in the same boat? I am getting a bit discouraged.

  • el, June 2009

    I have not missed one daily. Both as me, and as "my other me". 2 characters, 9 weeks. I've still not seen any of the fishing poles. Nor gems.

    Wowhead shows that the drop rate on those items is very low: 1 in 200 for each pole. Looks like "bad luck" is intended.

    (The true chance may be slightly higher, assuming the pole does not appear once you have one, since it is unique. But it is still pretty rare.)

  • leifs, June 2009

    I have had 2 characters doing the fishing from the start and two more for much of the time. The one that was 450 the whole time got the jeweled pole quite early while two others both got a crab pet over the many weeks.

    Just this past week I got the sewer rat pet on the second char at 450. She is the "most" lucky by far as she had the crab and also got the 2 ring.

    I have not seen a turtle mount.

    I feel that the drop rate for all these rare items was higher early on and has since been lowered a lot. I would say that in the first month I got the jeweled pole, at least 3 gems, multiple hats, multiple fishing lines and multiple bells.

    Lately the bells are very rare and I had to buy a runed gem.

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    from "Anyone else getting unlucky with Dala daily rewards?".
  • Thalen, June 2009

    Both my toons have the crawler. I've seen 1 lockbox, with a gem in it (strength...go figure, neither toon wants that). No poles on either one.

    That said, I have gotten the bell the last 2 days in a row on my main, and quite a few paintings in the days leading up to it.

    Aside from the jewels, I'm really only looking for a pole for my alt, since I probably won't run her through the extravaganza. But like a good fisherman, I'll keep doing them anyway ;-)

  • mikado, June 2009

    Well, I think my QQ actually worked. After almost 2.5 months of doing the quest every day the fishing bag contained a jeweled fishing pole - first notable reward. Now for crawler, the bone pole and maybe gems/line/lockbox. And btw yet another new age painting, I haven't actually counted but I would venture to say that I've gotten it at LEAST 10 times since the quests were introduced.

  • Renetta, June 2009

    Missed about a week due to travel, but still no crawler to date. Combine that with over 11k catches for no turtle and that's my fishing life right now ;D

  • DarkMime64, June 2009

    I've done the daily every day since it came out and I too have had nothing of note.
    I think I had the New Age Painting twice.

    Similarly, I spend a lot of time each day hunting pools in Northrend and have yet to get a turtle.
    The worst part is I know people who got a turtle on the first and don't even care, they hate it!

    Ahh, luck.

  • yossarian, June 2009


    just joined this site first post....

    i love wow fishing...i'm my guilds fisherman...

    yes...i'm a nerd...

    i'm suffering the good drops...

    but it may be that i have gotten many of the unique ones and obviously they no longer drop so it seems worse, if you get my meaning.

    i suppose if i removed poles and pets and such i already got during my first weeks it would be similar to my recent experience.

    having said that....

    i agree i'm increasingly disappointed in the fishing quest drops too...


  • dirtyjenkins, June 2009

    I did get the bone fishing pole. And I have the master kaluak. I just got my 1st High Test Eternium Fishing Line. Problem is the bone fishing pole doesn't show a line, so I have to wait to see the bobber appear. The master kaluak shows the line so I can recast if it falls outside a school. Does the High Test line add line to the pole to observe the cast? If not it's going on the kaluak.

  • Cherel, June 2009

    I've had mixed luck. No poles, but I got the crawler, two fishing lines, the new age painting at least once and the porcelain bell twice.

  • jacobsod, June 2009

    I seem to have week at a time streaks. One week I got the weather beaten hat, bone and jeweled fishing pole, and Mr. Pinchy. Next two weeks absolutely nothing worthwhile. Then another bell-filled week & won the tourney. Hang in there. as they say, randomness is random. :)

  • Vicenti, June 2009

    I had been having bad luck too, having fished the daily almost every day, I too was getting, disappointed with my lack of fortune, but then I opened my latest bag and found the Jewelled fishing pole. I was quite happy after that :) However, there was better to come, within a week I got a real lucky bag, in it was:

    Strand Crawler
    Fishing Hat
    Poison Vial (the one that starts a quest)
    Tower Key (worth 16.66 gold)
    2x trash items

    Can’t remember what the trash items were, I was too excited with all the other stuff ;)

    Keep fishing, the next bag could be the lucky one :)

  • Daimoth, June 2009

    First post!

    I got the glow worm, that's the most valuable thing I've gotten so far. I expect the odds were set this low so that we'd still have things to fish out by the time the next expansion comes out... Haha. How dismal is that?

  • Leny, June 2009

    On the first day the dailys came out 5mins after my realm got up I got one of the gems. After a while I got the crawler. Still no pole but I did get all the other good rewards, still no croc though

  • Charmuffin, June 2009

    Well, I've done only a few Dalaran fishing dailies.
    My first try, I got a strand crawler.
    I named him Barnaby.

  • celtictexan, June 2009

    I just got the small lock box tonight. Was full of gems one epic that i had just paid 1000g for. So I have 2 now. The rest were blues and one green necklace. Not a bad reward. still looking for one of the poles.

  • Thalen, June 2009

    Been having a major cold streak on my 2 fishers for the last month or so. Junk drops weren't too bad, but mostly worthless glass and deviates.

    This weekend, we had the crocs come up. No, I didn't get a croc. I did the Dalaran daily and got the jeweled fishing pole, and when I went to do the Shat daily, I got the 2 ring!

    Decided to press my luck the next day, and started farming for the turtle. ~30 minutes later, he dropped for me!

    I'm expecting several months of bad luck to now make up for all that ;-)

  • Malice, July 2009

    I've been very lucky with my fishing daily rewards. Rigid stormjewel, solid stormjewel, bone fishing pole, the crawler, the fishing hat. Also got Porcelain Bell twice, which vendors for 100g. Battered junglehat also twice, 100g on AH.
    Also have the turtle and the sewer rat pet. BUT I do fish a lot so it's not like I got any of those on my first try.

    Good luck to all of you!

  • Bravo25, July 2009

    I've picked up the pet, but no gems or poles for me. Granted, the only thing I'd really like is an overhaul to the Arcanite fishing rod. :)

  • Lilitheen, July 2009

    I guess I've been pretty lucky really. The second time I did 'Corroded Jewelery' I got The Giant Sewer Rat. That was actually only the second time I'd fished anywhere in Dalaran.
    I also got the jeweled pole and the strand crawler in the same bag. I've gotten the bell twice, the painting 3 or 4 times and Red Stormjewel. The rep is nice too, the KT have a head enchant I'm after, along with the pet. What I'm really after though is the 5 ring. +55 stam, +55 hit & +55 crit strike rating will be a nice add. At this point I'm not really interested in the turtle mount, which means the way my luck goes I'll get it long before the 5 ring.

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Northend daily requirements

  • rakoth, May 2009

    Does anyone know what the minimum requirements are to do the Northend dailies. My alt is level 66 with 310 fishing and I can't get the quests. This site suggests that 65 is the minimum level - do you think there is a minimum fishing skill level as well, maybe 375?

  • el, May 2009

    I've seen several high level characters taking these dailies with almost no fishing skill, so I'm fairly sure there is no skill requirement. I've read reports of the quests being completed as low as level 65, but they may not be correct. If you are leveling up, please let us know when the fishing dailies become available.

  • rakoth, May 2009

    Will do. I'll probably get my fishing skill to 375+ before I start the push for 70. That should rule out the skill requirement.

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    from "Northend daily requirements".
  • frekiandgeri, May 2009

    I'm lvl 67 and can not get the daily fishing quests. There is a grey exclamation point above Marcia's head, indicating that the quests will be available to me soon. As my fishing skill is at 439 currently, I doubt the issue is skill requirement. My guess is the quests become available at lvl 70. =)

  • leifs, May 2009

    it probably has nothing to do with fishing skill.

    so i assume the base level is between where you are and my lvl 70 who can get the daily and has done so for weeks, all with a fishing skill starting at 160 and since improved.

  • Noor, May 2009

    The fishing sub-quest Sealed Vial of Poison is level 70.

  • Noor, May 2009

    Hmmm..... the vials of poison are not soulbound, they only require level 70, as shown by this from comments:

    Awarded 24254 experience + 7g 40s & 250 Kirin Tor rep at level 71.
    They are not bound so you can easily mail them to your alts, which is what I did.
    Just watch out for Segacedi, who will attack you through the floor. :)

    I wonder if I can buy up enough for Reinisch to get a boost when he hits level 70...

  • el, May 2009

    Interesting. Certainly worth selling them on if you are already 80 and don't need the reputation.

  • rakoth, May 2009

    The daily became available to me when I hit 70.

  • dcski, June 2009

    Hi, I have fishing skill of 426 and am level 69 with 1/2 of the exp bar to go until lvl 70.
    The trainer is still grey to me with the exclamation point above her head.
    I find this strange, since the cooking trainer will give me the dailies.

    Perhaps you need to be at least lvl 70 to get the daily fishing quests.

    I also have Seth's fishing pole, so without a lure I am still over lvl 450 and with a fish attracting lure at 526, so I am thinking that it is the toon lvl that is the rate limiting step here.

    Can anyone else confirm?

  • leifs, June 2009

    The Dalaran daily fishing quests do not have a "high" minimum skill, if they have any.

    I assume you must be lvl 70 because I had 2 toons at 70 and they were able to get the daily quests.

  • calmd, August 2010

    hey, just did my first northrend fishing daily. I just turned level 70, minimum requirement, with a fishing skill of 25. Ghostfish quest in sholazar. Fished 4 pools and caught ghost fish . took about 8 minutes for my first fishing reward. woohoo

  • Cherel, August 2010

    calmd wrote:

    hey, just did my first northrend fishing daily. I just turned level 70, minimum requirement, with a fishing skill of 25. Ghostfish quest in sholazar. Fished 4 pools and caught ghost fish . took about 8 minutes for my first fishing reward. woohoo


    The minimum level requirement is definitely 70. I've never had a character reach that level without 350+ fishing skill, but I've definitely seen people do the daily with minimum skill.

    You do not need to fish pools for the ghostfish. I stand on the bridge near the FP to do it. That also has the advantage of being the safest place to stand when you're low level. Sauteed Goby is always useful, at least for this expansion.

    The fishing daily has the best rewards of any single daily in the game. From the stuff you get in the bag of fishing treasures (Porcelain Bell FTW!) to the other fish you fish up (fishfeasts still sell for ~10g each on my realm).

  • Basill, August 2010

    You need to be lvl 70 have fishing skill of 1 to be able to do any fishing daily´s Dalaran or Shat..

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    to "Northend daily requirements".

Waterlogged Recipe

  • el, June 2009

    I've managed to find one Waterlogged Recipe so far (on the 3.2 PTR) - image. This gave 5 Dalaran Cooking Awards (plus some gold and 250 Kirin Tor reputation).

    I'm curious to know if there is just one recipe, or whether there are several possible quests? So if anyone is on the PTR and doing the fishing daily, please post what you find.

  • TheTacoMan, June 2009

    I've heard the recipes are tradeable? If that's true, they will sell for quite a bit, as cooking awards have such a large range of uses (getting northern spices, getting recipies for the northend gourmet achievement, getting the chef's hat).

    Luckily for me, i already have the Chef title and am about 10 awards away from my hat :P, so hey, free gold!

  • Boyardee, August 2009

    I got the Waterlogged Recipe as a reward from a Dalaran fishing daily.
    Easy quest once you get the recipe and it is tradeable.

    As soon as I got the quest and the 5 cooking awards for completing it, I looked up info on it and discovered that there was one for sale in AH for 150g. Well, I was so close to getting my Chef title and I really wanted it, so I bought it and completed the quest to finally get my Chef title.

    I have no idea how rare this is, but I've only gotten it once.

    - Chef Boyardee

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  • el, August 2009

    Waterlogged Recipe are roughly a 10% chance - although that's only based on 62 bags (I'd been storing them from before the patch). This will vary a lot between realms, but I've been selling them for as much as 500 gold each.

  • Narinae, August 2009

    I've gotten two Waterlogged Recipes, one on patch day itself. I didn't even think to check if they're tradeable or not though, so that's great news. I'm two awards from my Chef hat so I can start selling any of these I get in the future. Thanks for the tip!

  • ClemSnide, September 2009

    Waterlogged Recipes, like Vials of Poison, are tradable and sellable. They're a great way to catch up one of your charas in Kirin Tor rep, and are both repeatable; I've had two on the same day, sent to the same chara, and turned in one after the other.

  • Cherel, September 2009

    I've gotten several of these. I need Kirin Tor rep on my alts more than I need gold so I use them as hand-me-downs.

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    to "Waterlogged Recipe".

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