Other Equipment

Equipment which will help you fish, but does not give a bonus to skill. On this page:

Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman
Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman - Rare spawn in a small cove on the north side of the center of Cattail Lake, Valley of the Four Winds.
Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm is a reusable item. It is bound when picked up, so cannot be traded. The Charm is applied to the angler, not the pole, so can be active while fishing poleless.

With the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm active, 20% of the catch from Pandarian pools will be 2 fish rather than 1 - overall a 20% increase in fish caught. This typically just increases the stack size of the fish in the loot window from 1 to 2. However it is possible to gain a fish and a Sealed Crate (Pandaria) together, which indicates that the Charm actually has a 20% chance of adding one of anything that may be caught from the pool.

The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman (illustrated) sometimes appears on the north side of Cattail Lake, in a small cove facing the center of the lake (map). The location does not require personal flight to reach. The Fisherman sparkles slightly, but is otherwise almost transparent. Talk to them, and they say:

"Beautiful day for fishing, don't you think? You a fisherman, [name]? I've got this old fishing lure if you'd like it, works wonders in the waters here."

The first person to select the dialogue response, "I'd love it, thank you," gains an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. This also awards the achievement Lost and Found (or contributes to the follow-on achievements). The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman then disappears, so only one angler can gain the Charm per appearance.

For further discussion and sightings, please read this forum thread. Thanks Mirnah.

Anglers Fishing Raft

Anglers Fishing Raft
Anglers Fishing Raft - Anglers reward.
Anglers Fishing Raft
  • Use: Raft across water (10 minute duration, but no cooldown)
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 525
  • Source: Sold at Revered with The Anglers for 1000g
  • "Great for fishing, but takes on water... so don't stay out too long!"

Anglers do not yet have a boat, but we can fish from a raft! The Anglers Fishing Raft is not a mount, but an item. It casts a buff on the user called "Rafting", which lasts 10 minutes. The item (now) has no cooldown, so can be recast continually. The Rafting buff is similar to water-walking, except:

Since patch 5.4.2, Mages may purchase Bipsi's Bobbing Berg. This has the same cost, requirements and function as the Anglers Fishing Raft. Instead of a wooden raft, the Mage travels on a patch of ice. Bipsi's Bobbing Berg is only available to Mages.

Both the Anglers Fishing Raft and Bipsi's Bobbing Berg are sold as a reward for gaining reputation with The Anglers. For details, read The Anglers Fishing Quests.

There are also 2 quest-related rafts, which behave in a similar way, but can only be used in Krasarang Wilds:

Anglin' Bags

Lure Master Tackle Box

Lure Master Tackle Box

The Lure Master Tackle Box is the only fishing bag available. It has 36 slots. Fishing bags can contain:

Fishing bags cannot contain cooked fish dishes.

Portable Refrigerator

Portable Refrigerator

Culinary anglers may find cooking bags more convenient than fishing bags, because cooking bags can store a wider variety of items: Cooking bags can contain raw fish, meat and vegetables, plus cooked dishes. Cooking bags cannot contain fishing equipment or catches that cannot be cooked.

Portable Refrigerators are sold by Nam Ironpaw at Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds. Refrigerators are bound when picked up, so the purchaser must be able to pay 10 Ironpaw Tokens themselves. Sources of Ironpaw Tokens are described in Mists of Pandaria Cooking - many tokens will be gained while leveling cooking between 525 and 600. In practice you will need to be at least level 85 to purchase a Portable Refrigerator.

Advanced Refrigeration Unit

Advanced Refrigeration Unit
  • Equip: 36-slot cooking bag
  • Source: Engineering, see below (binds when equipped)

The Advanced Refrigeration Unit is slightly larger than the Portable Refrigerator, and unbound. It is made by Engineers, via a schematic that uses the same daily cooldown materials that are also used to make two rare minipets and a mount. In practice this means the Advanced Refrigeration Unit will be difficult (or expensive) to obtain.

Bladebone Hook

By default, Draenor catches need to be filleted manually. However, anglers may use a Bladebone Hook consumable to automatically fillet each fish as it is caught:

Bladebone Hook
  • Use: Applies a razor sharp barb to your fishing pole for 1 hour, automatically filleting any Draenor fish you catch
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 50
  • Source: Sold by Draenor fishing vendors for 5s or rarely caught from Draenor open waters

Bladebone Hooks can be purchased from fishing vendors in Draenor (such as the vendor at your Garrison Fishing Shack) for 5s. Hooks may also be caught while fishing Draenor waters (about 1% of open water catch). Each Hook is consumed on use. Its buff lasts 1 hour. The buff does not prevent use of Bait or Lures. With the buff active, each Draenor fish you catch will appear in the loot window as normal, but when looted will automatically be coverted to Flesh and placed in your inventory.

Fishing Chairs

Fishing chairs can be set up anywhere outside where a mount can be used. You can then sit in them, and cast. Chairs gives no specific advantage when fishing, but are far more comfortable than standing or sitting on the ground!

Chairs can be set up once every 5 minutes, and last 5 minutes.

Fishing Chair (Trading Card Game)

Fishing Chair
Fishing Chair
Fishing Chair
  • Use: Set up a comfy fishing chair
  • Source: "Gone Fishin'" Trading Card Game card

This original chair can be won by playing cards - specifically the "Gone Fishin'" card in the Fires of Outland set - part of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. To redeem your chair present the lucky card to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.

The Fishing Chair is sometimes sold on the Black Market Auction House. This auction house is found at the Tavern in the Mists, in The Veiled Stair, north-east of the Valley of the Four Winds. Like other auction houses, the price depends on how much other anglers ((on your realm)) are prepared to bid. Do not expect this Fishing Chair to be cheap!

Mushroom Chair

Mushroom Chair
  • Use: Set up a mushroom chair
  • Source: Sold by Ayla Shadowstorm for 500g, only available after completing most of the Firelands dailies (detailed below)
El's Mushroom Chair
El's Mushroom Chair - Gnome sized!

Anglers can cast while sat on the Mushroom Chair. The chair is bound when purchased, so the angler must buy it from Ayla Shadowstorm personally.

To purchase the chair, you must:

  1. Complete the Mount Hyjal quest-line as far as The Regrowth (up to and including Aessina's Miracle).
  2. Reach level 85, then speak to Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne. Complete the introductory sequence of quests, starting with Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!
  3. Complete daily quests until you have the 20 Mark of the World Tree required for Calling for Reinforcements. You will then be able to enter the Molten Front, but not yet see the vendor.
  4. Complete more daily quests until you have 150 Mark of the World Tree (each, 300 total) for Druids of the Talon and The Shadow Wardens. Initially 14 Marks per day can be earned, rising to 25 after the first 150-Mark quest is completed. Ayla Shadowstorm will then become visible (in the Sentinel Tree, at Malfurion's Breach), but will not sell anything.
  5. Complete daily quests to gain a further 125 Mark of the World Tree, for the quest Filling the Moonwell. Then Ayla Shadowstorm will finally sell her Mushroom Chair.

All those daily quests will take at least 3 weeks. For a detailed list of daily quests and vendors, see Wowpedia.

Nat's Fishing Chair

Nat's Fishing Chair
Nat's Fishing Chair - El fishes the challenging waters of Vale of Eternal Blossoms from the comfort of Nat's Fishing Chair.
Nat's Fishing Chair
  • Use: Set up a comfy fishing chair
  • Source: Gift from Nat Pagle once Best Friends
  • "It even has a beverage holder!"

Nat's Fishing Chair looks identical to the original Trading Card Game Fishing Chair. It can be setup anywhere in the world, sat on, and fished from. The chair only lasts for 5 minutes, but can then be immediately reassembled. Nat Pagle will send the Chair in the mail once you reach Best Friends ("Exalted", 42,000 total reputation) with him. See Nat Pagle's Friendship for details.

Wrath of the Lich King's spell list refers to: "Summon Drostan's Fishing Chair - Right Click to set up a comfy fishing chair." Drostan's Fishing Chair has not yet been seen in Northrend. Drostan can be found at Nesingwary's camp in Sholazar Basin, but he refuses to discuss fishing!

Fishing Fashions

For those who wish to "look the part", here are some suggestions:

Some more ideas can be found on the forums.

Fishing Poles cannot be transmogrified with offensive weapons.

Weather-Beaten Journal

Weather-Beaten Journal
Minimap with Find Fish Ability Active
Minimap with Find Fish Ability Active

The Weather-Beaten Journal teaches the ability "Find Fish", which makes "nearby fishing nodes appear on the minimap" - just like tracking abilities for minerals and herbs. The journal binds when picked up (but there are methods to allow journals to be traded, see below). A fishing skill of 100 is required to learn the ability. The picture right shows the ability being used to highlight the location of nearby pools.

The journal can be found in many fished-up crates and trunks, specifically Curious Crate, Heavy Supply Crate, Iron Bound Trunk, Mithril Bound Trunk, Watertight Trunk, and (rarely) Tightly Sealed Trunk. The type of pool the container is fished from does not matter.

Curious Crates seem to give the best catch rate, with almost half of all crates containing a Weather-Beaten Journal. Curious Crates are caught from any pool in Outland - about 4% of the catch. No pools primarily contain Curious Crates. However Zangarmarsh's Steam Pump Flotsam pools contain both Curious Crate and Heavy Supply Crate, collectively giving the best chance of finding a Weather-Beaten Journal (thanks Yoco).

If you have not already found one, Weather-Beaten Journal can sometimes be found in the reward bag from daily fishing quests. It can also be looted from Cavedwellers, rarely summoned from your Garrison's waters with a level 3 Fishing Shack.

An angler who already knows the Find Fish ability will never be able to see new journals. However, the trunks they catch may still contain journals - they just can't see them: If the trunk does not disappear when looted, it probably contains a journal. The "empty" trunk can be mailed or given to an angler that does not already know the Find Fish ability. They will be able to see the journal, loot it, and learn to track pools. To be able to see the journal, the angler receiving the trunk must know how to fish (have some skill in fishing). For further explanation read this forum discussion.

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Comments about Other Equipment

Below are readers' comments about "Other Equipment":

Suggested addition for fishing fashions

  • Isa, December 2008

    There's nothing can beat the Weather-beaten Fishing Hat. You could even go naked as long as you wear that fine hat.

  • Warsinger, December 2008

    I usually have the black swashbuckler shirt equipped when fishing. It really looks like an old fishermans shirt. The Bloodsail Admiral set is also rather cool, especially then pants.

  • stormbear, September 2009

    I like the "Green Workman's Shirt." I love it because it also has suspenders!

  • Durth, September 2009

    The City Doublets you can purchase at the Icecrown Tournament look really good too. I saw a real life tournament on the other day and they were all wearing the sort of Motocross/ extreme sport type shirts.Since then my Undead dk has been sporting his weather beaten hat and Undercity shirt to maximum effect :p

  • InfectedZombie, September 2009

    I love the lumberjack shirts with the outfit. They come in 4 colors (red, green, yellow, blue), and look awesome.

  • Christhina, September 2009

    I love a lot of the suggestions in this thread - the shirts, to be sure, fit fishing perfectly :)

    However, that leaves me wondering, what are you all wearing for leggings? I really can't seem to find anything that "works" well - so I'm currently using the Blue Overalls with Fishing Hat (which, looks good too, especially with fingerless gloves inc +fishing chant, and Aurora Boots).

    But, I'm feeling like a change of outfit, the shirt works - but with what?

  • stormbear, September 2009

    Here is what my fishing attire looks like...


    From top to bottom...
    Dalaran Chef Hat
    Green Workman's Shirt
    Fingerless Gloves
    Handstiched Linen Britches
    Woolen Boots

  • Basill, September 2009

    Christhina wrote:

    I love a lot of the suggestions in this thread - the shirts, to be sure, fit fishing perfectly :)
    However, that leaves me wondering, what are you all wearing for leggings? I really can't seem to find anything that "works" well - so I'm currently using the Blue Overalls with Fishing Hat (which, looks good too, especially with fingerless gloves inc +fishing chant, and Aurora Boots).
    But, I'm feeling like a change of outfit, the shirt works - but with what?

    If your a female... why not try with lovely black dress and a shirt if the dress is to open for you, I might also suggest shadowskin gloves...as they go nicely with the black.. Well at least my wife thinks , and I think so!! She is the most sexy of all female fishers..and well dressed ofc ^^

  • Christhina, September 2009

    If your a female... why not try with lovely black dress and a shirt if the dress is to open for you, I might also suggest shadowskin gloves...as they go nicely with the black.. Well at least my wife thinks , and I think so!! She is the most sexy of all female fishers..and well dressed ofc ^^

    That's an interesting thought, but Lovely Black Dress strikes me as evening wear for us, not really something that seems to "suit" the role of fishing (for example, one wouldn't wear a tuxedo out fishing, either, really). Mind, that's just my thoughts on it ;-)

  • jeraz, September 2009

    Its almost like the normal 1 but i prefer a white t-shirt :).

  • Bongtimusprime, September 2009

    Heres my Level 30 Druid Fishing at 275.


    I have the battered Jungle hat, Blue Overalls, Sleevless tshirt, Seers glove with +2 fishing =), and Brown Linen Pants, finally the strong Iron fishing pole.

    I can't wait to get fishing hat and pole from the Extravaganza

  • Al, September 2009

    Nice outfits! Looks like I have a "family member" in here, jeraz. LOL!

  • jeraz, September 2009


  • Ukkokukko, January 2010

    Hi fellow fishermen. I'm new to fishing (started couple days ago, thanks to this site!) and I already really like the whole thing. I'm using the "Fishing & Cooking 1-450" guide, and now my Fishing is 225 and Cooking around 250 after the first day.
    I started my own fishing career with the STV Extragavanza competition, and got my fishing skill from 1 to 75 during the hour. I had alot of fun, I even could wear my fishing gear (see the link) because of the PvE realm. Some guy won the competition after some 10-15 minutes, and yelled to General chat that he's been trying to win this for over a year now. I suppose he earned that win more than me, heh.

    Anyways, here is my fishing gear:

    *Battered Jungle Hat
    *Shroud of Moorabi (Cloak, not showing but I have the parachute on it)
    *Azure Silk Vest
    *Handwraps of Surrended Hope (From ToC, matches with my boots and belt)
    *The Confessor's Binding (From ToC, matches with boots and hands)
    *Azure Silk Pants
    *Titan-Forged Slippers of Dominance (From WG, works as a rocket boots for me)
    *Strong Fishing Pole

    If there's anyone else from Hellscream EU leveling fishing and cooking or just likes fishing, whisper Ukkokukko in-game and lets go on a fishing adventure!
    And good luck to everyone with the rare catches!


  • Kamtastic, February 2010

    Kamtastic @ 60

    She pretty much still wears the same fishing outfit @ 80

    the only real change was the updated fishing hat.

  • Christhina, February 2010


    That's an interesting view - how on earth did you get your toon using an off hand (lantern) at the same time as carrying a two-hander (fishing pole)?

    Looks very interesing, would you be able please to share details of what the individual pieces are please? (Some I can guess, some have me baffled!)

  • Melvoid, June 2010

    I have on my Angler , Weatherbeaten fishing hat, Gauntlets of the Sea (+5 fishing enchant)
    Blue overalls, Captain Saunders Shirt, Blue Suede Shoes (from the Battle for mount Hyjal, btw they look awesome like blue tie dyed wellies lol) because i still have not been able to find that damm rare fish for the boots,
    Azure Silk Belt, cos its blue and has a Swim speed increase.
    Mastercraft Kala`uak Fishing pole (with titanium line enchant).
    i sooo want the boots of the bay but that could take forever on this server cos of all the twinks trying for that Darned heirloom ring.
    as For leggings its usually whatever the best PvP legs i have at the time cos they dont show till you remove the Blue Overalls.

    i Finally got the Turtle too the other day so the look is almost complete ;).

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    or reply to "Suggested addition for fishing fashions".

Catching the Sea Turtle Mount

  • Lemethe, December 2012

    Just caught the Sea turtle in Townlong Steppes. I was farming Red Belly Mandarin, kinda of upset about the pools being nerfed. I caught the turtle in a double catch via the Ancient pandarian fishing charm. I opened my page and saw one emperor salmon and something else weird and was like wtf. When i highlighted to see what trash i had caught it was the turtle. So it seems the charm can up your chances of getting the turtle.

  • Noodleguitar, December 2012

    Interesting. That probably means it increases the chances to get a turtle on a cast by 20% (multiplicative). This is only true if the Turtle would be a single catch by itself without the Ancient Charm.

    So if you would have a chance of 0.10% to catch a turtle, with the Charm you'd have a chance of 0.12% to catch it (correct me if I'm wrong).

  • el, December 2012

    I changed my view to reflect what Lemethe discovered after 5.1, when I finally caught a fish and a crate in the same catch with the Charm active. In beta testing, I'd only ever caught a pair of regular fish. The crate plus fish combination suggested the Charm had a 20% chance to add anything on the pool's loot table. Normally that would include rare catches like the Sea Turtle or the Pagle fish, but those are rather hard to test. Confirmation is great, thanks. The only wildcard is that in the past certain rare or quest catches have been caught alongside a first regular fish (regardless of any charm). So we'd need to hear whether the regular (no Charm) Sea Turtle catch is alone in the loot window before being absolutely sure the Charm adds to the chance.

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    from "Catching the Sea Turtle Mount".
  • GormanGhaste, December 2012

    My gut instinct is that the Sea Turtle has always been caught alongside other fish, but as it's been ~3 years since I caught mine, I have no real memory.


    Looking back at my post, I listed the Sea Turtle with the Pygmy Suckerfish, rather than the regular catches, which implies to me I noted it as a secondary catch.

  • Noodleguitar, December 2012

    I found an old screenshot taken after I just caught the Turtle: Screenshot
    As far as Fishing Buddy can be trusted it shows I caught it either alone or along with a Pygmy Suckerfish, like GormanGhaste also probably found.
    Does this mean that the Sea Turtle appears alone in the window (before 'secondary' catches)?

  • Corgi, December 2012

    FWIW, I caught the Turtle just recently in a Salmon (I think?) pool in the Krasarang Wilds. I probably had the charm active. I can't remember if it accompanied a fish or a crate, though.

  • Fantasma, March 2013

    Does anyone know if the turtle mount can be caught in the Fish of the Day special fishing pools?

  • el, March 2013

    Jemi confirmed a Turtle catch from Fish of the Day pools via Twitter.

  • Sethalaen, March 2013

    Just to double confirm, I caught the Sea Turtle just a few minutes ago while fishing up in Kun-Lai Summit at Tiger Gourami Slush pools.

  • Fantasma, March 2013

    I'm thrilled to announce that just one week after my question, I actually got my Sea Turtle from a Brew Frenzied Emperor Salmon school! I can also confirm that I got it as the bonus fish from my Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. I couldn't be happier to finally get this mount! =D

  • Brewmeister, September 2014

    I finally caught my turtle last night! I was fishing in the Fish of the Day Pools in Valley of the Four Winds and was nearly asleep when I saw something flash across my screen (it was the achievement notice). I have to say I had a hard time falling asleep after that... still so excited. XD

  • Yannoth, September 2014

    I caught my Sea Turtle Mount July 6, 2009. I was fishing up mats for 100 fish feasts and had already gotten 400 some fish. I figured I'd get the mount if I went for a big goal like that. Now I had to fish up almost 200 of the third fish.

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    to "Catching the Sea Turtle Mount".

Lure Masters Tackle Box

  • Miraclemaxx, November 2010

    Hi i have been reading about this and it sounds great as each of my Fishing toon's has a lot of random fishing stuff in the bank Trophy's from fishing if you will ... What i am Wondering is does the Tackle box sit in your bags and open from them or does it take up a bag slot making not as nice and more of a Bank item ? It Would be SWEET if it just took up one slot in a Bag and did what it should help to have less in your bags !! Will this in fact be the case ???

  • el, November 2010

    The tackle box is just a bag. Like, for example, enchanting bags, but for fishing. It uses a regular bag slot (either personal or bank).

  • Miraclemaxx, November 2010

    Thanks EL ,
    Well i was hoping it would be more of a space saving item , I am still always happy to see new fishing Gear . Thanks Again

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    from "Lure Masters Tackle Box".
  • Shika, December 2010

    You might want to add that you can place Elixer or Waterwalking in the Tacklebox, I found this a useful fact :)

  • Noor, December 2010

    It can hold a lot of things:

    Also, it's something of a skill-up item for engineers, so it should be fairly cheap to buy.

  • Harbin, January 2011

    Love this didnt even know it exsisted till today, so buying one for bank and char.


  • Marlburo, February 2011

    now holds volatile water

  • Marlburo, February 2011

    as do all of the "junk" fish

  • Phrin, April 2011

    I equipped one today, and while it will store Stendel's Wedding Band, it (surprisingly) won't store the Titanium Seal of Dalaran or the Glass Fishing Bobber.

  • Miraclemaxx, April 2011

    So i finally broke down and made one , i was a little bummed when Zulian Mudskunk wouldnt go in it .....

    I know there not in the game anymore ..... But i did fish them up so i hope they fix this .

    Besides that the thing is GREAT !!!

  • Phrin, May 2013

    Update on the tackle box:

    It WILL hold fishing poles, Nat's hat, Nat's chair, the mushroom chair, the fishing raft, the Pandaren Fishing Charm, fishing line, cufflinks, ornate drinking stein, Captain Rumsey's Lager, all the Rumsey Rums (although Black Label no longer gives a stam buff), Stendel's wedding band, crates and all fish.

    It will NOT hold: Tuskarr spear, Nat's fishing journal, the Angler's tabard, the string of alligator teeth, or the note that Nat sends you when you become best friends.

    If you have the Portable Refrigerator also equipped, all food-making fish will go into the frige first, if there are slots available. Non-food fish (such as spinefish, and Pagle quest fish) will go into the tackle box.

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Transmogrification and the Fishing Folk

  • Weller, December 2011

    I haven't seen anything about this yet, so yeah,

    I'm sure most are familiar with it, but with patch 4.3, came transmogrification; which allows you to change the appearance of your gear to look like another item of the same slot and material.

    This means not only can you can showcase your old MC and BWL epics again, but it opens up a whole world of creative outfit and costume ideas. Finally you can show up to your raid in appropriate gear but looking like the master angler you are, or pwn some noobs in pvp with fish daggers.
    Here's what I've transmogrificated my lock's armor to look like, taking into account all visible slots.
    Cloth Transmogrification Fishing Example
    and here's an example of how my rogue looks
    Leather Transmogrification Fishing Example

    I've found its been kind of difficult to find shoulders that don't take away from the outfit,
    I think the uncommon offhand fish like ol' ironjaw or the dark herring would be great weapons to use for transmogrifying.
    I haven't tried any creations to make a fisher mail or plate wearer, and I imagine they could be a bit more difficult.
    But yeah, I'd love input and especially to see what kind of gear other people have been using to make their own creations, hopefully get some new ideas and such for us all.

  • Paela, December 2011

    Can you transmorg any fishing rod? I hear there are certain things you can't put in an outfit. The lumberjack shirts you have there look nice. :D I wonder if the 'blue overalls' look like that too, since I don't have any contest gear.

  • Paela, January 2012

    Are there any fishing poles that will transmorg? I tried all the ones that I had and it said they don't have an appearance: Seths, Jeweled, Kalu'ak, Big Iron, and the one from Nat Pagle's quest. I thought Seth's pole might work since it has stats +stamina, but it didn't work either.

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    from "Transmogrification and the Fishing Folk".
  • Jellybean, January 2012

    Fish weapons and fishing poles are considered "silly" and cannot be used for transmogrification :(

  • Paela, January 2012

    So much for cool fishing outfit transmorgrification ideas. :D

  • Cailleach, January 2012

    This is the best I came up with, I walk around with the Salty title and I hide the cloak unless I find one that's fitting, but I just don't see too many caped fisherman:


    Head: Weather Beaten Fishing hat
    Shoulders: Frostsavage shoulders
    Chest: Seer's padded armor
    Gloves: Runecloth gloves
    Waist: Wisdom of the Timbermaw
    Legs: Heavy woolen pants
    Feet: Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
    Main (Staff): Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator (old ZG drop, can't get it now)

  • Marlburo, October 2012

    Am I going crazy or can you not transmog Boots of the Bay into Nat Pagles Extreme Anglin' Boots?

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    to "Transmogrification and the Fishing Folk".

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