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The most valuable fish, and how to catch them. Buff food to battle pets. Includes fish that will sell for gold at auction, and rare items that can only be caught by fishing. If you want to make gold from fishing, or just catch something that will impress your friends, read on!

El Pointing
So what exactly is "valuable"? How much gold can you make fishing? What rare items can you find?

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Most lucrative Cataclysm fish?

  • Gruundarf, December 2010

    Looks to be the Deepsea Sagefish right now, as it takes one to create the 96000/96000 food.

  • Astragal, December 2010

    I imagine Fathom Eel will be a big seller being the 90 Agility food, but I suspect as people learn more about Mastery and also how classes and specs. have changed other buffs will also be popular.

    The best selling fished item at the moment fore me is Volatile Water, going well for around 25g on my server (down from starting price of 50g)

  • Aninja, June 2011

    Savory Deviant fish are virturally worthless now as the recipe isnt as rare anymore

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  • belgal, June 2011

    The most lucrative fish on our server (The Venture Co, US) is Lavascale Catfish. It is the only part of the Seafood Feast that can't be fished from pools. They run between 6 and 10g each regularly. Sagefish, Eel and Mudfish hold around 4-5g each (cooked). The rest of the 'buff' Cata fish are 1-2g. Murglesnout and Sharptooth aren't worth selling on AH.

    The Lavascale are quite annoying, due to the droprate. I'd estimate it around 20-25% (fishing the river in Uldum), but I don't have statistics to back it up.

  • el, June 2011

    Looking through The Undermine Journal data (average of all US realms), Lavascale Catfish is indeed the most valuable common catch (~12g each), followed by the other ingredients for Seafood Magnifique Feast (Highland Guppy and Fathom Eel - just under 10g each). If you've been watching prices over the last few months, the demand for Seafood Magnifique Feast still seems to be rising, presumably as more guilds complete the achievement for the recipe.

    Cooked Deepsea Sagefish (Delicious Sagefish Tail, Severed Sagefish Head) fetches similar prices. Volatile even more, although hard to fish in volume.

    Of course none are terribly easy to fish: Deepsea Sagefish and Lavascale Catfish are only 30% of the catch from open water, while on many realms Highland Guppy Schools can be hard to find.

    Worth noting that overall, Deviate Fish are still valuable, at ~5g each, slightly more as Savory Deviate Delight.

    Naturally all this varies a lot from realm to realm, because the number of anglers actively fishing varies, as does the number of raiders (mostly) consuming these fish.

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