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Wrath fishing dailies!

  • Thalen, March 2009

    Just read a post on worldofraids that they have several fishing dailies in Dalaran on the test server. Mostly they sound familiar, but it's certainly a nice addition!

  • el, March 2009

    Some are a bit unusual... I'm busy writing them up at the moment. Updated: Basic guide.

  • Oak, March 2009

    Wow I'm really looking forward to those!

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  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Who else thinks that these dailies will be the source of the new fishing rod and bobber models? It seems more than a co-incidence. So far the only rewards people have found are Pygmy Oil, and Glow Worm (the new +100 lure).

    Few hints: If you get the monsterbelly quest, which can technically be completed in ANY area that is classified as 'frozen sea', although the closet possible spot seems to be directly south of Dalaran, through crystal song down to dragon blight, or, directly NORTH up past icecrown.

    Obviously, the best time to do the winter grasp one is when a battle is NOT occurring, make sure u check Dalaran to see if your faction has the portal open.

  • Genfreak, March 2009

    Just got 9g and Pygmy Oil x3 from the daily, did the dalaran sewers one since it was closest. Took about 10 casts to get it.

  • Vesena, March 2009

    I completed The Ghostfish, and got 10g79s2c and a Northsea Pearl. Oddly enough, I also got minus 250 rep with the Kirin Tor. Silly Blizzard.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Genfreak wrote:

    Just got 9g and Pygmy Oil x3 from the daily, did the dalaran sewers one since it was closest. Took about 10 casts to get it.

    Am i to understand that you can take ALL of the dailies EVERY day? Or is it on a rotation like the cooking dailies?

  • Adys, March 2009

    TheTacoMan wrote:

    Genfreak wrote:

    Just got 9g and Pygmy Oil x3 from the daily, did the dalaran sewers one since it was closest. Took about 10 casts to get it.

    Am i to understand that you can take ALL of the dailies EVERY day? Or is it on a rotation like the cooking dailies?

    You can, but it's just that they want testing on all of the quests and haven't enabled the rotation yet.

  • FIskerdin, March 2009

    Doing the Sewer daily i got Pygmy oil and a "Unusual Compass" a BoE item with a use effect that makes you face a random direction.

    someone else i know got some deviate fish from it.

  • Robodin, March 2009

    Just completed the Sewer one for the lulz & the bag contained gold, some waterwalking potions, 2 deviate fish and a Porcelain Bell, a trash item that sells to vendors for 100g o_O

    .. oh hai Fusker

  • De, March 2009

    I just did the "Blood is Thicker" quest. I turned it in and it gave me 13g 52silver, 2 Pygmy Oil,3 Deviate Fish and an Item that says This item begins a quest. The item was called Sealed Vial of Poison. I turned it in and got 18g. I had to turn it into one of the guys in the Sewers in Dalaran in The Black Market. I am hoping we get a Non-Combat pet like we did in Outland. (Huge Pet Collector)

  • Demut, March 2009

    I got the Sealed Vial of Poison too, from the Dalaran quest. The reward was 13g 23s and reputation decrease with the Kirin Tor by 250. I filed it as a bug anyway.

  • Stevinn, March 2009

    Just did the Ghostfish one. Rewarded with 7 gold and a few vials of Pygmy Oil.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Robodin wrote:

    Just completed the Sewer one for the lulz & the bag contained gold, some waterwalking potions, 2 deviate fish and a Porcelain Bell, a trash item that sells to vendors for 100g o_O
    .. oh hai Fusker

    Wow! A nice little bit of gold, just for being a fisherman :P. Trash items vendoring for a lot is nothing new, old fishing dailies had items that vendored for up to 20g, as does the argent dawn timed daily IIRC, but this is a big step up!

    Also FIskerdin, can you please post a screenshot of this item? I'm int rested to see it.

  • HenshinAGoGo, March 2009

    I just did the Dangerously Delicious daily and got a new fishing rod out of it: the Jeweled Fishing Pole. It's ugly, but certainly unique!

    Closeup of the gem!
    Fishing with it!

    It vendors for 9 copper. The wings, unfortunately, don't do anything special and are stationary.

  • FIskerdin, March 2009

    The spell itself is just a castbar and then you just face in a random direction, nothing special about it.

  • el, March 2009

    There is a mini-pet lurking... the Strand Crawler came out of one of my bags. For reference, I was on the Blood is Thicker quest. Picture (it's very small).

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Wow el, either its fairly common or you have immense luck :P. I'm assuming its a crab mini-pet? Still no word on the new fishing rods/bobbers?

  • Natira, March 2009

    Obtained the following on the PvP ptr from the bag

    2xElixir of Water Walking
    1xTower Key (Grey item vendors for 16g66s66c)
    1xWeather Beaten Hat (Still don't even have this on live bleh)

    I assume from the hat that the line will probably also be available from this quest.

  • TheTacoMan, March 2009

    Since the hat is confirmed, you will probably be able to get the truesilver line, and the rumsey rum lager recipie aswell. I wounder about the crockalisks?

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Fishing changes in 2.4 - The Dailies

  • Calixa, February 2008

    So who is excited about the daily fishing quests coming soon? I know I am! I'm on my fourth 375 angler and another daily is a good source of cash and fun when I am not trying to catch Mr Pinchy. :)

    Anyone heard when the patch is coming?

  • DarvenTHO, February 2008

    I had no idea that Blizz was supposed to be introducing daily fishing quest. Got any details on this new development?

    "Go check the official site, dummy!" <you
    "Oh yeah, hehe..." <me

  • el, February 2008

    Post by Drysc:

    "Anyway, along the lines of fishing we're adding a new daily quest for fishing. Once 2.4 goes live (or once the PTRs are up) you'll want to visit "the mysterious old man" near Silmyr Lake outside of Shattrath. He's sure to offer treasures beyond your wildest dreams... or ramble on about how they had to color their own margarine during the war. Either/Or."

    Blizzard have been about to release 2.4 onto the test realms for over 2 weeks now. My guess is there is some unforeseen problem that is preventing a public test.

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  • Siha, February 2008

    Hi - big fan of the site :)

    Anyway, I noticed you'd posted some of the quest details I'd blogged about, and I thought I'd contribute some more. -- I'll be including all the daily fishing quests under this tag for now. There's one there that I didn't see listed on the front page, and I'll keep it up to date as more pop up.

    Hope it's useful - feel free to incorporate the info into your site. :)

  • Stevinn, February 2008

    The PTR's are open now.

    Quest #1: Shrimpin' Ain't Easy

    Old Man Barlo is located on the west side of Lake Silmyr in Terrokar Forest. He gives the fishing daily quest. Watch out for the Basilisks in the area. The first quest was “Shrimpin’ Aint Easy.” With memories of Bubba Gump flashing through my mind I headed to Zangarmarsh to get me ten Giant Freshwater Shrimp. You can’t actually catch shrimp, evidently they are too small, but you can catch Bloated Barbed Gill Trout now and inside their bloated stomachs are the shrimp that you need. Usually 2 per trout.

    Turn them in for a Bag of Fishing Treasures which contained 1g 87s 26c, 4 Sharpened Fish Hooks (+100 to fishing for 10 min), and 3 Salvaged Scrap Metal.


    Weather Beaten Fishing Hat (Blue Item)
    +94 STA
    +75 Fishing

    (I think the fishing stat is correct. The tooltip for the item is incorrect in game at the moment so it may change. Right now it says to attach to fishing pole like a lure)

    Quest #2: The One That Got Away

    The quest can be obtained from Old Man Barlo on the west side of Silmyr lake in Terrokar Forest. He says that he once caught the Worlds Largest Figluster’s Mudfish but it got away when his line snapped. He sents you off to catch it. I caught it on the third cast. Your mileage may vary.

    Rewards you with a Bag of Fishing Treasures that contains one gold and some change, some fishing hooks (+100 to fishing for 10 minutes) and a gray item and has a chance to drop a nice blue item as well. So far we’ve seen the Weather Beaten Fishing Hat and a Silver Statuette reported to vendor for 15 gold.

    I'm keeping track of 2.4 stuff on my blog. The address is in my profile if you want to have a look.

  • Siha, February 2008

    Also, a correction on your "changes in 2.4" page:

    Re the Shrimpin' quest, "1-2 are found in Bloated Barbed Gill Trout, which (apparently) make up 100% of the catch from Zangarmarsh until the quest is complete".

    This isn't strictly true; I was fishing up fish other than the Bloated Barbed Gill Trout before I had any quest drops at all; however, they were from specific pools, whereas the Bloated Barbed Gill Trout made up 100% of catches in open water.

  • el, February 2008

    Thanks for the updates. Please keep them coming.

    I am also trying to track down the precise use/bonus of Spun Truesilver Fishing Line.

  • Stevinn, February 2008

    Use of the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat:

    For some reason I thought you got the +75 buff from just wearing the hat. That isn't true.

    Right clicking the hat will put a +75 fishing lure/buff on your fishing pole. This lure does not stack with other lures. For instance if you add one of the new +100 fishing hooks it will cancel the +75 buff from the hat lure giving you +100 and not +175.

    Edit (Wed am): Wednesday's quest is Crocolisks in the City. Very easy to do. I caught one on the 4th cast. The usual reward. I didn't get any of the good stuff in the bag this time.

  • jincy, February 2008

    I find the funniest item they've added is Elixir of Water Walking. For all us short gnomes who had been complaining about not being able to reach certain pool spawns.

    I'm also wondering if Eye of the Sea is the only gem we will be seeing from the fishing daily rewards.

    These updates are really nice, but sad for me in a way.... I don't want MORE competition for fishing! Blizz please don't make this too much fun to do...

  • Noor, February 2008

    Does anyone know what, if any, minimums there are for the daily fishing quest, either level or fishing skill? If it's available to below-70s, does it give XP?

  • Stevinn, February 2008

    Add one to the loot table for Crocolisks in the City. Today I received [Muckbreath's Bucket] (a blue item that summons a baby crockolisk non-combat pet named Muckbreath), in the quest reward bag. I am assuming that this is only available when doing the Crocolisk quest. I could be wrong, but it wouldn't make sense as a reward for Shrimpin', etc..

    Ah ya beat me to it. I see it's already on the Updates page. LOL

    Screenshot on my blog. See the URL in my profile.

    While doing the quest I noticed that I wasn't catching any baby crocolisks when my fishing wasn't buffed (395 with Seth's pole). I didn't think that I would need a lure in SW. But since I wasn't catching any crocolisks I used a +100 hook and immediately caught one. It could be a coincidence but it could also mean that you need better than 395 to catch one.

  • Kylkiluut, February 2008

    That's interesting. Can anyone verify (or counter-verify) that your actual 'effective level' of fishing has a bearing on what you catch?

  • Oberweiss, February 2008

    El, thank you for compiling this site. You've got a ton of useful information here.

    I'll give you what I've learned about the fishing daily quests so far. Hopefully it will help. :)

    Possible Quests (from

    • Bait Bandits
    Fish northeast of Shattrath City by Silmyr Lake to catch a [Blackfin Darter]. You have to pull your line at the last possible second to catch this fish, because they nibble at the bait before they take it. Avoid the lakes, as the blackfin only thrive in moving water.

    • Crocolisks in the City
    Fish in Orgrimmar/Ironforge for a [Baby Crocolisk]. The four times I completed this quest, it took {2, 7, 3, 5} casts.

    • Felblood Fillet
    Fish in Hellfire Peninsula or Shadowmoon Valley for a [Monstrous Felblood Snapper].

    • Shrimpin' Ain't Easy
    Fish in Zangarmarsh for [Bloated Barbed Gill Trout] which can be opened to obtain [Giant Freshwater Shrimp] (need 10 shrimp). [Bloated Barbed Gill Trout] are ~100% drop from open water while on the quest, and contain 1-2 of the shrimp you need.

    • The One That Got Away
    Fish in Nagrand (open water) for the [World's Largest Mudfish].

    Daily Fishing Quest Rewards

    Inside a [Bag of Fishing Treasures], you may find...

    • [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat]
    Note: I attempted to use this on my Arcanite Fishing Pole, and got a "Target too low level" error message. I suspect this is a bug, so I submitted it via the feedback method.

    • [Sharpened Fishing Hook]
    Fishing lure that gives +100 fishing for 10 minutes.

    • [Eye of the Sea]
    BOE Unique-Equipped +15 stamina blue gem

    • [Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager]
    [Captain Rumsey's Lager] Use: Makes you slightly tipsy and increases your skill in fishing by 10 for 3 min. Created by: 1x[Skin of Dwarven Stout] + 1x[Flagon of Mead]. Both items are sold by Kylene the Barmaid in Shattrath (among others).

    • [Spun Truesilver Fishing Line]
    "Binds when picked up, Requires Fishing (300). Use: Replaces the fishing line on your fishing pole with a delicately spun truesilver line." Gives +3 fishing, so it's not quite as good as the +5 [High Test Eternium Fishing Line] from the fishing contest.

    • [Elixir of Water Walking]
    Requires Level 24. Use: Lets you walk on water for 10 min. Note that this is slightly different from the Elixir of Water Walking that was datamined in beta, which lasted for 30 minutes.

    • [Chuck's Bucket]
    Baby crocolisk non-combat pet

    • [Muckbreath's Bucket]
    Baby crocolisk non-combat pet

    It's rumored that there are 2 other baby crocolisk pets that haven't been "discovered" yet.

  • el, February 2008

    Thanks for the information.

    I'm not sure how to confirm the minimum requirements for the fishing dailies. Thottbot states "Level 70, Obtained at level 91", while Wowhead shows a difficulty range of "1 66 68 73 83", which isn't too helpful either.

    Neither list an XP reward, which suggests a minimum level 70. but then almost everyone who copied to the PTRs is level 70 already.

    My guess is there is a character level or fishing skill restriction, otherwise there would be a lot of low level characters getting ported to Shattrath every day the "Crocolisks in the City" quest came up. The other quests are somewhat restricted by the territory - you need to have fairly high skill to fish in Nagrand, Terokkar or Zangarmarsh; and none of those are particularly safe below level 60.

  • Balazar, February 2008

    Mmm…crocolisk pets!

    I'm certainly glad they are adding in a pet bag as well, I'm going to need it for sure.

  • Noor, February 2008

    I have a particular interest in whether lowbies can get the quests (and XP), since I'm leveling a pacifist rogue who doesn't do quests that require killing. She's level 37 with 300 fishing plus gloves, big iron pole, eternium line and lucky fishing hat, and she has the Allerian Stronghold FP so she can fish in Terrokar, and she can stealth from Shattrath to Zangarmarsh and fish open water there, too. Only the Hellfire and Nagrand quests look difficult/impossible. She should be able to get 375 fishing at level 45. A daily fishing quest with XP would really help. I agree that is confusing, though at the moment it looks like it's level 70 only... If it isn't, it looks like (judging from one cite of the gold from the quest as being 1g 87s 26c) the XP would be 3120, which seems reasonable. Not much for a high level, but at level 37 a BG daily is worth 3700 XP.

    See for more info on leveling as a pacifist.

  • Noor, February 2008

    Aha! The Weather Beaten Fishing Hat requires level 60 to wear, so presumably the fishing quests are available at least at 60, and possibly by fishing skill (or no requirements, since you can't even cast if your skill is too low). There is hope after all...

  • Oberweiss, February 2008

    I just wanted to give a bit of an update here, since there was a patch to the test realm this evening.

    • [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat]
    Note: I attempted to use this on my Arcanite Fishing Pole, and got a "Target too low level" error message. I suspect this is a bug, so I submitted it via the feedback method.

    They have fixed the hat so that it will properly apply a lure to the Arcanite Fishing Pole (huzzah!).

    Also, in case anyone was curious, you can use the [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat] to apply a lure, and then switch to your [Lucky Fishing Hat]. The lure buff will remain on your fishing pole.

  • Diodorus, February 2008

    Mmm…crocolisk pets!

    I'm certainly glad they are adding in a pet bag as well, I'm going to need it for sure.

    I read the patchnotes for 2.4 and I didn't see anything about a pet bag. Is it going to be in some other patch?

  • el, February 2008

    The pet bag was reported by World of Raids, along with some other bags:

    - Leatherworking Supplies
    - Soulbound Equipment
    - Vanity Pets
    - The fourth is an internal one called "Unused"

    No known in-game source yet.

    (Thanks for the clarification on the hat, Oberweiss.)

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New to Extravaganza! Quick Question

  • Nrxszvo, May 2008

    Hey all. So, I'm wanting to get my boots and my hat for a twink I have made. Just a quick question really. To get the fish, do you have to accept the quests before you are able to fish and loot them? Or can you just get ready, fish, once you get them, go back to BB and accept quest and give it in?

    Or how does it work. I wanna do the competition today, so if anyone can give me an answer asap that would be great!


  • Chalmer, May 2008

    You do not need to accept a quest first. Just start fishing and turn them in when you have 40 (or a rare fish).

    Hope that helps.

  • Nrxszvo, May 2008

    Thats exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks alot!

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Master Angler quest feedback

  • Zahngril, March 2008

    Working on the Master Angler quest and love your site. Just wanted to drop some addt'l info for your stats...

    Level 63 Hunter, 225 skill, Big Iron Pole (+20)

    Sar'theris Striker: 1 out of 5
    Feralas Ahi: 1 out of 56 (+75 lure equipped)
    Misty Reed Mahi Mahi: 1 out of 20
    Savage Coast Blue Sailfin: 1 out of 4

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