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A Bear of an Appetite

Hugh Glass
Hugh Glass - Grizzly Hills.

Catch 6 Northern Salmon using a fishing net. The fish are caught from School of Northern Salmon, which are found along the eastern coast of the Grizzly Hills. You must use the net provided - not a fishing pole.

No Fishing Pole Necessary

Ben of the Booming Voice's Face
Ben of the Booming Voice's Face - Halfhill.

Simply catch and deliver 5 Golden Carp, and Ben will give you 10. What a generous chap! Golden Carp can be caught from any area of open water in Pandaria, including the water Ben stands next to. At least half of the catch will be Golden Carp. The quest is technically easiest to complete at low fishing skill, since excess Golden Carp are caught when your skill is insufficient to fish open water in Pandaria (instead of junk). This means that a new angler, with fishing skill 1, is almost guaranteed to catch a Golden Carp with every cast.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

Jenova Longeye
Jenova Longeye - The Arboretum.

One daily quest is offered to anglers, Snack Time: Catch 10 Sugar Minnow. These can be caught from any open water or pool in Pandaria.

Jenova Longeye also offers a daily quest for cooks, A Feast for the Senses. This requires 5 Fish Cake. Each Fish Cake is cooked with 2 Golden Carp, which are caught by fishing.

Fish Finder: Sugar Minnow

Rather Be Fishin'

Seth - Shattrath.

Requires 8 Pristine Shimmerscale Eels. These cannot be caught by fishing. Instead they must be recovered from the corpses of Shimmerscale Eels in Silmyr Lake.

Wowhead: Rather Be Fishin'

Red Snapper - Very Tasty!

Diktynna - Ammen Ford.

Obtain 10 Red Snapper using the fishing net provided: Swim over the School of Red Snapper and use the Draenei Fishing Net. Alternatively, take Red Snappers from the corpses of nearby Angry Murlocs.

Snapjaws, Lad!/Snapjaws, Mon!

Katoom the Angler
Katoom the Angler - Revantusk Village.
Dron Blastbrew
Dron Blastbrew - Stormfeather Outpost.

Kill Saltwater Snapjaws, which can be found wandering along the coast of the Hinterlands. The Horde quest requires 10 Saltwater Snapjaw kills. The Alliance quest requires 8 Snapjaw Gizzards, which can be looted from Saltwater Snapjaws.

Before the Cataclysm this quest was only available to the Horde.

Wowhead: Snapjaws, Lad!, Snapjaws, Mon!

Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs

Stamp Thunderhorn
Stamp Thunderhorn - Darkmoon Island.

Catch 5 Great Sea Herring from open water or pools around Darkmoon Island. These are common catches.

The quest is only available during the Darkmoon Faire, which starts on the first Sunday of each month. The quest is not daily, but is expected to be repeatable each month.

Strange Engine Part

K. Lee Smallfry
K. Lee Smallfry - Telredor.

Simply deliver the part to K. Lee Smallfry. The item can be gained by Horde, by only Alliance can complete the quest.

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Quests

Riggle Bassbait
Riggle Bassbait - Booty Bay.

For a detailed guide, read Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest.

A Taste for Grouper

Johnathan Staats
Johnathan Staats - Lor'danel.

Catch 4 Darkshore Grouper from any coastal open water in Darkshore. Darkshore Grouper may be caught without the quest and can be traded - so it is possible for another angler to catch these fish for you. A Taste for Grouper is available once you have completed the first 2 quests in the zone, The Last Wave of Survivors and Threat from the Water.

The Way to His Heart

Anuniaq - Kamagua.

Gather at least 5 Tasty Reef Fish, which can be found in School of Tasty Reef Fish. These pools are in deep water off the south side of the Isle of Spears. School of Tasty Reef Fish are not fished with a pole: Use Anuniaq's Net, provided. Some pools will contain a shark - but you can loot Tasty Reef Fish from the corpses of most sharks too.

Now find a Reef Bull on the northern shore of Scalwag Point island. Throwing a Tasty Reef Fish will make the bull waddle about 10 yards towards you. The aim is to get a Reef Bull to cross the water to the Reef Cows on the southern shore of the Isle of Spears. Throw a fish at the bull, change your position, throw another fish. When the bull reaches the cow, they will "make love". It's a beautiful thing!

This is one of 3 daily quests that give Kalu'ak reputation. The others quests do not involve fishing, but will help you gain a Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole.

Former Quests

The following quests disappeared during the Cataclysm, and are no longer available:

There are plenty of achievements for anglers. And a title for extreme anglers...

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